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Wine Exporter Michael Asimos is Featured in New Financial Interview on Get Money, Got Money Website

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During the Interview, Asimos Discussed How He Turned his Passion into a Lucrative Career

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 22, 2018 / Wine connoisseur Michael Asimos is pleased to announce that he was recently featured in a financial interview that was posted on the Get Money, Got Money website.

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As the interviewer for Get Money, Got Money noted, Asimos has done an impressive job of turning his passion for wine into a career. During the interview, Asimos explained that he has always been interested in wines and had considered studying to become a sommelier. Over time, he realized he wanted to work with wines in a broader sense, so Asimos decided to focus on importing and exporting.

“It allows me to travel and at the same time indulge in my passion, which is to try out new wines, rediscover old favorites, and share these discoveries with friend and clients,” Asimos told the interviewer.

Asimos’ passion for wine and devotion to making his new career as enjoyable as possible soon paid off; as the article notes, his love of wine kept him going and helped his new business to take off.

When asked why he feels that bringing a strong sense of passion to his work is so important, Asimos explained that when people are excited about what they are doing, it makes it easier to come to work every day. In addition, he explained, he never felt like he had a fallback plan in case his wine ventures failed.

“I knew that this is what I wanted to do, I knew that there was no other option but to succeed at it and so I focused all my energies into learning about wine, the fermentation process, bottling, what the best climates are, building a network of distributors and clients and everything that comes with this business. It helped that I loved every minute of it,” Asimos said.

As for one of his favorite business strategies, Asimos said being confident about his skills and knowledge is definitely one of his key approaches. As he noted, if people have confidence, they can communicate their information better and engage more effectively with their clients, which is definitely important in the wine industry.

About Michael Asimos:

Michael Asimos is a renowned wine importer and exporter. Readers can follow his blog at to stay up to date on all things wine related.

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