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12 Critical Keys to Success When Moonlighting As a Freelancer

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit people around the world extremely hard. Many people have lost their jobs or had to lessen their work hours, which has led them into financial difficulties. A significant number of people worldwide began freelancing full-time and part-time during the pandemic to make up for all the losses they have had to endure.

Some moonlighting freelancers now work full-time as well. It is an effective way of recovering from the financial damage the pandemic has caused people. This is because it helps professionals and experienced people earn more the money which they need to do so to make ends meet. Many skilled workers prefer freelancing in this age due to working hours’ flexibility and knowing they control their job.

Change is continually happening. The pandemic has changed the work dynamic around the world. Nobody knows what the future holds economically; therefore, freelancing is an opportunity that helps people leverage their skills and ensure their current financial needs are met while building flexibility into their income for the future.

Following are 12 e-Books that outline 12 critical keys to success if you are looking into moonlighting as a freelancer: 

1. Assessment of Skills

Many people are apprehensive when they first take a step into the world of freelancing. It is a new experience for them, be it part-time or full-time, and they do not know how and where to start from. No matter how experienced and skillful they are in a particular area, it may not be clear how to market those skills as a freelancer.

You must know the skill set you are providing is in demand so you can get work. The book, Freelancers 20 Critical Steps for Skills Assessment for New Freelancers helps you understand what the freelancing market requires and how your skills and qualifications can contribute to it. Some of the crucial topics this book talks about are:

  • Understanding how you can turn your interests into marketable skills.
  • Which skills all freelancers’ must-have?
  • How to narrow your skills down to a niche market?
  • What skills are the most in-demand now?
  • What does the future look like for freelancing?
  • Learn how to market your expertise and skills.
  • Are your skills in demand in the world of freelancing?

John Cosstick has written this book as a guide for people who wish to start freelancing. It is a run-down on all the factors you need to consider before you begin moonlighting as a freelancer.


2. Critical Mistakes to Avoid

Making mistakes is a part of human nature; it is inevitable. No matter what industry you work in and how skilled you are, you will make mistakes at some point. However, the best part is that you can learn from those mistakes and avoid making them the next time.

When you first start as a freelancer, you are bound to make mistakes every now and then. But, if you want to be a successful freelancer, you must avoid a few critical mistakes to establish yourself as a good freelancer.

John Cosstick talks about all the mistakes you must be wary of and just how you can avoid making them. Freelancing, although common now, is not an easy gig. Mainly, because of how many people are choosing this route, you must be hard-working and need to have a niche to stand out amongst the other freelancers.

Sometimes, a small mistake can hold your freelancing business from becoming successful. This book is a guide on 20 mistakes that are crucial to avoid if you wish to be successful when moonlighting as a freelancer.


3. Safety Against Cybercrimes

Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern in the digital world. Everybody is worried about just how secure their data is on the worldwide web. This e-book, Freelancers’ 20 Steps to Cybersecurity Safety, gives you all the information you need to know about staying safe online.

When moonlighting as a freelancer or working as a full-time freelancer, it is vital for you to know how to stay safe online and protect yourself through cybersecurity strategies. There can be a lot of security breaches, with hackers who target small businesses and self-employed people. This is a serious cause of worry. Therefore, this e-Book by John Cosstick provides you with a comprehensive strategy to help you stay safe online.

4. Look for Better Work-Life Balance

With how much everyone has been financially impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, freelancing is an excellent way to make sure there is a sufficient income flow into your bank account. With all the social distancing rules and lockdowns, staying home is not an easy option but the only way to stay safe from the disease. Therefore, working from home as a freelancer can benefit you greatly.

Some popular skills that freelancers opt for are writing and editing, app development, SEO-related careers, customer service, and others. In this e-book, John Cosstick outlines how freelancers can strike the perfect work-life balance. New freelancers are always excited to start this new venture but must know how to maintain their work-life balance.


5. Determining Where to Head When Starting Moonlighting

We can all agree on how hard it can be to be financially stable in the pandemic. Living costs and general costs have been increasing at an alarming rate, and many have trouble adjusting to their lower income. Family finances have inevitably come under pressure. Thousands of people have lost their jobs around the globe, and many have faced a reduction in their income during the pandemic. Many governments have introduced subsidies to employers to keep their employees on their books when their business income has dropped.

However, an excellent way to overcome such troubles is moonlighting as a freelancer. You might have to work a few extra hours along with your full-time job, but you will be able to meet your needs, which is the perfect solution for your budget.

