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What Is The Best Family Dog – Golden Retrievers?

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The Best Family Dog

Deciding what is the best family dog for your family is a very personal thing. Each family has a little different taste, and there are many different breeds to consider.

The Golden Retriever has been in the top 5 choices for many years. In 2020 they are number 2 behind the Labrador Retriever. Any of the top breeds would be a great choice, and there is nothing wrong with liking one of the others. It is a personal choice.

 All Dogs Are Good

Although all dogs are good, some that are better with kids and the Golden Retriever fits into this group. They are naturally gentle and friendly and yet will defend their owners.

I recommend this dog as the best family dog because of its overall treats. It is gentle, friendly to even strangers. They are funny in their play and smart enough to be careful around children. Overall they are very eager to please.

As noted in my article on the Golden Retriever as a breed, they do need regular exercise. As with all dogs, they do need obedience training so they can learn basic commands. They need to know what you expect of them and they will make every effort to please.

It is essential that before you get any dog, you do some research. Every dog and every breed is different. You need to pick one that meets your needs and one that requires the care you can provide.

To find the best family dog, you need to look at the uniqueness of the breed in which you are interested. If possible talk to friends who have the kind that strikes your interest. See what they say.

Your choices are almost limitless, so don’t be rushed. Look at other breeds and, of course, the mixed breeds.

So Is The Golden Retriever The Best Family Dog?

I would say yes, but then I am a little biased. Golden Retrievers are so beautiful to me and I have never met one that was mean. I can not say the same about other breeds.

The question with many families is, how are they with children.

Generally speaking, Golden Retrievers do well with children. Like any dog, you will need to train it as to what is OK with children. You will also have to make sure that your child’s behavior is not aggressive toward the dog.

Dogs and children react differently, and both must understand boundaries. You should always watch the reactions they have when together.

Remember that you don’t know all the dog has been through with their previous owner. How previous owners treated them is especially true of adopted dogs. Mistreated dogs may react poorly to simple things a child does.

The safety of your child is your primary concern.

Whether a dog is “good” with kids has a lot to do with the dog’s upbringing and the child’s behavior. Any scenario involving animals and you should evaluate for safety. You can’t always know what a dog has been through or how it might react to even a calm, respectful child.

I want to note that Golden Retrievers have a record of playing well with children. They usually are very gentle and love to play with children.

 What are the Negatives about Goldens?

There are very few negatives when considered if they are the best family dog. There are some health issues the I mention in Golden Retrievers, but these are minor.  You should know them before you choose a pet, and this is true of any breed.

Golden Retriever owners would probably say I am wrong, but I believe you should look at these other dogs. You may find one that suits you better, and if not at least you know you checked.

These are some of the dogs you should check out: Labrador RetrieverGerman ShepherdBeaglesFrench Bulldog, and the Poodle.

Each of them has unique characteristics and make good pets. All are in the top 10.

The Conclusion?

In the end, the best family dog is the one that meets your family needs. It could be a Golden Retriever, one of the other dogs I suggested or a mixed breed you find at the animal shelter.

Whatever you decide, it is OK. You are the one who will love and care for it. You may like it because it is the ugliest dog you have ever seen. That’s fine.

The important thing is to find a dog you and your family can love and enjoy. A dog that will love you more than any human can.

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