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Underwater Dock Lights vs. Piling Dock Lights

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Let there be light. Dock light, that is. Every dock owner faces the tough choice between underwater dock lights and piling dock lights.

There are various considerations to make when deciding between the two. While they may seem similar, each has some distinguishing features that set it apart. The right lights for your dock can make all the difference.

Discover the perfect dock lights by reading on.

Pretty Underwater Dock Lights

Let’s start with underwater dock lights.

They’re obviously waterproof. More durable lights are better. Look for PVC coating, stainless steel, and LEDs with durable components and protective layers.

Lights can sink or float. Install sinking lights by plugging them in and throwing them in. As you’d expect, floating lights float.

Lights come in different kinds. High-intensity discharge (HID) lights are brighter than LEDs.

They produce heat to stop barnacle growth on them. They’re often encased in a covering, which can reduce the amount of light produced.

Then there are light-emitting diodes (LEDs). They don’t generate heat but they’re more efficient than other kinds of lights.

Without heat, they don’t clean algae and barnacles off by themselves. Every so often you’ll need a scraper.

If you don’t use one, you could damage the light. LEDs are good for temporary purposes or somewhere you won’t leave them submerged for too long.

Underwater lights most commonly come in blue and green. Green travels better and further through the water than blue.

It doesn’t make as much of a glare as blue light, either. Blue lights are good in freshwater.

Pile It On

Dock pilings are your dock’s foundation. They hold the deck above water.

Your dock needs lighted piling caps to illuminate it and protect you, your boat passengers, and your boat. They’re meant to be mounted onto piling. They have a conical cap at the top and a light fixture beneath that.

The best kind of piling cap is solar-powered. With solar-powered piling lights, you won’t need an electrician to install them. They have no wiring, so you simply need to mount the fixture.

Solar-powered lights won’t increase your electricity bill one bit. You can install them anywhere without worrying about how close they are to a power source.

This kind of dock lighting is good for the environment. Solar energy is one of the solutions to the world’s environmental problems.

Last, solar-powered lights are built to last. DokLite’s lights are made using aerospace- and military-grade technology. They’re so tough they can handle a hurricane.

It’s Solar-Lit

The debate between underwater dock lights and piling dock lights is fierce. Both have their own advantages.

Look more closely, though, and you’ll see that solar-powered piling dock lights are a powerful, eco-friendly option. They’re durable and reliable, capable of lighting up your dock for years to come.

Find the finest solar-powered piling dock light on the market by contacting DokLite today.

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