This e-Book is an excellent guide on how you can strategize and plan for your journey into the world of freelancing. By following the 20 critical steps this book talks about, new freelancers can be helped to succeed.


6. Managing International Competition

The world has become highly competitive, and to survive as a freelancer, you must know how to manage the competition around the world. As a freelancer, you must compete with everyone out there in the market having a similar skill set as of yours. You must know what skills are in-demand in the market is and be aware of the competition you are up against.

When working for a platform online as a freelancer, for example, with, which has around 50 million registered users and 19 million contracts underway, you are going to face international competition. It might seem challenging, but it is possible to make a good living despite facing stern competition

John Cosstick has listed down 20 critical steps you must take to manage international competition when moonlighting as a freelancer in this e-book.

7. Secrets of Winning Contracts as a Freelancer

Bidding on projects is a part of working as a freelancer. Many often are confused about why they cannot win projects as they do not know how to write a pitch that has higher chances of getting noticed. Further more, when they do get noticed, they do not engage with the customer, which results in them losing a potential project.

You must realize that you need a niche or something unique to stand out in the crowd of freelancers. There are many who have the same experience as you or even more seasoned, and you need to know just what it takes to win against them when bidding for a project.

Successful freelancers do not need to spend a lot of time and thinking about bidding on projects or writing proposals as clients contact them themselves because of their reputations. It is vital you know the formula to win a bid for a project, and this book outlines 20 critical steps to do so. As a freelancer, you need to be smart and fast when bidding for a project you want to win.


8. Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and Depression is Essential

Mental illness is a severe and prevalent issue in our society, especially during this pandemic. Many people are increasingly suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. One of the significant factors contributing to such issues is financial stress. Therefore, there is no surprise that mental illness has become a by-product of the corona virus pandemic.

Most people face financial issues at some point in their lives that lead them to mental illness. Although you might think of moonlighting as a freelancer, you must know how to tackle stress, anxiety and depression. This e-book has all the vital information that helps freelancers tackle mental illness by using journaling as a self-help method.


9. Communication Leads to Success

Communication is vital for every aspect of our lives. Be it work or personal life, good communication is the key to success. When it comes to freelancing, communication is an essential part.

Through proper communication, you know just what your client demands, and you can answer all their queries. Freelancing means you will be working for clients who live in different time zones, which can cause problems if you do not know how to communicate effectively. Effective communication with your client can save you from a lot of trouble and make your job as a freelancer easier. It can evade revising the work again and again and make your client happy with you.

This e-book educates you on how to communicate effectively with your clients as a freelancer so you can maintain a good reputation among your clients and deliver projects with optimal results.


10. You Can Pay Student Fees with Freelancing

Being a student is quite expensive. Tuition fees worldwide have skyrocketed, especially in countries like Australia, the UK, and the US. Higher education leaves many with a considerable amount of student debt.

Combine the student debt with the cost of living, many are left feeling hopeless and are worried about how to repay the debt. Although many students take up odd jobs such as working as a waiter, or a barista, these jobs simply do not pay enough. So, freelancing is an excellent way to help you survive the debt and repay it.

If you have skills you think you can market in the world of freelancing, you could live a financially secure student life. Therefore, this e-book is the perfect guide for students who wish to start freelancing to pay their education fees and overcome their student debt!


11. Women and Retirees Can Also Make the Most Out of It

Many women who stay at home or have retired now have the option of earning money while being at home. Many of them have skills that are in demand and extremely marketable in the world of freelancing.

Therefore, this book guides women who want to start out as freelancers regarding the critical steps they must take to do so. For retirees who are worried about out living their retirement savings retiring part-time and earning some income will change the rate of decline of their retirement savings.


12. Freelancing in Rural Areas Can Help People Overcome Economic Downturns

This e-book tells you 20 critical steps you must take when starting a freelancing business in rural areas. It looks at what rural residents can do when there is an economic downturn whether it is from drought or market downturns. For farmers it can help produce a source of off farm income and for rural town residents dependent on rural industries being vibrant but are subject to downturns it helps reduce the impact on their income.


It is the same with anything new you try; you will face problems you had never imagined when you start moonlighting as a freelancer. The world of freelancing has unlimited possibilities and opportunities.

These 12 critical keys are a pathway to success for a freelancer. They teach you everything you must keep in mind when moonlighting as a freelancer. By applying these 12 steps to your work, you will start earning sooner and will start to win bigger and better projects. You must know just what skill set and qualities you need when moonlighting as a freelancer! The eBooks let you benefit from the experience of others that have gone before you.

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