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What is Lean Muscle? And How Does an EMS Workout Build It?

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Lean muscle is a term commonly used in the workout world. And while it’s true that lean muscle can have incredible health benefits, it’s worth getting a deeper understanding of precisely what lean muscle is and why it is desirable.

What is Lean Muscle?

When discussing muscles in the body, it’s essential to understand that not all muscle tissue is the same. In general, muscle tissue is comprised of cells that lengthen and contract as we move different body parts. These cells are referred to as muscle fibers because their appearance is long and slender. While all muscle tissue is relatively lean related to other types of tissue in the body, low-quality muscle tissue has a higher fat and connective tissue level than lean muscle.

Because of the absence of fat cells around and within lean muscles, this type of tissue is often what we think of when we hear the term ‘toned.’ Lean muscle has more definition, meaning that the muscle is commonly visible. Individuals with a lot of lean muscle often have the appearance of a toned and tight body.

But in addition to creating a desirable physical appearance, lean muscle provides many physical and health benefits. For example, more lean muscle can increase the body’s metabolic rate, which means you will burn more calories quicker than you would otherwise. Lean muscle mass can also improve your overall posture by creating stronger core and back muscles. The result of this process is that you have less risk of injury to bones, ligaments, and tendons. Having lean muscle also strengthens your immune system, helping you fight off infection or illness.

Building lean muscle can also protect your body as you age. For example, bones are better protected because a body with lean muscle has increased bone density and strength. On top of that, lean muscle can decrease muscle loss that commonly occurs in women as they age and menopause begins. It can even combat obesity and protect against insulin resistance.

The bottom line is that lean muscle is significant for your health, well-being, and confidence. So it’s no wonder that so many people try to build lean muscle while working out or exercising.

Building Lean Muscle with EMS Workouts

While building lean muscle is a goal for many individuals in the world of fitness, it’s often hard to achieve because of the amount of time and effort required. It is tough to build lean muscle. And very few people have the time and energy to devote hours every day at the gym that would generally be required to build lean muscle and get a toned physique.

Electro-muscular stimulation, or EMS, is a workout that incorporates electrical current to induce involuntary muscle contractions. The electrical impulses stimulate motor neurons. EMS can be used for various physical benefits ranging from improved circulation to faster recovery and increased endurance.

Another physical benefit from EMS workouts is building lean muscle. EMS delivers the same result as a workout like lifting weights. The result is a muscle contraction. But it’s also important to recognize that not all muscle contractions are equal. Voluntary contractions – like those we get when lifting weights – first activate small motor units made up of Type-I fibers. Then, they will activate Type-II fibers, if necessary. With involuntary contractions induced by EMS, the Type-II fibers are activated first (an impossible outcome with voluntary contractions). The fibers contract fully without restriction throughout this process, which means EMS can deliver a physiological response unparalleled by any other workout you can get.

And EMS increases the number of muscle fibers that are involved in the workout too. EMS workouts can activate about 30% more fibers in any given muscle than simply flexing alone. The result is that you are activating more muscle fibers and a different type of fiber – both of these outcomes can result in building lean muscle far faster than you can achieve without EMS.

When EMS electrodes are placed over significant muscle groups, their impulses reach the target and build muscle mass quickly. This type of workout can increase the size and amount of lean muscle in your body, increase the efficiency of your muscles, and result in better overall movement.

In today’s world, it’s hard to stay healthy and optimize the body’s performance. Nobody has the time to truly devote to building lean muscle mass, even though most of us understand why this type of muscle is so beneficial from a health perspective. To learn more about how EMS can enhance your workout regimen and build your lean muscle, contact BodyBuzz today!

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