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Which Type of Injury Can You File a Lawsuit For? 4 Common Cases

Hundreds of millions of people visit emergency rooms across the country every year. While there are a variety of reasons why those patients end up there, many are contending with injuries.

If you’ve found yourself needing to get urgent care due to an accident that you were not at fault for, you may be entitled to compensation. That compensation could help with medical bills, missed work, and emotional distress.

But what type of injury do people generally sue for? Are there some injury cases that are more eagerly taken on by attorneys in comparison to others?

While injury cases are virtually limitless and describing them goes beyond the scope of this post, below, our team shares examples of four common injuries that you can take to court.

1. Vehicle Accidents

When you think of personal injury lawyers, the first place most people’s minds go is vehicle accidents, and for good reason. Millions of vehicle accidents take place every year. Some of those are fatal, while others leave drivers with serious medical complications.

If you’ve been involved in an accident you didn’t cause, collect as much evidence at the scene as possible and bring it to a lawyer so they can work with insurers to maximize your settlement.

2. Falls

Slip and fall cases are another common type of injury that ends up in an attorney’s hands. These falls are usually caused by property not being maintained in a way that’s conducive to safe traversing. Falls might also be due to wet spots that were not properly denoted.

In any case, if you fell and it was a result of negligence, you almost certainly have a case.

3. Workplace Accidents

It is an employer’s duty to supply their workers with a safe work environment, as is dictated by the regulatory body OSHA. When employers fail to do this, victims are entitled to make claims on employer’s insurance policies to help offset the impact of injuries.

Again, a personal injury attorney will be invaluable in helping you get the largest settlement possible from employers if you’re injured in the line of your work duties.

4. Medical Malpractice

Injury settlement seekers may not know this, but medical malpractice cases are often handled by the same attorneys that handle other personal injury suits, as is the case with

Doctors and nurses are required to comply with strict standards when performing medical services. If at any time they fall short of their obligations and that falling short results in physical or emotional distress, you may have a case.

Documentation is key in medical malpractice cases so do your best to collect as much evidence around how you were treated as possible to give the attorney you hire something to work with.

You May Want to Pursue Legal Action for Your Type of Injury

The type of injury examples we’ve shared with you is by no means exhaustive when it comes to what you can sue for. Our advice to you is if you feel you’ve been harmed through no fault of your own, to talk to a lawyer.

They’ll be able to opine on how best to move forward with your personal injury lawsuit, assuming you have a case.

For more general advice on all of your biggest injury lawsuit and lifestyle questions, we welcome you to dive deeper into the newest content featured in our blog.

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