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Top 7 Best College Graduation Gifts of 2019

Whether it’s your child, another family member, or even your spouse who has gone back to get their degree after a long hiatus, celebrating someone’s college graduation is a huge event. 

You’re all in when it comes to planning graduation parties, helping them to decorate their graduation cap, and dealing with the complicated family dynamics of seating arrangements at the ceremony. 

However, there’s one aspect of college graduation that you’re not quite as confident about: college graduation firsts. 

Finding the right college graduation gifts can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not exactly as “with the trends” as you’d like to be. 

Don’t worry — this post is here to help. 

Keep reading to score some tips on grad gifts everyone will adore. 

1. A Yearlong Gym Membership

One of the things that college grads will miss the most about campus life? 

Access to a free gym that they can use whenever they’d like. Gym memberships make for some of the most popular college graduation gifts because working out offers several benefits. 

Yes, it keeps them looking their best and feeling healthy. But exercise also provides a serious mental health boost and allows them to expand their social circle in what may be a new city for them. 

If a yearlong gym membership comes with too hefty of a price tag, you can also look into buying sets of classes at yoga, spin, or even climbing studios. 

2. A Leather Briefcase

If you’re looking for nice graduation gifts that will help to propel a recent college grad forward in their life, there are few better gifts to give than a stunning leather briefcase. 

Recent grads may not be able to afford a nice watch or a killer suit to impress a job interviewer, but a nice briefcase for them to carry their resume and notes in will go a long way.

It’s a classic gift that they’ll use for years to come. Have it stamped with their initials for an extra personal touch. 

3. A Commemorative Pin

Still struggling with what to get a college graduate? 

Why not go for something that celebrates the monumental achievement of their graduation day?

You can create customized pins for graduation that include the year of the graduation, their school’s name and logo, and even a special message on the back for them to enjoy. 

We also love the idea of ordering matching pins for every member of the family to wear as they celebrate the graduation day.

4. An Amazon Prime Membership

No matter your opinions on Amazon, college grads will absolutely appreciate an Amazon Prime membership. 

Not only does it make it much easier for them to get the items they need quickly, but often, it can also save them some serious cash in the process.

Plus, Amazon Prime also means that they’ll have access to streaming video services. This way, they’ll have something to watch when they need to stay in to save some cash or if they just need a quick break from looking for a job all day.

5. A Monthly Maid Service

While no one really enjoys cleaning up, few people dread it — and put it off — as much as recent college grads do. 

After all, for many of them, the year after graduation will be the very first time they’re tasked with taking care of a household/apartment and keeping it clean.

Whether they live alone or with a messy roommate, giving them the gift of a monthly maid service for their first year will certainly be appreciated.

6. A Beginner-Friendly Cookbook

In addition to struggling to figure out how to keep their first place clean, recent college graduates will also have to spend much more time than they might be used to cooking for themselves. 

And if the grad’s main cooking experience is boiling water or cooking ramen in a coffee pot? They could probably use a bit of assistance. 

An awesome beginner-friendly cookbook can help.

Check out this list of some of the most accessible and simple beginner cookbooks to give you a few ideas. 

If you feel like they may not even be able to pick out the right ingredients at a grocery store, consider giving them a recipe subscription box or even treating them to a meal delivery service.

7. When in Doubt, Give Cash

Let’s face it: the one gift that even the pickiest grads can agree on is cash. 

This way, they can use the money any way they’d like, save it for a rainy day or emergency, or even take someone special out on a date. Never underestimate the power of a nice, handwritten card with a crisp $50 or $100 bill slipped inside of it. 

You probably remember how much that little bit extra helped you out as a new graduate. 

Everyone Will Love These College Graduation Gifts

We promise that if you pick up any of the college graduation gifts on this list, the recent grad will have an enormous smile on their face — and be incredibly grateful to you.

Looking for a few tips on what you should write inside of a graduation card? Are you thinking of going back to school yourself, and want to learn more about the options available to you? 

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