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Top 10 Best Paying GPT Sites (April / 2020)

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The top 10 best paying GPT sites list. And also GPT websites with different payment methods to choose from and easy to reach cashout because of their low minimum withdrawal requirements.

Not only that, you will also receive your money instantly without delay on any of the top 10 GPT sites listed here.

“How to make money online” is one of the most searched phrases. It only goes to show that almost everyone today wants to earn some extra income. Interestingly, in every search result of “How to make money online” there will be a GPT site.

What is a GPT site?

GPT Sites also known as “Get Paid To Sites”  are reward websites pay you to do a variety of simple things. These will be things that you probably already do online every day, such as check emails, surf the internet, watch online videos, connect with people on social media, give your opinion in forums, and more.

Will a website really pay you for these?

Yes! The world as it is today is a data-driven world. Businesses want to discover the next big product/ service and win the market. They know that the only way to get there is to ask opinions of as many people as they can to gain insight into their market. These businesses pay GPT sites to help with getting customers’ insight; and when you complete tasks in the sites to give your opinion, you’ll be rewarded with a percentage of what they earned. Thus, you actually get paid simply for sharing your opinion.


Yes! GPT sites are some places to earn some extra money online. However, it boils down to choosing the right one. There are many GPT sites around. Some are outright scams that are out to steal your money or information. Even among the legit ones that do pay, some are not worth the effort.

Thus, to have success with earning extra income from GPT sites, you’ll want to choose a legit GPT site that gives you the best/ highest buck for your time. It’ll also have to have markings of the ideal GPT site (such as low minimum cash-out amount, fast payouts, and more).

This post does the hard work for you. We brought together scores of GPT sites and then sieved the bunch using criteria as earning opportunities, pay per completed activity, withdrawal threshold, payout speed, and more. The result is this list of best GPT sites. These 10 GPT sites on this list are excellent GPT sites where you can get the highest buck for your time.

Top 10 Best Paying GPT SItes:


If you are very familiar with the paid opinion industry, you’ll be familiar with 99 Ventures Limited, as it operates a number of highly regarded rewards sites, which includes The name of this GPT site tells you much about it; it pays its users superbly, for nothing extraordinary but giving their opinions. There’s no doubt that pays because it has paid out over $2.7 million to its members. You’ll find lots and lots of such payment proofs online; both in self-published sources like the “payment proofs” page in its website, and in independent sources.

Founded 2012
Owner 99 Ventures Limited
Availability Worldwide countries


Earning With Superpayme

Members earn $0.20 as a welcome bonus just for signing up to Though this looks small, it is relatively attractive, as it is credited to members immediately they sign up, without having to fulfil additional conditions.

After having $0.20 in the bag for signing up, you’ll find many earning opportunities. The primary one is paid surveys. You can also earn from offers. The offers differ and include: taking extra surveys, viewing PTC (Paid To Click) ads, watching videos, visiting some website and signing up to the service, and downloading certain apps. While many of the offers are free, some are paid offers. That is, you’ll have to submit your credit card information and subscribe to a service. also post promos codes in its social media channels; so by following it in the various platforms, you can redeem promos codes for some earnings. You can also earn from contests. However, these will require you to be one of the highest earners on the site, so you’ll have to be very active. Its contests are one reason, we add to this list as one of the top GPT sites. The contests reward the top 20 earners in the site. This is more than you’ll find in many of the other top GPT site – some reward the top three, while most rewards the top 10. That rewards its top 20 earners means that there’ll be more contest winners in the house. There’s also a referral program that allows members to earn 25% of what their referrals earn.

Getting Paid With Superpayme uses the points system. But the good news is that everyone who earns points can convert these to cash and other prizes. To get a cash payment, you can redeem your points via PayPal, Skrill, and Bitcoin. With crypto options becoming very popular for online payment, it’s a big plus that bitcoin is supported. You can also redeem your points via gift cards and Tango cards. Having tango cards is also a big plus because these cards can be exchanged for a range of name-brand gift cards.

The payment front pushes out as one of the best GPT sites out there. Apart from supporting tango cards and bitcoin which makes its payment options wider than it let out, the payment threshold and payout speed are also impressive. The minimum payment amount is $1.00, so you won’t have to build a large balance before you can request payment. Also, when you request payment, you’ll receive it very fast. advertises that its average payment time is 4 hours. That’s super fast. Being that “4 hours” is the average means that sometimes payment can take longer than that. However, it won’t exceed 24 hours.


