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If you have recently just bought a new house, it can sometimes take a while before it truly feels like your home. They can sometimes feel a little cold because they are fresh and have a clean, brand new nature to them. It’s important, however, to feel like your new house is a home. Sometimes this naturally happens over time, but if you are keen to settle quickly, then these top tricks are sure to help make the transformation from a house into a home.

Focus on lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in the feel of a place. If at the moment, you feel like your house isn’t quite a home yet, then look at changing the lighting in every room. It might be that the house isn’t cosy enough for you to relax in. If the bulbs are a luminous white colour, it could feel more like a showhome, desperate to show off as much of the home as possible. You will want to change out all these harsh bulbs for something of much softer. A yellow hue hanging from the ceiling with some candles lit will help your home to feel a lot calmer.

Bringing this kind of warmth into the house, combined with blankets and pillows that you love, and you should find it easier to wind down after a busy day.

Bring across your style more

Most houses will stick to neutral colours, such as white and cream, but if this is not to your taste, then it could be a big reason as to why your house still doesn’t feel like a home. If you prefer bright colours, or textured wallpaper, making this simple change could be the missing piece of the puzzle that completes the look and feel of the home that you’re happy with.

Bring in the furniture you love rather than the showhome pieces and you will take away the feeling that you are in someone else’s home.

Add personalised wall art

Adding furniture and painting the walls is a start, but it could still look like a house rather than a home. So once you are done painting and bringing in new furniture, focus on adding some personality. For example, art is a fantastic way to put your stamp on your home. You can easily add personalised wall stickers to your kids’ bedroom walls or bring a spot of colour and family love to the living room with a loving message. The specialist company, Aspect Wall Art, has a great selection of wall stickers to choose from in a variety of colours and sizes that are perfect for the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Pick your favourite quotes or artwork and personalise each room; by doing so, you will not only be filling an empty space on a wall, but you will quickly turn your house into a home.

Top Tip: You could also print out photos and place them in frames if you wanted to bring even more personality across. Combine a wall sticker with the pictures of your family and you will have a feature wall that oozes your family life.

Spend time together in your home

Last but not least, it’s important that you spend as much time together in the home. Start making new memories in this home and, eventually, you will have fond events to look back on. Before you know it, your house will feel much more like your home.

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