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Sureshot Command Brings New Visibility To B2B Market Segments And Total Addressable Market

Sureshot, a B2B marketing technology company, has released the latest version of its marketing data quality dashboard, Command. A data-centric martech solution, Command offers users the ability to see what’s going on inside each of their marketing segments, historically and in real-time. Users also enjoy data visibility into their Total Addressable Markets (TAMs), and are able to see every contact and account available to them.

“Most marketing automation tools will allow you to segment your data, but after that, you can’t see what’s happening in those segments from a data quality perspective. Command gives users the power to see what’s happening in each segment, and continuously learn and respond to the insights they are seeing in real-time,” said David York, CEO of Sureshot.

Sureshot COO, Chris Williams, expects Command to become an indispensable tool for those charged with connecting data to performance. “Knowledge is power, and when you can actually see all the contacts and accounts in your TAM and compare them with the latest information from third-party data providers, it empowers you to know who you have reached and who you haven’t. It also eliminates a lot of the guesswork that goes into projections for campaign performance and sales,” said Williams.

Designed to make finding and using data insights a painless process, Command integrates into a marketer’s technology stack and provides a bias-free, centralized view of data from sources throughout an enterprise. From leading marketing automation platforms (MAPs), like Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Hubspot; to customer relationship management systems (CRMs), like Salesforce; to other apps and tools, Command delivers out-of-the-box integration. In addition to greater marketing data visibility, users can use the Command dashboard to: clean and enrich data quality; mine for insights in real-time; assess their ability to market to contacts across multiple channels; establish baselines and benchmarks for key metrics; and track database growth over time.

Sureshot Command is currently available for demos, a free 21-day trial, and purchase at

About Sureshot: Sureshot’s cloud-based martech solutions solve the issues that plague marketing technology stacks, including poor data visibility, fragmented content and channels and manual marketing processes. Featuring seamless integration with the key platforms of B2B martech stacks, Sureshot’s portfolio of SaaS tools empower customers to: enrich, manage and better leverage their data (Command); scale highly personalized and data-driven, cross-channel campaigns (Activate); and integrate their stack in ways that dramatically reduce manual steps, enhance efficiencies and improve CX (Connect).

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