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What Are Custom Pallets? 7 Benefits That Will Leave You Speechless

Pallets are ubiquitous.

Indeed, the wood pallet industry was worth $9.23 billion last year!

These versatile wooden constructions come in handy all over the place. They’re used in all areas of life, from the smallest individual projects to the largest global operations.

But, alas, not all pallets are made equal.

In fact, for many businesses out there, all those standard pallets that hit the market fail to meet their needs. Custom pallets are the premium product that provides the solution.

These bespoke options are designed to accommodate their individual requirements. Loading, storing, and shipping on these custom-made constructions makes a mighty business difference.
Want to learn how?

​Keep reading to discover 7 essential benefits of custom made pallets.
1. Suit Your Specific Needs
Standard pallets are ideal solutions for the needs of many businesses.

But, more often than you might think, they leave a lot to be desired.

Indeed, some manufacturers wind up changing the shape of their products to fit better upon them. How crazy is that!? Their hand’s forced by the one-size-fits-all approach to pallets.

With no other option for storing and transporting their goods, they accommodate for pallet inadequacies by changing the product rather than the pallet! That’s like changing your house to fit the furniture.

Custom pallets provide a far more preferable option.

Businesses like yours can finally utilize pallets that fit their product(s). They can be designed and manufactured to cater for any weight, size, and shape required.

2. Facilitates Warehouse Storage
Standard pallets are great for storing generic items that fit perfectly on top of them.

Anything that’s square, or has corners, can be stored with ease in the warehouse. Think about
a brick manufacturer. The standardized shape and square corners of each brick mean that ordinary pallets work fine.
But the situation changes for anybody storing/shipping inventory with atypical forms.

Suddenly, the standard pallet becomes less useful. With no other option, the stock would be laid upon pallets that didn’t match the required shape. The result would be lost space on the pallet and inefficient storage.

As we just saw, custom pallets are designed with your inventory in mind. That means no more adjusting your inventory to fit the pallets; the pallets are adjusted to accommodate the stock.

Items will stack neatly and efficiently, assisting in the maximization of warehouse storage space.

3. Facilitates Warehouse Management
Imagine looking up and down the warehouse.

The racks are piled high with random pallets of different sizes. Each one holds a different number of boxes/products. How on earth are you expected to calculate an accurate estimate of inventory?

You’re in for a long and arduous process ahead.

Paying for custom pallets means you can arrange them appropriately in the warehouse. Moreover, they’ll fit a pre-established number of products. Take one look at the line of pallets and you’ll get a sense of the inventory in place.
That’s a might help for anybody charged with the effective management of inventory.

4. Better Branding Options
Standard pallets tend to lack any company branding.

They’re blank and generic in nature, revealing nothing of the contents within the box or the business who commissioned its construction. Invest in custom pallets, though, and you can have your company name, logo, slogan, and so on painted onto the sides of each one.

That might not seem like a major bonus.

However, it’s hard to overstate the importance of extra branding. You gain newfound exposure and add a greater sense of professionalism to the process of loading, storing and transporting your goods.

5. Less Product Damage
Using pallets of the wrong shape and size can have serious consequences for your cargo.
Products might not fit the space properly; the wood might have less strength and durability than you need. Both issues create the potential for damage to be suffered in transit.

It goes without saying that unnecessary damage comes at a cost. Your finances suffer in terms of wasted materials, wasted man-hours, and the need to make replacements.

Your brand’s reputation suffers too. Customers are unlikely to be happy if they’re delivered faulty goods, and/or are forced to wait for a replacement to be delivered.

Using custom pallets helps you keep goods more secure.

There’s less chance of breakages, which safeguards your profits and levels of customer satisfaction.

6. No More Shipping Concerns
Pallets have become a go-to packaging choice for the shipping industry.

Indeed, it’s got to a point where they’re now a universal, standardized shipping choice. If items aren’t palletized, then their shipment may not be permitted.

That’s bad news for manufacturers with products that don’t fit on standard pallets (and who don’t know about custom options!). Indeed, it was this conundrum that convinced some businesses to redesign their products to become more pallet-friendly.

The thought was that the redesign was justified if it facilitated the shipment process.

Yet custom pallets remove that need entirely. As we’ve noted, the bespoke nature of these pallets means items can be stored with ease, and, as a result, shipped without trouble.

7. No More Oversized Shipping Costs
Shipping products between locations isn’t cheap.

But shipping products on oversized wooden pallets makes the financial situation a good deal worse.

Using pallets that are too big for the product is like throwing money down the drain. You’re taking up unnecessary space and weight on the train, truck or boat; you get charged more for the freight as a result.

That changes when you use custom pallets. The products fit the pallet perfectly, which means you only use as much space as is required. Your business enjoys a reduction in freight expenses and higher profits too.

Time to Invest in Custom Pallets
Hundreds of millions of wooden pallets get made each and every year.

But not a single one of them might be right for your business. Use them anyway and, as we’ve seen, you can do yourself a serious disservice. All sorts of negative repercussions can arise.

Hopefully, this post has revealed how custom pallets can be the answer to your pallet-problems.
Ready to order some? Contact us today to get a free quote.

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