  • Many ways to earn
  • Operates an impressive referral program
  • An impressive payment catalogue that includes tango cards and bitcoin
  • Payment is super quick – an average of 4 hours


  • There is no compensation for members who are disqualified from surveys
  • Accounts are often flagged as a cheater if you change your IP address, and you will have to contact the support to get this out of the way.

2).  Ysense

ySense cannot be discussed without reference to ClixSense. This is because the site was operating as ClixSense from its founding in 2007 until its rebrand in 2019. ClixSense was a PTC (Paid To Click) site, where members are paid for clicking and viewing ads. However, as it grew, more features were added until it grew into a full GPT site where members are paid for a host of activities.

ySense has millions of users. It is now operated by Prodege LLC, which operates arguably the biggest rewards site in the industry (SwagBucks). ySense has paid out over $39 million to its members. Admittedly, the bulk of this came in its operation as ClixSense. However, with its association, ySense cannot veer wrong in its movement from a PTC site to a GPT site.

Founded 2007
Owner Prodege LLC
Availability Worldwide countries


Earning with Ysense

In Ysense, you can earn from different activities. The principal one is paid surveys. ySense draws surveys from many providers (which includes TapResearch, OfferToro, PeanutLabs, YourSurveys, AdGate, and more). This means that you’ll always find surveys to try for. Having lots of survey opportunities is one thing that makes Ysense one of the best GPT sites around.

Another avenue to earn from ySense is Cash Offers, and Figure Eight Tasks. The cash offers are also from different providers and are varied. Some are free offers; others are paid offers that’ll require you to make a purchase but at a reduced price; yet others are free trials, where you’ll enjoy the service free of charge for the trial period but be automatically signed up after the trial period. Figure Eight Tasks are simple tasks (like categorizing online images, data entry, etc) that members can complete and get paid for. Interestingly, you’ll find tasks that can be done many times over.

One other thing that makes ySense one of the best GPT sites around is its great bonuses. For example, there is a task bonus, where members are rewarded with a $5 bonus for earning $50 from tasks. There’s also a checklist bonus which allows members to earn up to 16% of their earnings each day.

Members can also earn from contests; but these rewards only the top 10 earners in the site, so you’ll have to be very active to have a chance. However, there’s a referral bonus from which you can build some cool passive income. ySense rewards members with a 20 – 30% referral bonus depending on the number of their referrals. So the more people you can convince to join (through your link) the more you’ll earn.

Getting Paid with Ysense

When it is time to get paid, you can request payment via Amazon Gift cards, Tango cards, Payoneer, Skrill, and PayPal.

Having Tango Cards is good news because this increases the payment options for members who want gift cards. This is because Tango Cards can be redeemed for a host of branded gift cards. When cashing out, you’ll find $5.00 Amazon gift cards, which is a relatively low cash-out amount. But if you want PayPal payment, $10 is the minimum. However, payout speed is not that impressive. ySense takes 5 – 7 days to process payments, but first-time withdrawals can even take longer (up to 15 days)


  • Many ways to earn
  • Great bonus offers which include the task bonus and checklist bonus
  • An impressive payment catalogue that includes Tango cards


  • Payment is not super fast

3). PrizeRebel

Being a rebel does not have a nice ring to it. This is because the word “rebel” literally means someone who defies authority. However, as some will argue; rebels make the world a more colourful place for not suppressing their idea for fear of what others may say. PrizeRebel is one such “rebel” making the world a more colourful place by providing you “a great opportunity to make money online while you work from home”. PrizeRebel has over 9 million members; and since its start in 2007, it has paid out over $19 million.

One thing that marks PrizeRebel as one of the best GPT sites out there is its Quality Score feature. This is especially useful to advertisers who’ll want nothing but quality customer insight. This feature incorporates checks which identify members who may not be paying attention to surveys (hence not supplying well-thought and consistent answers to survey questions).

For such members, quality score decreases, and future earning opportunities will be reduced or disappear. This is a good one for advertisers who pay for customers’ insight because only quality insight will be useful to them. However, to users who’ll want to simply breeze through tasks without thought, this will be a turn-off.

