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10 Tips for Choosing the Best Real Estate School

Are you considering a career in real estate? With over 1.4 million real estate agents across the U.S., real estate has become a very lucrative industry. Unfortunately, the rules governing the selling and buying of property differ depending on the state.

If want to learn how to become a real estate agent, choosing the right school is the first step to getting your license. A real estate school will help you conveniently meet your goals.

Choosing the right real estate school is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research and time. Follow the below ten tips on how to choose a real estate school.

1. Ask for Recommendations From Family and Friends

Family members, friends, and neighbors who have attended real estate schools are among the best information sources. Reach out to them and ask for recommendations. Chances are, they also did a lot of research when looking for a school.

Ask them the following questions:

  • How well did the lecturer support you?
  • What were the admission requirements of the school?
  • How well did the school prepare you for your career?
  • How much was the school fees?
  • How flexible is the school?
  • Do they offer online classes and remote learning?

Asking these questions will help you better understand the schools they attended. It will also save you time and give you enough information to help you make an informed decision.

2. Check the Type of Courses They Offer

According to statistics, over 6 million people in the U.S attend online classes. This number keeps rising thanks to the flexibility online classes offer.

Different online schools have different course formats. Some schools offer live online classes where you’re taught by an instructor on live video or audio calls. Such schools have a predetermined schedule for their online sessions.

Attending live online classes is the best option if you require more accountability with your studies. It’s also the best option if you prefer attending class at a specified time during the week.

On the other hand, some schools offer live video classes and pre-recorded video classes. You can watch the videos in your own free time. These schools have flexible schedules, and you can complete the courses and exams on your own time.

Schools that offer pre-recorded lecture videos and online study groups are the better option for people with busy schedules. This allows you to complete the coursework at a time that works better with your schedule.

Ensure you choose a school that offers a program that’s suitable for your study needs and schedule. Choosing the best school for you will ultimately help you succeed in completing your pre-licensing course.

3. Assess Your Personal Needs

With hundreds of real estate schools in the market today, it’s hard to choose the right one. 

Create a worksheet to evaluate your personal needs. Using your spreadsheet, eliminate the schools that don’t meet your individual needs and preferences.

You should include the following categories on the worksheet:

Your Personal Schedule

Are you in school, working, or have a lot of family obligations? You may need to choose a school with flexible learning schedules and coursework due dates if you do.

Your Personal Finances

Are your finances in order? How much money have you budgeted for the real estate fees? If you’re not financially stable, you may want to choose a school that offers a payment plan program.

Your Personal Learning Style

To understand your learning style, look at your past learning experiences. How well did you do with visuals? Do you need close attention and contact with the lecturer to understand?

Choosing the best real estate school is not just about getting a license. It’s also about how well the instructors support student’s needs. 

Choosing a school that fulfills your personal needs will make you comfortable enough to understand what the instructors are teaching.

4. Confirm if the School Offers Comprehensive Student and Educational Support

The instructors must ensure you understand what’s being taught in class. They should ensure you’re not left behind because you do not comprehend the curriculum. 

Ensure you choose a school that employs experts and experienced instructors who know the intricate details of real estate laws and processes.

If you find yourself struggling with any topic, the good educational support staff will ensure they walk you through the steps until you understand.

On the other hand, you also want to choose a school with a good student support team. It is valuable in ensuring that arising issues are resolved as quickly as possible. Emerging issues include logistical requests, technical issues, or curriculum questions.

A school that offers comprehensive student and educational support with arising issues could save you many headaches down the road.

5. Research the Delivery Methods of the School

Different schools have different delivery methods. If you’re looking for an online real estate school, it’s best to look into their delivery methods before committing. You can do this by:

Trying a Demo Class

Most real estate schools provide potential students with quick tours and demo videos. Demo classes show you their delivery method and how the course works. Trying this out is the best way to eliminate schools that are not up to your personal preference.

Look into the School’s Teaching Methods

Before joining any school, it’s advisable to look into their course delivery methods. Ensure you also compare these findings with the personal preferences listed on your spreadsheet. 

Ask below questions when looking into their delivery methods:

  • Do they offer in-person courses?
  • Do they have instructional videos?
  • How can you interact with the professors? Are they available on call or email?
  • Are there stringent deadlines for coursework, or can you complete assignments at your own pace?
  • Do they have quizzes to test your level of understanding?
  • Are there practice exams?
  • Do you need to purchase a physical textbook or an e-book?

Finding answers to these questions will help you eliminate schools that are not right for you. Thanks to the hundreds of real estate schools out there, you can always find one that meets all your personal needs.  

6. Look into the History of the School

Research the history of all the real estate schools you’re considering. Look at past student reviews and their record of success. These reviews will back-up the school’s claim of success.

When looking for an excellent real estate school, remember to look past their marketing campaigns. 

Remember also to check how long the school has been in operation. Newly established schools may still be working on fixing some teething problems that could negatively affect your education.

Past student reviews and a school’s history can be a source of information. It will tell you what to expect once you enroll.

7. Confirm That Your School Instructors Are Licensed Brokers and Agents

A licensed real estate broker will have the experience necessary to teach you. They will also know the material needed to provide you with an all-rounded education.

Before enrolling in any school, confirm that licensed real estate professionals teach the courses. Remember also to verify that the curriculum was established by licensed experts in the field too. 

A licensed professional is well-equipped to give you the appropriate knowledge to prepare you for real-life situations.

8. Confirm the School Is Offering the Latest Curriculum

Every state has different licensure requirements for real estate agents. You should settle for a school that offers your specific state’s approved coursework. The school should also adapt to regulatory changes as soon as the state revises them.

A school that doesn’t stay current with new information and licensure requirements could lead you to potential legal headaches in the future.

9. Check the Number of Students Who Attend Their Online Program

Knowing how many students attend their online real estate training will give you a rough idea of how popular the school is. A high population of students could mean the school has an excellent online program.

You will want to enroll in a school equipped to handle many online students while also delivering the same level of professionalism to every student.

10. Confirm if the Real Estate School Offers Broker Licensing Education and CE

Thinking ahead is essential when looking for an online real estate licensing school. After completing your Continuing Education (CE), you may also decide to pursue a broker license. The best school will offer both broker licensing and continuing education programs, meeting all your educational needs.

Are You Ready to Choose the Best Real Estate School for You?

After doing your research and assessing your personal needs, it’s now time to choose a school. The real estate school you choose will impact your career as a real estate agent. Armed with the above tips, you can now make an informed decision about the best school that meets your needs and preferences.

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