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Why Is My Toilet Leaking? 5 Common Causes of Toilet Leaks

Toilets are prone to wear and tear after continuous use. Whether it’s for use in your business or in your family’s comfort room, the toilet is essential.

Many toilets get bells and whistles these days that people have never even imagined. Even then, the same problems still plague the modern toilet.

We’re talking about the toilet leak. If you’re asking yourself, “Why is my toilet leaking?”, then you need to understand the possible reasons.

In this guide, we give you the 5 common causes of toilet leaks. Whether you have a toilet leaking around the base or it always has that extra water, you need to learn these. If you do, you can learn how to repair them or even call the plumber ASAP.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. You Have a Faulty Flapper

The most common problem is a faulty flapper. The flapper is the rubber part that drains the toilet tank to the bowl. This is the rubber flap that covers the hole of the tank itself.

A toilet leak can come from a worn-out flapper. Because the flapper keeps the water in the tank, a damaged part can let off small water. Even if you only leak droplets, that’s a solid amount of water over time.

The good thing about this is it’s one of the easiest toilet repairs that you can do. All you need to do is get a universal flapper, some screwdrivers, and wire cutters to reinstall.

2. You Have a Cracked Toilet Tank or Bowl

Cracks in the tank or bowl are also major issues.

Damage on the flush tank can develop a bad crack. Something as small as a hairline crack can cause leaks. Depending on the use, this will worsen over time and cause the entire tank to fall apart.

Doing a DIY repair on the toilet tank is not something we recommend. Not only will the installation be a complication, but you’re also putting yourself in danger. Toilet tanks can weight between 15 – 20 kg, which can break bones and cause damage when it slips.

The best way for a repair is to hire a plumber near you. They will have the expertise to do a proper repair.

3. Your Supply Lines Are Corroded

When you ask, “Why is my toilet leaking?”, you also need to consider problems with the supply lines. How vulnerable are water supply lines for your toilet?

Supply lines can wear faster as they are not a single part, but rather a combination of parts. Most water that comes through your water line will have some impurities that will make pipes leak. Whether it’s plastic, metal or harder PVC, impurities can corrode them, together with grime formation.

Once these parts become loose or wear out, they will let water seep through. Rubber gaskets and lining tend to go out fast and rupture. Mechanical damages can also cause these parts to create a toilet leak.

How do you work these out? Your first job should be to call a plumber. It’s best to not do a DIY at this point as you can make the problem worse than it in its current status.

When you contact a plumber, they will first do an assessment on the extent of the damage. Many plumbers will recommend a parts replacement for the supply lines. This is not a problem and it will take a few expert hours to do it, depending on the extent of the damage.

4. You Have Caulking Corrosion

When a toilet goes for installation, toilet installers put a seal on the bottom of the bowl itself. It’s used to secure the toilet bowl to the floor, preventing any type of movement. If there’s a toilet leaking around the base, this can be the source of the toilet leak itself.

When a toilet goes for connection in your bathroom floor, plumbers will use caulking to create a seal. This prevents rocking and protects the internal connection pipe from any possibility of leaks. Over time, however, the caulking can crack.

Caulk failures can happen due to many reasons. Once your caulking fails, your toilet will have a small rocking motion that loosens your connection line.

If you notice that your caulking is cracking off, talk to the plumber and consult the problem. Most of the time, plumbers will do an inspection and refresh the caulking on your bathroom. This can be work as fast as a few minutes or after hours, depending on the severity of the damage.

5. You Have a Damaged Toilet Connection

One of the worst problems that can cause a toilet leak is a bad connection for your toilet. Much like the toilet flapper, the floor flange can cause you a problem if some leaking happens. When you get a toilet leaking around the base, you will get a leaking connection for your toilet.

The flange itself connects the toilet base itself, with a wax ring compressed between. This then creates a watertight seal. If the flange deteriorates, your flange can create extreme leaks.

For this problem, it’s best to consult a plumber to do an installation.

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“Why is my toilet leaking?”

If you’re asking this question, you will see that there are many common causes of the problem.

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