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Top Reasons Commercial Cleaning Services Are Critical to the Success of Your Business

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Topical cleaning can be performed to make your company appear tidy. Is it enough?

Over time, grime, dirt, dust, and other types of debris will buildup, becoming a noticeable distraction from day-to-day business. They could also present major hazards to the health and safety of your employees and clients.

Do you have commercial cleaning services in place that meet your high expectations? Our experts put together the following list of the top ways commercial cleaning services keep your business running smoothly.

Let’s take a look.

1. You Only Get One Chance to Make a Great First Impression

When it comes to making a good first impression on potential clients, new hires, and stakeholders who walk through your door, you want cleanliness to be the first thing that greets them. When these duties are neglected, the accumulation of a layer of filth will be the first thing anyone will notice.

Since you only get one chance to shape how a person will perceive your organization in their minds, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to put your best foot forward here. Be sure to keep this top of mind when hiring or renewing contracts with your current janitorial professionals.

If they can’t meet your high expectations, it may be time to look elsewhere for the value you deserve.

2. Germ-Spread Prevention Matters

Deep cleaning is your best defense against viruses and bacteria.

With Covid-19 and other pathogens circulating, it’s more important than ever to consider how germ-spread prevention is an integral part of doing business in today’s environment.

Keeping germs at bay is a logical way to keep things running smoothly no matter what type of harmful bugs or contaminants enter your premises. After all, excessive employee sick days are bad for morale and your bottom line.

It is critical for your cleaning company to understand that keeping a proper cleaning schedule is key and how the three levels of cleaning work together to remove hazards from each type of surface.

Here’s a brief run down:

What Is Cleaning?

The first step in combatting pathogens is regular cleaning practices.

This usually involves removing the surface layer of visible dirt with soap and water as well as tools like mops brooms, scrubbing cloths, and vacuums.

It is important to remember that while this generally provides an aesthetically pleasing outcome, microscopic particles that cause harm can remain.

Don’t be tempted to skip this step.

The chemical solutions discussed in the following sections won’t be effective if the top layer of dirt is not removed first.

What Is Sanitization?

Sanitization involves using specific cleaning products that contain chemicals designed to reduce the viability of clusters of bacteria.

It is crucial to read and understand labeling instructions for each product.

These outline which chemicals should be applied to which surfaces, how long they must rest on the surface before they can be wiped or removed, and which species of bacteria they are most effective at reducing and preventing.

What Is Disinfection?

Disinfection also requires the use of specific cleaning equipment, chemicals, and techniques and is the only custodial method that is proven to remove or degrade viruses and bacteria by 99.99% Together, these three methods of germ reduction and removal are the tools that will keep germs from circulating throughout your premises.

Is your current custodial schedule enough to eradicate pathogens that can make you and your staff sick?

An experienced commercial cleaning provider will be able to identify opportunities for further protection during a free consultation. You should not hesitate to reach out for the answers to any questions you may have about your business’s specific needs.

3. Corporate Cleaning Improves Air Quality

Dust, dirty flooring and carpets, and a lack of proper corporate cleaning can leave you with a significant air quality problem on your hands.

If this is the case, you may notice your staff starting to develop symptoms of allergies and other types of irritations caused by a higher than acceptable level of contaminants in the air you breathe.

To remedy this problem, we recommend investigating your janitorial services contract to see if there are any adjustments you can make to your current cleaning checklist.

Typically, we recommend increasing:

  • Deep commercial carpet cleaning
  • Floor cleaning and re-waxing
  • Dusting and high surface dusting procedures
  • Horizontal surface disinfecting
  • Upholstery deep cleaning
  • Green cleaning solutions

Don’t overlook this essential area.

Air quality is an important part of what makes any working environment healthy and productive.

4. A Clean Working Environment Is a Morale Booster

Let’s face it. No one wants to greet their clients in a dirty and unwelcoming environment. It’s just not conducive to good business.

When you provide a safe, clean, and inviting area for your employees to do what they do best, it won’t go unnoticed.

This is especially true if you show your staff you care by hiring professionals to reduce the burden on them and make sure the job is done right.

5. Commercial Cleaners are Vetted for Their Positions

You’ll never have to worry about missing proprietary information or secure files being compromised when you work with vetted commercial cleaners.

A proven track record for delivering exceptional results and a long list of satisfied clients is a good way to separate the professionals from the amateurs.

We also recommend checking to see if your cleaners provide additional security training to each technician, proper vetting procedures, and supervision for all new hires.

6. Commercial Cleaning Services Come Equipped with Professional Tools that Save Your Organization Time and Money

Not only are the best professional cleaning services tailored to your goals and budget, but they also offer you the ability to save time and expenses so you can focus on the business at hand.

Do your current cleaners maintain a large fleet of commercial cleaning machines and devices that produce the level of disinfection your organization desires?

If the answer is no, it may be time to cast your net out again to see if you can land a more synergistic catch.

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