You have a thriving real estate website that’s full of quality images, information, and listings, but is your social media strategy as strong?

Social media marketing for real estate agents is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Social media platforms let you connect with past, current, and potential clients. It’s more interactive than a static website, which helps develop the connections that are crucial for real estate success.

Whether you’re just starting on social media or are struggling to find social media success, these tips can increase your follower count and engagement for improved results.

1. Brand Your Content

As a real estate agent, you are your brand. You might have the name of a well-known brokerage beside your name, but your personality and unique style of handling clients set you apart from the other agents in your area.

With more than 1.4 million real estate agents in the U.S., you want to show how you’re different. Let your personality show through your social media posts.

Keep a consistent voice and branding throughout your social media platforms and website. That consistency helps build brand awareness.

2. Engage With Followers

A significant perk of social media is being able to communicate with your followers. Potential clients can ask you questions and get an instant answer. You can also ask questions to get a discussion going.

Acknowledge the comments that followers leave to make them feel seen and heard. Give their responses a like and leave a comment in response when appropriate.

Those interactions make followers want to come back for more and encourage more engagement. That increased activity can make your social media account more prominent and attract more followers.

3. Give Away Real Estate Knowledge

Help educate your followers and visitors by sharing real estate knowledge on your social media account. Followers appreciate the free insider knowledge, and it helps them understand why they need a real estate agent.

They’ll also see you as an expert in the field. Your followers may be more likely to call you when they have real estate needs because they know that you know your stuff.

You might explain one part of the real estate process, such as home inspections or negotiating closing costs into an offer, with specific examples. Another option is explaining a common mistake in real estate so followers can avoid those pitfalls. Or, you can share real estate trends and industry news that’s relevant to clients.

4. Balance Your Posts

Social media is an ideal place to share your listings, but you’ll attract more people if you diversify your posts. Include a mix of your posts with helpful real estate information and sharing content from other sources. Post different types of content to keep people engaged.

Client reviews and testimonials can help you grow your business. Facebook lets users leave reviews for businesses, which helps other potential clients learn more about you. You might reach out to clients who leave positive reviews to see if you can share their experiences as a more detailed post.

5. Include Hashtags

Hashtags help potential clients find your social media posts. Choose your hashtags strategically using keywords your target audience might use to find you. Looking at the hashtags used by your competition can give you an idea of what to use.

Include a mix of general real estate hashtags, such as #realestate, #newhome, #homesforsale, and #openhouse, and location-specific hashtags. You might use the name of the city or the specific neighborhood in your hashtags along with real estate words. Examples include #Chicagohomes and #Lincolnparkproperties.

6. Display Quality Photos

Photos play a primary role in growing your social media presence. Grainy or poor quality photos hurt your brand as a realtor.

Use your high-resolution real estate photos for the most significant impact. If you share content from other sources, pick posts with quality images and well-written content.

Quality images give your social media pages a professional look and give the impression of high-quality services. Followers are more likely to share your attractive, quality images, which can give you more exposure beyond your current group of followers.

7. Use Video and Live Streams

Videos provide a more in-depth look at home listings, project ideas, and other information you share. It’s easier to show processes or give viewers a better feel for the layout of a house with video.

Many social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, let you live stream to your followers. This is a more accessible alternative to traditional video because you don’t have to edit it.

Streaming also increases engagement. Followers can leave comments or ask questions in the chat, and you can acknowledge and answer those questions immediately while you’re live.

8. Show Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes snippets let followers see a different side of you and your real estate business. It can also help them better understand what you do and how the real estate world works.

You might show yourself getting ready for an open house or a closing. Sharing company milestones or your achievements and milestones is another option. You might share pictures from a company retreat, office holiday party, or annual picnic you host for your clients.

9. Put a Local Twist on It

Show your knowledge of your community to establish yourself as a local expert. Sharing information about different neighborhoods or cities in the area you serve helps followers find an ideal target neighborhood for a home search. It also shows that you care about your community.

Profile different neighborhoods within your service area. Share local events that followers may want to attend. Use local hashtags to help more area residents find you.

Promoting other businesses in your area can help expand your reach. Those businesses might return the favor and promote you to their followers. You might retweet a local business’s post about their anniversary or tag a business in a post about a positive experience you have there.

10. Post Consistently

Real estate keeps you busy, which may prevent you from posting on social media consistently.

Posting sporadically can hurt your online presence. Regular social media posts keep your real estate business fresh in the minds of your followers.

One solution is to create a social media content calendar for the month that outlines what you’ll post and where. Create the content for those posts at that time. Social media scheduling software can automatically post the content for you at specific times.

You’ll still need to check in to respond to feedback and engage with your readers. Scheduling in advance saves you time on the actual posting, but that real-time engagement helps strengthen your social media presence.

Succeed at Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Knowing how to use your social media platforms effectively can help grow your connections, build your brand, and increase your sales. Social media marketing for real estate agents comes down to establishing yourself as a local expert, providing valuable content, and interacting with people.

Are you ready to strengthen your online presence? Check out our digital marketing services to see how we can help you grow your real estate business.

Why do Local Businesses Need Accurate Listings?

  • Customers are relying on the internet more than ever to find local businesses, which is why it’s important that your listings are present and accurate. If your business information is missing or incorrect, it can result in unhappy customers, lost revenue, and a drop in online search rankings.
  • With 81% of consumers performing an online search before making a purchase decision, and a whopping 88% of local, mobile searches resulting in a visit within 24 hours, it’s imperative that you ensure your listings are up to date.
  • The problem is, creating and maintaining these listings everywhere your business is referenced can take countless hours of manual updates. To add further complications, some of these listings could be changed by third parties or competitors without you knowing.
  • That’s where we can help! With a great listing solution, we can ensure that your information across the internet is found, accurate, and protected. By making sure that customers can find you online, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters, growing your business.

What is a Snapshot Report?

Our Snapshot Report is an automated needs assessment report that scans the web for your business’s information, reporting how you stack up in various online directories. The insights provide a place to start the conversation with you by highlighting gaps in your online presence and proposing solutions to address your needs.

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