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Which Loft Conversion is best for you?

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There are many different types of loft conversions from Mansard to Dormer lofts. For many, the different types of lofts may be confusing and you may not know the differences well enough to decide which would be best suited to your needs. We’ll tell you the differences, so you can decide which would be best for your home.


Dormer, the most popular type of loft conversions are extensions that protrude from an already existing, sloped loft roof. This type of loft extension will create more open floorspace without losing any headroom with the sloped roof. The horizontal interior roof will allow for maximum space and will make the conversion feel just like another room in your home.

Dormers may seem slightly out of place from an exterior point of view. There are options to make the appearance of the loft conversion more attractive, like have a Gable-Fronted or a Hipped Roof installed alongside the conversion, however it would impact the amount of space that you get on the inside.

If the exterior appearance of your home is more important to you than the amount of space have inside, opt for either a Gable-Fronted or a Hipped Roof Dormer. However, if you’d like more interior space, it would be best to opt of a Flat-Roofed Dormer.


For those of you who have Hip-Roofed homes already, your interior may already be quite small. In which case, a Hip-to-Gabel loft conversion would be an appropriate conversion for you. These loft conversions will change the shape of the roof from a sloped finish to a Flat Gabel roof finish, allowing for an increased amount of interior room so you can utilise a whole new large space.

Despite all the positives, planning permission may be required as these loft conversions change the structure and shape of the roof. Seeking planning permissions would be worth your time as base Hip-Roofed homes do not have a lot of interior space and this loft conversion could give you that extra space you desire.


Mansard conversions are almost always built towards the back of the property and are built in a very specific way. They start by extending the property with a flat roof to then slope the roof down at specifically 72 degrees. The slopped part of the roof is installed with con-caved windows to allow for more light and extra headroom within the interior.

As this loft conversion would be situated towards the back of your home, the front appearance of your roof wouldn’t change. These types of conversions would, like the Hip-to-Gabel conversions, need planning permissions. However, the amount of extra space you would get from a Mansard conversion would be significant, enough to even house an entire open living space.

At The Entire House, we specialise in loft conversions in North London and offer all 3 of these types of loft conversions and will execute them perfectly, so they fit the aesthetic of your home and won’t look out of place. If you’re interested in one of these loft conversions, get in touch via our online contact form to get a quote.

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