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What Lowers Testosterone In Men?

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Have you noticed that you’ve been gaining weight recently and losing muscle even though you haven’t made any dietary or exercise changes? Are you have serious trouble falling and staying asleep? Have you just felt like you haven’t been “in the mood” for sexual intimacy lately?

If so, then you could be among the 24 percent of men who struggle with low testosterone levels. Low testosterone can cause serious physical and mental changes (and even impact your relationship). But if you haven’t made any lifestyle changes, what lowers testosterone in men?

Read on to uncover common causes of low testosterone.

What Lowers Testosterone?

Not many realize it, but there are actually two kinds of low testosterone levels: primary hypogonadism and secondary hypogonadism.

Primary hypogonadism is the result of testicles that are no longer able to make enough testosterone on their own. In some cases, this is just in your genes.

But if you have conditions like undescended testicles, Klinefelter’s Syndrome, or even an excess of iron in the blood, you may experience low testosterone from primary hypogonadism.

This can also happen if your testicles have been injured, if you’re undergoing or have undergone cancer treatment, or if you have the mumps.

Secondary hypogonadism, however, is caused by damage to your hypothalamus or pituitary gland. These areas of your brain are actually responsible for producing testosterone and other hormones.

If you have an inflammatory disease, are HIV positive, or even if you’re obese, you may be diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism. It also affects those with Kallmann Syndrome and any kind of pituitary disorder.

Sometimes, the medication you’re taking, especially opioids, can cause low testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, the aging process does make you more likely to experience low testosterone levels.

Treatment Options

The good news is that there are all different kinds of treatment options for what lowers testosterone.

If you’re not eating healthy and exercising, now is certainly the time to start. You should also talk to your doctor and ask them if your current medication could be causing your low testosterone levels.

Sites like are full of helpful dietary tips and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your testosterone levels.

Still, most men opt for testosterone replacement therapy or TRT for short.

These injections are usually administered by a doctor in your buttocks or thigh, and the results usually last for 17 days. You’ll need to get them on a routine basis to see a lasting effect.

Don’t Let Low Testosterone Keep Bringing You Down

While it’s helpful to know more about what lowers testosterone, it doesn’t change the fact that your low testosterone levels make you feel insecure and frustrated.

This reaction is completely normal, but it will get better with time and effort.

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