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3 Tips for Local Government Prospecting

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So this is assuming you’re a GovTech company or vendor that wants to penetrate the local government space.

The typical next steps would be to purchase a huge list that’s updated periodically to you can upload the data into your CRM and share with your sales team.

Then, you’ll use some sort of automated system like a Marketo, Hubspot or demand generation / management tools to help get in front (via an SDR) of the right people.

Sound familiar? 

We aren’t saying that this process is wrong, at B2B Sumo, we just try and do things outside of the box to increase closing ratios and to have your sales team speaking with the right people at the right time.

1: Ensure an Integrated Approach.

What I mean by that is make sure that your Sales and Marketing team are speaking with each other regularly. Some companies even create a Service Level Agreement to where the approach to increase the bottom line is more collaborative across the sales / marketing aisle.

When spending thousands, sometimes millions of dollars on demand gen targeting the government space, it’s easy to have numerous campaigns running consecutively and “loose cannon” sales people speaking a different figurative language that may not be seamlessly in-line with the CMO’s preferred outcome.

2: Find & Expand your Lookalike Audiences.

Say you have 50 customers or more. At this point, you have a ton of data about both the type of company (firmographics) and demographic data on the people you have spoken to and who were involved in the ABM.

Make sure the vendor you’re working with or the internal marketing team is continuously tweaking your audience profiles to essentially duplicate and expand upon the same types of people that you have been able to close over the past year or so.

3: Getting in Early.

To win the state or local contract, contractors but understand the cycles of their targeting market. Being about 6 months ahead of the conversations the buyers are going to have about your solution have been shown to dramatically improve closing ratios.

To do this, make sure that you have the right data solutions in place to give you the heads up WHEN you should prospect a specific person or persons.

For more info on government lead generation, chat with us today.

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