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3 Positive Benefits of Studying Religion

Religion extends all over the United States. More than 75% of Americans regard themselves as affiliated with a particular religion. 

Yet the beliefs that each religion vouches for are different. Even within Christianity, Mormons believe different things than Catholics or Orthodox Christians. Studying religion helps you understand the incredible diversity. 

But why study religion? What are the benefits of studying religion if you are a history or politics student? What resources can you turn to for studying? 

Answer these questions and you can pursue a personal and profound educational path. Here are three benefits of studying religion. 

1. You Can Answer Big Questions 

Religion addresses major questions in life. Where did humanity come from, and where will humanity wind up? What lies beyond human beings, and what should people do to appease a higher power? 

Each religion has its own answers to these questions. Christianity involves developing a personal relationship with Jesus of Nazareth. Buddhism involves studying a path of internal development laid out by Siddhartha Gautama. 

You are not limited to following one approach or another. You can believe in one god or multiple gods. You can pursue prayer, meditation, and charity work. 

The advantages of studying religion are the advantages of studying yourself. You can look within yourself and figure out what you are struggling with. You can then turn to holy texts for answers.  

2. You Understand More About the Human Condition 

Religion is a dynamic force. Most of the world’s major religions come from millennia ago.

But there are many new religious movements that are influencing the popular consciousness, like paganism. Through religion study, you can track this progression through time. 

Religious study is fundamentally multidisciplinary. You will learn about history, literature, anthropology, and the arts. This will give you an understanding of many realms of knowledge, informing your liberal arts education. 

3. You Can Find Cultural Influences

Many great works of art and literature are inspired by religion. J.R.R. Tolkien was inspired by many different Christian beliefs when he was writing The Lord of the Rings. Studying religion will let you understand his references. 

Some people regard religion as stale or outdated. But many institutions today incorporate pop culture into their services. The Parkway fellowship offers talks, musical performances, and games for its members. 

Studying these modern organizations will help you understand that culture works both ways. Religion influences the creation of artistic works. But artistic works can influence religion, organizing followers behind important messages. 

The Biggest Benefits of Studying Religion

Studying religion is an important practice. Religions deal with existential questions about mankind and the meaning of life. They can provide you with answers to your questions. 

Religion is a phenomenon that has unfolded since the dawn of man. Studying it lets you learn about history and culture as they have developed over thousands of years. 

In particular, it has proven influential to artists. Reading holy texts will let you see the parallels in your favorite novels and films. 

You can start studying religion right here. Follow our coverage for more religion guides. 

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