Founded 2007
Owner iAngelic
Availability Worldwide countries


Earning with Prizerebel

There are many activities that members can earn from. Apart from the GPT staples like paid surveys, tasks, offerwalls, and watching videos; you can earn from “daily points” and special bonuses. Daily points are available to everyone. Simply log in; navigate to the “daily points” section, and you’ll find some simple instructions. More so, you can earn from the “daily points” section multiple times a day (up to 20 times). The “special bonus” is one feature that makes Prize Rebel one of the best GPT sites in the market. The special bonus feature makes PrizeRebel a GPT site that rewards every member.

Depending on their membership levels, every member gets a special bonus of 1 – 3% of their earnings from surveys, offers, tasks, and daily points. There’s also a referral program where members can earn up to 30% of whatever their referrals earn. Lastly, PrizeRebel runs different contests where very active members are rewarded. There is US contests and International contests where the highest 10 earners of these fields are rewarded with points; there are also task-specific contests like offerwall contests, referral contests, etc.

Getting Paid Prizerebel

PrizeRebel rewards members are with “Points” for completing earning activities. In its payment catalog, you’ll find that such earned points can be redeemed for gift cards, game codes, PayPal cash, and Direct bank payments. Interestingly, the minimum cash-out limit is $5; so you’ll be able to request payment in no time. More so, payouts are fast. You’ll receive electronic rewards and cash payment within 24 – 48 hours after redemption. Rewards that’ll require shipping (like physical gift cards) will take 7 – 10 days.


  • Many ways to earn
  • Incorporates a “quality score feature” which ensures that it collects only quality data
  • There’s a “special bonus” that rewards every member with 1 – 3% of their earnings from surveys, offers, tasks, and daily points
  • Very low minimum cash-out amount
  • Fast payout


  • Though available to worldwide users, it does not have many surveys and offers for members outside the US, Canada, UK, and Australia
  • Disqualification from surveys seem high, and there’s no compensation for members disqualified from surveys

4). Offernation

One of the main earning opportunities provided by GPT sites is offers. That is, GPT sites pay their members who complete certain offers. Thus, with its name, Offernation can only be suggesting that it does not lack earning opportunities. No wonder it advertises as a reward site where “making money online is easy”.

Offernation was established in 2013, and is operated by 99 Ventures Limited. This means it is a sister site of In fact, it is very similar to With coming off as one of the best GPT sites, Offernation, which is its close mate with similar offerings, also comes out as one of the best GPT sites. Offernation has about 58,000 active users, and it has paid out over $600,000 to its members. There’s no doubt about this because payment proofs abound.

Founded 2013
Owner 99 Ventures limited
Availability Worldwide countries

Earning with Offernation

You start earning with Offernation the moment you join. The congratulatory message you get upon signup also adds that $0.25 has been added to your account balance. After that, you’ll find lots of surveys to take, especially in the “Daily Paid Surveys” section. It also has regular Offerwall, where you’ll find many offers from different providers.

Offers are generally simple tasks that include: visiting and signing up on some websites, downloading apps, clicking and viewing PTC ads, and more. If you’ll have no problem with paying to get paid, you’ll find some “paid offers”. You’ll submit your credit card information, and make a purchase, but usually, these offers have relatively high payouts.

Members of Offernation can also earn passive income from its referral program. This will reward you with 25% of what your referrals earn. Lastly, Offernation runs the quarterly contest. This is to reward the top 20 earners in the site over a 3 months period. You can get from $10 – $350 if you actively earn in the site to finish in a winning position.

Getting Paid with Offernation

Offernation uses the points, so initially, you get points for your efforts. However, you want real money, not some virtual points. To get paid, you can exchange your points for cash and gift cards. Only Amazon gift cards are available; but to get cash, the options available include PayPal, Skrill, and Bitcoin. Having bitcoin available is gladdening because the cryptos are fast becoming the fastest and easiest online transaction options.

The payment section is another reason Offernation features in this list as one of the best GPT sites. Specifically, its minimum cash-out amount is only $1.00 (and this applies to PayPal and Skrill). Also, Offernation aces it in terms of payment speed. 50% of its payments are sent instantly; 90% are sent within four hours; while every payment is received within 24 hours. In this regards, you can call Offernation lightning quick.


