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3 Unique DIY’s That Use Leftover Steel Tubes

We seriously doubt that many people have leftover steel tubes lying around their homes. After all, people are usually (hopefully) careful to order a reasonable number of materials for big projects.

And, let’s get real, even if they do happen to have a few extra ones lying around, their first instinct is not to get crafty with them.

Even so, they can’t just throw them in the trash; that would be a complete waste of cash.

So what should people do with their extra steel tubes?

We’ve got 3 creative DIY projects that will help you make the most out of them.

DIY Clothes Rack

If you ever find yourself in need of more closet space, you can always use your spare steel tubes in order to try your hand at building a clothes rack.

As far as clothes racks go, the one we’ve recommended is pretty easy to build; as a matter of fact, there are only 16 simple steps (and pictures to accompany them) to building it, though, to be fair, some steps require that you carry out multiple tasks.

And, yes, we know: By recommending this project, we are allowing you to feed your clothing addiction, but, much to our thinking, clothing addictions aren’t necessarily bad things to have.

So get building.

DIY Bookshelf

Our avid readers (or occasional readers who like to impress their guests by putting their books on display) will appreciate this one, and it even comes with an instructional video.

Unfortunately, however, you’ll need a bit more than your old steel pipes in order to get this job done.

While there are certainly many variations of this project, the one we’ve referenced requires that you have a “butcher block,” “table saw,” and “hand plane.”

We realize that this project can get a bit pricey if you don’t happen to have all of these things on hand, but if you manage to complete this project, you’ll have a snazzy new bookshelf to show off to all of your visitors.

And you’ll get to tell everyone that you built it yourself.

(With the help of a video tutorial. But hey, it still counts.)

DIY Television Stand

Okay. You probably already have a television stand or two in your home.

We’re willing to bet, however, that at least one of them has begun to bore you. Or falling apart at the every least.

That said, why not try turning those old pipes into a new entertainment stand?

Luckily for you, this project, unlike our last suggestion, is simple (and cheap) to put together.

While you will have to spend a little bit of money and time on it, you should have no problems constructing it.

Even if you’re a novice, we guarantee you that you’ll be able to bring this television stand to life.


As we said before, we understand that few people just have these tubes lying around, and even the people who happen to have them probably only have a few of them on hand.

If you fall into the second category and find that you don’t have enough steel tubes to follow these projects through to the end, feel free to check out our stainless steel supplies here at Metal Supplies LTD.

After all, we know that there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to finish what you started. So get out there and try (and finish) these awesome DIY projects!

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