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4 Reasons You Need Boat Dock Lighting

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If you’re a boater, having the right boat dock lighting is a key part of your safety and security at night.

From casual trips out on the water at sunset to night fishing, this lighting is something that every boat owner should have.

Red on for a list of four reasons why you should include boat dock lighting as part of your total boating plan.

1. Direct Nighttime Traffic

One of the benefits of boat dock lighting is that you can help to direct others traveling at night. Use colored lighting for your above-water dock lighting so that you and others can see more clearly, even during the day when weather conditions aren’t very good.

Place green lights on the side of your dock where you enter, and red on the opposite site where you exit. If you don’t have or want colored lighting, use a cluster of lights for at least one area so that boats know where they’re supposed to go when it’s dark. You should also add lighting to the end of your dock so you can clearly see where it begins on approach.

2. Safer Walking at Night

Illuminating your deck walkway will help people see as they’re walking toward the land. These simple lights will help to prevent accidents and injuries as people meander through the dark.

Add lights that point in a downward direction without spanning a larger part of the ground. If they’re too bright, they could potentially annoy your fellow boaters and neighbors and contribute to light pollution.

3. Beautiful Aesthetics

Dock piling or post lights will add a stunning look and create a welcoming area for your guests. Try solar dock piling lights that emit a warm, gentle glow that’s bright without being too overpowering.

A bonus to choosing solar lights is that you won’t need to worry about excess energy costs. They’re also environmentally friendly, which is just one more added bonus. When the pilings on your dock are nicely lit, it adds a beautiful touch and a great view of your dock at night.

4. They Can Keep Your Dock Clean

It might be surprising to learn that some dock lights can actually help to keep your dock clean. Piling lights with a sloped or cone-shaped top will make it difficult for seabirds to sit on, reducing the mess these birds leave behind.

The best boat dock lighting should protect the pilings from excess water damage and rot. Mildew can cause your dock to rot fast, so protecting the pilings from the top prevents the moisture from seeping in and causing damage.

Light up the Night

Whether it’s for safety reasons or aesthetics, there are many reasons why boat dock lighting can give you an added benefit. Look for eco-friendly solar piling lights that illuminate your dock and keep it protected from excess damage, too.

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