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10 Fun And Easy Craft Ideas For Kids You Don’t Want To Miss

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The lockdown and the pandemic have been particularly straining for our mental health, especially for children. But looking at the brighter aspect, given the current situation, we’ve got a lot of time at our disposal. And this gives us the space to indulge in a wide array of activities.

With little to do, children have found it difficult to cope with the monotony of staying cooped up at home. And that’s where crafts come to the rescue. They are not only an excellent means to keep your kids engaged, but also come with numerous therapeutic effects.

In this article, we‘ll go over some of the most hands-on DIY craft ideas for kids that are sure to pique your kid’s interest. Knowing how vibrant kids are, we’ve put together some craft ideas that strike the perfect balance between creativity, fun and educational learning. These DIY crafts will keep your kids engaged for hours on end and will help them boost their concentration span –  a virtue of utmost importance during adulthood.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Crafts Activities For Kids

Craft Idea #1: Scrapbooking 

One of the most resourceful craft ideas – scrapbooking – helps kids compile content in their field of interest. All you need is an open book and some glue to stick the photos to paper.

Another creative way to indulge in scrapbooking is to collect A4 sized pages and punch some holes in them to bind them together. By adding anecdotes and descriptions, your child can create a personalised scrapbook reflective of their interests.

Craft Idea #2: Goodies Box

We all love surprises, especially children. And this craft idea involves precisely that. Encourage your child to recycle an old cardboard box and decorate it as their ‘goodies box’.

Within this box, you can place some chocolates and other little goodies that your child loves. Every time your child opens this box, they will be surprised with a twinkle in their eyes and will, thus, enthusiastically look forward to creating this.

Craft Idea #3: Bracelets

Making beaded bracelets is a fun and inexpensive craft idea that kids can indulge in from the comforts of their very home. With limitless decoration possibilities, encourage your child to explore the beauty of various colours and materials. Let them be creative and make their own fun bracelets.

Craft Idea #4: Balloon Rockets 

Balloons are oh-so-fascinating for children. And this easy craft idea will add sparkles of creativity to that. Using balloons, a straw, some yarn and some tape, your child can create a balloon rocket.

Blow up a balloon – that’s the fun first step. After which, using a straw and a piece of yarn to attach the balloon, your kid will successfully create a DIY that’s sure to intrigue them for days on end.

Craft Idea #5: Rock Painting 

Your child’s innocent playfulness can easily turn something ordinary into a piece of art. So why not take your child on a fun painting journey and complete a craft project on the way? Take a smooth rock and paint its surface to create an aesthetic paperweight. Further, you can use these to decorate your household or can line the pots of your planters.

All you need are some flat surfaced rocks, some acrylic paints, and some permanent markers to get started. After cleaning the stone, you can outline the rock for your child before getting creative and filling in acrylic paints.

Craft Idea #6: Marble Track 

This craft idea for kids is sure to pique your young one’s interest as it involves the creation of a track through which a marble is rolled down. Not only will this keep your kids busy, but it also serves as a great learning experience for your child. How? They get to use their sense of direction to put together pieces of straw through which the marble will traverse.

Craft Idea #7: Ribbon Bookmarks 

Bookmarks are a great way to introduce your child to the world of books and reading. Creating a snug-fit ribbon bookmark is a very hands-on experience.

And it doesn’t involve a lot of cutting and stitching.

Additionally, you can indulge in this craft idea using the minimum of craft supplies. Perfect DIY craft idea for kids, isn’t it?

Craft Idea #8: Canvas Tape Painting 

Kids are a big-time fan of doodling on the walls of the house, aren’t they? Why not voluntarily make your child indulge in the same?

This craft of kids is something that even a toddler can enjoy. The idea is to create a design using painter’s tape on a canvas or a wall section. Once each section is completed, the tape is pulled off and out comes a contemporary piece of art created by your young one.

Craft Idea #9: Craft Letters 

This craft idea essentially involves your child decorating a card in which they can spill their love and innocent feelings to you. Encourage your child to decorate the card using beads, buttons, decorative tape, small pebbles and even twigs. Let their creativity run wild as they explore unique ways to express their world of feelings to you.

Craft Idea #10: Magazine Art 

Magazines and old newspapers can be used to create eclectic pieces of art and what’s better, indulging in them is a lot of fun.

This craft idea involves using those old magazines and cutting them up to collect various facial features such as eyes, lips, moustache and so forth. Using a pre-drawn outline of a face, your child can get creative, juxtapose different facial features, and create a funny face.

The best part? Even you can get in on the act and indulge in creating these funny montages.

Craft activities’ Benefits for Kids

Staying cooped up within four walls can get mentally taxing, especially for kids. It’s thus of utmost importance that kids indulge in some easy craft ideas and DIY craft activities at home. This goes a long way in keeping them at their abundant vibrant state. It also reduces the likelihood of children getting cranky. Plus any time away from digital screens, during a time when digitisation has become the new normal, is a great advantage.

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