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Strips lashes are lashes that are attached to a band that can be put on to the lash lid in one piece. Unlike eyelash extensions, strips can be removed and reapplied and also worn numerous times.



Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent false lashes individually applied using glue only lash technicians have; this is a much stronger adhesive. Only professionals can apply eyelash extensions to a person.

So what’s the difference you say, well let me take you through it. Getting eyelash extensions done lasts you a long time and can make your eyes pop.



Eyelash extensions are expensive, depending on which lash technician you decide to go to.

  • Every lash technician starts their prices from 75 dollars to 150 dollars. They charge more for eyelash extensions because most technicians use more expensive mink. Eyelash extensions require daily cleaning and fluffing so they can last longer. Lash extensions can last about 3-4 weeks with proper care, so this means you will be visiting your lash technician every three weeks or so.
  • An appointment to do eyelash extensions takes about 2- 3 hours to be done, and this is for a complete set to be done. Lash technicians also offer refills which are when only a couple of lashes are missing or when your lashes have grown out, the extension placed on your actual lash. There are another 50-55 dollars you are spending to get a refill.
  • Eyelash extensions can fall off when you rub on your eyes or when they are wet within the first 12 hours. After the eyelash extension appointment, lash techs will instruct you to keep them dry within the first day or two.

This all depends on who your lash technician is and how they work, and how they do the work. Remember when going to get eyelash extensions to go to a licensed technician. Going to an unlicensed person can be very harmful to your eyes. Keep in mind that your appointment should not last 30 minutes when getting eyelash extensions. If the procedure takes more than 30mins, it only means they have applied the eyelash extensions directly onto your eyelash lid, and that can be very painful. Here are some risks in getting your eyelashes done:

  • If tools are not properly cleaned or sterilized, you can get pink eyes.
  • You can get an infection on your eyelids or cornea.
  • If a lash technician places the glue improperly, it can cause injury.
  • Possible allergic reaction to the adhesive. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include eye irritation, burning, itching, and bloodshot eyes.
  • Your eyes can also become very swollen to the point where you are not able to open them. At this point, you will have to go back to the lash technician to have them removed immediately before anything worse can happen to your eyes.
  • Eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lashes, so you may lose some of your natural lashes when removing them if you decide to remove them yourself.

Lash extensions can help your actual lashes to grow. However, if you pull on your lash extensions, you risk pulling off your natural lashes, which can lead to a couple of lash bald spots on your actual eyelash lid. After the technician tells you to keep them dry for either 12 or 24 hours, the lashes are now safe to get them wet and will stay on.



Strip lashes are attached to a strip and then glued onto the eyelid, slightly above your natural lashes. Strip lashes are very budget-friendly. Eyelash strips are reusable, and these you can put on in your comfort if your own.

Lash strips can give you a natural or full glam look depending on the style that fits you. You don’t lose your eyelashes with an eyelash strip because this strip is applied on the lash lid right above your lashes, so it doesn’t touch your actual eyelashes. There is no long wait time when applying strip lashes; the only wait time is the 30 seconds you have to wait for the glue to become tacky.

Since these eyelash strips are reusable, you can take them off before showering or even before going for a swim because once you are out of doing any water activity, you can reapply the strips on. Only one slight problem with strip lashes is that they cannot get wet since this is applied with adhesive glue. It gets tacky once the water touches the lash that is already adhered to your lash band. The glue will get softened, and the lash strip can automatically be gently taken off.



Strip lashes are easy to put on, and you can do this at home in 5 mins. There are so many types of strip lashes to choose from. Because not everyone has the same eye shape, many eyelash strips have been made available, so you can choose any type of lash you prefer. For example:

  • 3D lashes
  • faux mink lashes
  • real mink lashes

At, lashes that are hand-created and vegan-friendly are offered. Sizes between 15mm and 20mm are also offered for those who prefer for short, natural, or long and glamorous lashes. offers a lash pack that comes with two pairs of natural lashes for $15.99, which sounds like a perfect steal to me. If, for you, having an eyelash extension is an expensive procedure, takes up a lot of time, or comes with many risks. You can opt for an eyelash strip which you can quickly and conveniently do yourself at home.

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