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What Is a Financial Advisor and Why Do I Need One?

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If you’re asking yourself what is a financial advisor then this article is for you. If you’re looking to grow your wealth or meet financial goals then read on.

Are you looking to grow your wealth? Good idea!

If you want to make more money using the money you already have and are wondering if a financial advisor is right for you, you’ve come to the right place.

A financial advisor can guide you and help you meet your financial goals. If you’re asking yourself, “what is a financial advisor?”, keep reading so you can learn about what they do and how they can work for you.

What Is a Financial Advisor?

You may have heard the term “financial advisor” thrown around. Perhaps some of your friends or coworkers have one and you’ve heard them mention it.

The term itself is a general one and can refer to many different people with different degrees and certifications. But generally, it’s someone who provides financial services and guidance to help you increase your wealth and manage your funds.

Here are some various kinds of financial advisors and an explanation about how they can help you, using their specific skill set.


Otherwise known as an accountant, a CPA is a trained professional who must pass a difficult test and be certified in order to hold this title. They can help with your day to day accounting, business accounting and of course, complete your taxes when tax season rolls around.


A personal financial specialist has one more certification past a CPA and is qualified to do everything your accountant does as well as help you with more global planning when it comes to your finances.

This means they can help you make investment decisions, and guide you with ways to spend or save your money in order to garner the best results in the future.


Registered investment advisors manage people who have a high net worth and want to diversify their funds. If you own or operate a business and are looking to invest on behalf of that entity, an RIA can help.


Certified financial planners can help you think long-term, especially when it comes to your retirement and how to prepare for life after work. They have all the training of a CPA and they can also help you with insurance planning and taxes.

Why Do I Need One?

Depending on where your financial priorities lie, one of the above financial advisors would be right for you.

Financial advisors specialize in the investment world and can offer knowledge and insight into situations you may not be able to learn about yourself. Not to mention, who has the time to learn the ins and outs of financial planning and investing?

You’ve worked hard to make your money so you should be able to enjoy it without having to stress over where to invest and how to grow your funds.

A financial advisor will also be able to keep you on course. You can work together to come up with an investment plan and they can implement these strategies and pull the trigger on investments when the time comes.

Get a Financial Planner Today

Now that we’ve answered the questions of “what is a financial advisor?”, you have all the information to understand how valuable they can truly be.

If you want to grow your wealth and turn money into more money without the hassle of having to figure out where to invest and how to execute the investment, a financial advisor is a right choice for you.

We’d love to help you invest! Check out our site for more advice and be sure to contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss how we can work for you.

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