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How Many Underwater Sports Are There?

You’ve heard of scuba and snorkeling but what about Octopush and underwater target shooting? That’s what we thought. There are over a dozen underwater sports (and counting) that attract adventure seekers of all ages around the world.

Just how many underwater sports are there and what are the most unique ones? If your curiosity is piqued, keep reading. This article explores underwater sports activities as well as some of the lesser-known underwater sports.

Categories of Water Sports

The categories of water sports can first be divided into underwater sports and surface sports. For example, standard water polo could be considered a surface sport because the athletes are in the water but they keep their heads above water for most of the event. Scuba diving, on the other hand, is an underwater sports activity because it’s completed entirely underwater.

Underwater sports can further be categorized into individual water sports, team underwater sports, and underwater adventure sports. While many individual and team underwater sports are played competitively, underwater adventure sports are mostly for the fun of it. 

Here are a few examples of individual water sports:

And here are a few examples of team underwater sports: 

  • Underwater rugby
  • Underwater hockey (Octopush)
  • Underwater American football

Finally, these are some underwater adventure sports:

Most underwater sports activities require specific water sports equipment, most notably a breathing apparatus of some kind. It would be awfully hard to play a sport underwater while coming up for air every few seconds. Let’s dive a little deeper (pun intended!) into some of the most interesting underwater sports of the modern era.

Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey has some of the same rules as ice hockey but the equipment is slightly different. Players are given small, handheld sticks that are light enough to swim with. There is no goalie to defend the goal at the bottom of the pool. Unlike traditional ice hockey, underwater hockey is meant to be a non-contact sport.

Underwater Wrestling

Underwater wrestling, also called Aquathlon, is a competition of strength that takes place entirely underwater. Opposing parties wrestle for 30-second rounds while they try to remove a ribbon from the opponent’s ankle. 

Underwater Archery

Underwater target shooting and archery are pretty straightforward because they are similar to sports on land. There are targets set up in the pool and athletes try to hit the bullseye. 

Ready to Try Underwater Sports?

If you thought traditional sports were challenging, try competing underwater! There are at least 12 underwater sports with more being invented all the time. And while these underwater adventure sports may not be features in the Olympics yet, they have contingents of competitors that are very passionate about their sport.

Search online for local underwater sports leagues or start one of your own! It’s a great way to get active and try something new.

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