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What Are the Different Types of Concrete That Exist Today?

Did you know there are about twenty-four types of concrete used in the building industry? This also applies to the construction industry as well. But it depends on the type of construction work you’re dealing with as a builder. 

But, did you know all concrete isn’t mixed the same way? As there are different types of concrete, workers use a variety of methods to mix it, too. 

We’ll tell you what the best concrete and construction company is. Keep reading to learn more about types of concrete.

Types of Concrete 

There are so many types of concrete, you may have difficulties keeping track of it all. We’ve compiled a handy list to help you keep track. 

The first type of concrete is one you may be familiar with, plain concrete. Plain concrete doesn’t need reinforcement. You can see plain concrete used for pavement, some buildings, and footpaths. 

The next type we’ll discuss is high-strength concrete. You can make this type of concrete by decreasing the cement and water ratio in the mix. Reduce it to about 0.35. 

As the name suggests, high-strength concrete is very strong, but it’s difficult to work with. It has a “lower-performance level” than other types of concrete. 

The final type of concrete we’ll discuss is asphalt concrete. This is the type of concrete you may see on roads, parking lots, and airports. You can make this type of concrete by mixing aggregates and asphalt. 

Now that you know a few types of concrete, which one is the best? 

What Is the Best Type of Concrete? 

The best type of concrete depends on what kind of project you want to do. For example, you likely wouldn’t use high-strength concrete for your driveway, you would choose asphalt. 

Consider a few factors: strength, durability, and price. Some types of concrete may be cheaper to mix than others. And you must consider the labor that goes into mixing concrete. 

What Is the Best Construction Company? 

If you have a trailer, have you considered renting a concrete trailer company? Look no further than Battle Ground Rockery. 

BGR has a commitment to provide high-quality products to its customers. They offer so many materials you won’t know what to do with it all.

From retail materials to concrete trailer rentals, they have it all. The pricing for renting concrete varies depending on the size of the space, but they offer add ons, too. 

What You Need to Know About Types of Concrete 

Although there are many types of concrete to choose from, choose the best one for your project. The key to choosing the best concrete depends on durability and strength. 

For any concrete or paving job, hire a construction company. If you need a rental space for your trailer, call Battle Ground Rockery. They’ll give you the space you’ll need for the best price. 

They also offer additions as well, like overnight rental space and weekend spaces. They may help you if you’re going on a weekend trip and need to park your trailer. To learn more types of concrete, check out our website today. 

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