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3 Creative Ways to Get Writing Inspiration

Poet Edith Sitwell would lie in an open coffin before beginning her writing every day. We often find our writing inspiration in the most unlikely places.

Every writer, no matter how great, needs inspiration, and you can’t just sit around waiting for it. It’s an indispensable part of the writing process, and you need to find what works for you.

Read on to to get some ideas on where to find your inspiration.

1. Read Regularly and With Intention

This may seem obvious, but all great writers need to read. But it’s not enough to “just read.” To get the most out of your reading, read with intention, and take the time to analyze the writing. Pay attention to how the writer writes, the grammar, how they develop their characters, and even their grammar and punctuation.

If you’re writing a book, take the time to observe the cover to get book cover design inspirations for your own novel. Read the author’s biography, or delve into at any artwork that might be in the book, whether it’s photography or anime drawings. 

Read what you love, but also try reading outside of your comfort zone.  If you’re a fiction reader, try reading some non-fiction or a comic book for a change. It’s when you try new things and experience something different that you’ll often get your best ideas. 

2. Allow Time to Explore Non-Work Creative Outlets

Just like all parts of our body, our creative minds and imaginations need to be exercised. Often, the best writing inspiration comes from letting ourselves be free to create beyond our regular work. 

Whatever helps you daydream and tap into your unconscious, do it. For many writers, writing in a daily journal or journaling about their dreams when they wake up is a fantastic outlet. 

Providing your mind with sustenance doesn’t have to come in the form of writing. You can try other creative endeavors like painting, cooking, working with textiles, or doodling. Anything that gets your brain turning is the perfect activity to give your imagination a boost. 

3. Try Eavesdropping 

Numerous great writers have gained their best ideas from sitting around and listening to strangers.

So the next time you’re sitting on a train, sipping on a latte in your local coffee shop, or sitting on a park bench, do a little eavesdropping. You’ll get a look into other people’s lives, hear about the challenges they’re facing w, and discover new points of view. 

Listening to other people’s conversations can also help writers with developing dialogue that sounds realistic and raw.   

If eavesdropping makes you uncomfortable, just be conscious of respecting people’s boundaries. When a couple starts speaking in hushed voices, take that as a cue that they’re talking about something personal in nature and don’t want to be overheard. Respect that.  

Find Your Source of Writing Inspiration

Writing inspiration is all around us, but you have to go out and look for it. We hope that you can find some inspiration by utilizing these tips.

Leave us a comment if you have something that always works for you that might help other writers on their journey. 

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