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316 Strategy Group Helps Reality TV Stars Find Success


Social Media and Realty TV play nicely together. Can you imagine reality tv without social media? Survivor. Shark Tank. The Voice. Big Brother. The Price Is Right. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Thanks to our insatiable curiosity (and perhaps a bit of voyeurism), reality television shows are among the most watched shows on networks, streaming media and the web. But no matter how unscripted and “natural” these shows appear to be, the people who appear on reality TV still need to catch the attention of the producers, usually even before they audition and 316 Strategy Group is helping lead the way.

Nowadays, if you’re attempting to get on a show, your social media presence can have a huge impact on how showrunners perceive you. How many people follow you? What does your engagement look like? Are you an influencer or a micro-influencer or looked upon as an authority? Is your content fun, entertaining, provocative? Since a good social media presence is so vital in today’s reality TV landscape, many contestants, personalities and reality stars look to branding and social strategists, like 316 Strategy Group, to beef up their social media engagement.


The differences between reality and scripted TV amount to more than just the presence or absence of a script. Some examples:

·   Actors on scripted shows play other characters. Reality TV personalities, like Camila on MTV’s hit show The Challenge, appear as themselves and must be comfortable doing so.

·   Producers of scripted shows are looking for talent (i.e., acting ability). Reality TV producers are looking primarily at personality and charisma.

·   To get on a scripted show, you usually need an agent who arranges an audition. To get on reality TV, you may or may not need an agent, but you need to demonstrate you can captivate people’s interest before producers will consider you.


Social media plays a critical role during two phases:

1.    During the casting/audition processReality show casting departments often scour Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube looking for compelling new personalities with solid followings. If you submit an audition for a reality show, chances are your social media will be the first place the producers will look when vetting you. The reason? If you’re already nurturing a grassroots following on your own, that following will “follow” you onto the show and convert into viewership. Chef Michelle Kaiser is the owner of The Omaha Bakery and was discovered by casting directors reviewing Google, Yelp and Facebook!

2.    After you land the spot. Once you’ve landed a spot on reality show (or your own show), your social media becomes your primary interactive tool with your audience. As soon as you begin winning fans on the show, those fans naturally expect to connect and interact with you on social media. In many ways, your social media engagement matters even more after your show airs because now people are watching your channels with even greater interest to see how you engage your fans.

Claire Kosloff, Executive Producer of Mind Field, agrees with 316 Strategy Group and offers the following insight: “Any successful reality TV star knows that social media is one of their most important tools. Amassing followers gives you valuable leverage with television networks and media outlets. And for anybody wanting to break into reality TV, television casting directors are always looking for talent with a built in following—so developing a strong social media presence could prove invaluable.

How 316 Strategy Group Can Help

At 316 Strategy Group, we have helped many aspiring reality TV personalities land interviews and auditions for reality shows like Survivor, American Ninja Warrior, Shark Tank, and numerous others. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with a number of existing reality television stars, including on network, cable and Netflix.

Don Short being filmed on the set of West End Salvage.

We help reality TV personalities by helping them craft online strategies to keep their name (which is their brand) front and center as much as possible. We help up-and-coming reality applicants build their social media fan base through strategic engagement, advertising and programming. We also help existing personalities leverage their social media presence to grow their fan base. Our team of experts thrives on the challenge of working with fantastic people whose careers often hinge on the success of their social media channels.

” The biggest challenge with starring in a reality show was keeping up with the business operations and then being available for the 11 hour a day, 6 days a week shooting schedule.  We filmed a 13 week season straight through. An incredibly demanding schedule that isn’t a good fit for most people.”

Don Short, owner and star of West End Salvage on HGTVOmaha Social MediaJoe & Mike Pierce starred for two season’s on TLC’s hit show, BBQ Pitmasters.


Whether you’re applying as a contestant on a reality TV show like Survivor or The Voice, or whether you intend to pitch a concept for your own reality show in the vein of American PickersIce Road Truckers or Fixer Upper, don’t leave your social media to chance. Let us improve your chances of success by helping you implement proven techniques to boost your presence online. Give us a call to learn more.

“We were recently filming with Camila from MTV’s The Challenge. Camila decided to stop by the Coach purse store at the mall on the way to the shoot. Word quickly got out of her appearance and security had to be called. There is no normal after a reality television show and that becomes the catalyst for successful ventures in social media.”

Joseph Kenney, founder of 316 Strategy Group

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