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What is Virtual Staging? A Comprehensive Guide for Realtors

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Househunting can be exciting, but sometimes it feels impossible to imagine living somewhere.

Aphantasia is a phenomenon that prevents people from visualizing images in their minds. Visualization is a key factor for selling a home, but there are easier ways to land a sale. Instead of buying and moving furniture and decor, you can get the job done digitally.

Virtual staging can help you become more efficient and help people find their dream homes. If you’re still wondering, “What is virtual staging,” keep reading below to find the answers!

What Is Virtual Staging?

Everyone knows that a house becomes more valuable when potential buyers can see themselves living in it.

Virtual staging is a newer trend that’s impacted the real estate industry but in a positive way. Instead of having to organize the staging, and dealing with complications, you can go digital. Virtually staging saves time and money since you can handle everything with a few clicks.

What makes this option unique from traditional home staging is that there isn’t any physical furniture involved. You can carefully input images of furniture and decor to make homes more desirable.

As long as the original photos of the house aren’t photoshopped beyond adding furniture, there aren’t any legalities to worry about. When you start designing the space, you have creative flexibility and can showcase your knowledge of interior design. These photos can help people start imaging their furniture and family in the house, without having to put their minds to work.

How Do Agents Normally Stage Homes?

Staging homes can be an overwhelming phase of selling a piece of property.

Traditional home staging involves making appointments with furniture rental places. People would work with these companies to fill empty homes to make them look more approachable to potential buyers. People don’t view empty homes as welcoming and livable as other options, which is why agents have always gone through this step.

After open houses, photographs, and some viewings, the home would need to be emptied again. As fast as the agents put things in the house, they would have to take them out for the new homeowners.

Depending on the involvement with the property, some agents would improve curb appeal and identify the strengths.

How Can You Virtually Stage a Home?

Before you start offering virtual staging services, it’s essential you know what you’re doing.

There are a few factors that can make your real estate photos look fake or ingenuine. You can maintain or build a reputation as a reliable seller that people can trust. Once an open house occurs, people will discover the online staging, but this doesn’t have to get in the way of your sale.

Take a look below to discover how you can upload the best virtually-staged photographs.

Take High-Quality Photos

The first part of virtual staging involves taking photos of the home’s interior and exterior.

You can work with a professional photographer or take photos from a camera yourself. Some people use their phones but only do this if you can get high-quality photos. Although virtual staging can improve the appearance, you still need a strong foundation to build upon.

Take several photos of the same room, but capture different perspectives. As you fill them in with furniture, people can better imagine themselves moving around. The best way to get quality photos is with Virtual Staging AI.

Find Inspiration from Home Decor Trends

Virtually staged homes need to be up-to-date, otherwise, buyers may question their authenticity.

Outdated decor and furniture will prevent people from seeing themselves in the home. When you use trending images and ideas, you spark their imagination and encourage buyers to want more for themselves. Although some people view virtual staging negatively, it can help others discover what they want.

You can scroll through various interior design pieces from the most well-known companies around the world. This is a valuable asset that keeps your reputation at the top of the line. Pick an interior design style and start selecting which items will enhance the space.

Insert Your Images

If you want to showcase a home in its best light, the process won’t take long.

After you find a reliable place to download images from, you can drop them into the photos. Most programs let you view the image options alongside the photos you want to edit. Inserting the images is fun since you can play with the options and explore which style looks best.

AI can make this process efficient since it does all the calculations for you. You may have to input dimensions to get accurate placements, but it doesn’t take long. Don’t be afraid to get creative and play with different color schemes, especially if the walls in the house are different shades.

As you practice inserting the images, you will discover new options to inspire buyers.

Save Your Work

Real estate agents aren’t strangers to holding onto multiple copies of their work.

With virtual staging, you want to preserve your raw files and save the staged photos under a separate name. Carefully explain what each image is and organize them into different folders. You must save all versions, as some people request photos without the digital furniture.

Computer imaging software will require more storage, so you may have to upgrade your devices. After you are organized, you can upload these to any real estate sites and social media pages.

How Is Virtual Staging Going to Benefit Your Career?

If you’re ready to step up in the real estate industry, there’s a trend you don’t want to miss.

Discovering what is virtual staging can help you make efficient moves without spending extra time and money. Digitally adding furniture and decor to a home doesn’t take long, but it can decrease the time your listings spend on the market. By keeping up with the latest trends, you can showcase every home in the best light possible.

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