  • Many ways to earn
  • Bitcoin is supported
  • Has a very low minimum cash-out amount ($1.00)
  • Payment is lightning fast


  • Accounts are often flagged for verification; and this locks the users out, lasting for up to 60 days

5). RewardingWays

RewardingWays is all about rewarding members by providing work at home opportunities. It was established in 2011; and it completes the trinity of GPT sites from 99 Ventures Limited. Offernation and has been considered as some of the best GPT sites around. RewardingWays is a sister site of these sites; and it is identical to these sites in almost every feature. Thus, it also comes out as one of the best GPT sites around. Yes, it pays. As at the time of writing, RewardingWays has paid out over $1.4 million to its members.

Founded 2011
Owner 99 Ventures limited
Availability Worldwide countries

Earning with Rewardingways

The name “Rewardingways” suggests that this GPT site rewards in many ways. It lives up to this by offering a large variety of ways to make money working online (from home). Members can earn from taking surveys. You’ll find many paid surveys available in such sections as Daily Paid Surveys, Live Paid Surveys, and more. There’re also a great number of Offers, quick tasks, and PTC ads. You’ll also find a selection to watch videos and get paid, and a section to find products/ service to try and get paid. Some of such trial offers will require an initial payment; if you choose to, you’ll find such offers very rewarding.

Like its sister sites, RewardingWays also runs quarterly contests where the top 20 earners in the site over 3 months share a $1,000 prize using a sliding scale. Though the contest is not as frequent as those of other GPT sites, it incorporates more winners. Unlike other GPT sites that reward at most 10 persons in their contest, the contest of RewardingWays (and its sister sites) reward more persons.

There is also a referral program that gifts users with 25% of what their referrals earn. From this, you can build a passive income. Once referrals are locked in, you’ll not have to do anything to earn the referral bonus; they work and get paid, and you also smile home with 25% of whatever they earn.

Getting Paid

While Rewardingways gives point initially, these can be redeemed for cash and gift cards. When requesting gift cards, you’ll find Amazon cards and Tango cards. The presence of Tango cards makes the reward catalogue impressive because these cards can be used at a variety of known retailers, which includes Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, and more. If you want cash payment, the options available are PayPal, Skrill, and Bitcoin. Having bitcoin here is also very impressive.

It does not end with an impressive payment catalogue; RewardingWays also has a very friendly minimum cash-out amount. You only need to have $1.00 in your account, and you can request payment. Lastly, Rewardingways features fast payouts. It promises that it’ll pay the same day. In fact, many of its payments are instant, and others are received within 4 hours.


  • Many ways to earn
  • Bitcoins are supported
  • Very low minimum cash-out amount ($1.00)
  • Superfast payment (within a day)


  • Has a penchant for flagging accounts for verification, and members will be unable to use the accounts for up to 60 days

6).  InstaGC

InstaGC means Instant Gift Card. The GPT site says it a reward site where members can “receive free gift cards instantly”. This is one thing that makes it one of the best GPT sites. Not only does it pay, but it also issues payments instantly. InstaGC does pay its members. Since 2011, when InstaGC started, it has issued over 1,252,500 free gift cards. As evidence of this, the “redemption proof” link in its website will redirect to a Facebook photo wall where hundreds of real members show off their payment proofs.

Founded 2011
Owner Day Online Solutions LLC
Availability Worldwide countries


Earning with Instagc

The ways to earn from InstaGC are seemingly endless. It starts off with a welcome bonus, which rewards every person that joins with 10 points, which is $0.10. This does look small, but it goes directly into your balance, meaning there are no other requirements (such as earning a number of points within a particular time) for it to be credited to you. Once a member, you can earn by completing surveys, completing offers, watching paid videos, and cash-backs from shopping.

InstaGC also has a great referral program. It gives you 10 points for every referral plus 10% of whatever the referral earns. The referral programs of many other GPT sites only give a percentage of what referrals earn, meaning that your referral has to be active in the site for you to earn anything off them. But with InstaGC, this is not the case. The first part of the referral offer (10 points per referral) means that you get something off them for simply joining. If they remain active; better for you because you are sure of 10% of whatever they earn.

InstaGC also runs daily, weekly, and monthly contests, which rewards the top three earners in the site. These include tasks contests, offers contests, and referrals contest. So if you are one of the top three earners (from tasks, offers, or referrals) in the contest period, you’ll rake in some points. You can also win points from Sweepstakes.

Getting Paid with Instagc

Like many other GPT sites, InstaGC uses a point system. That is, it rewards with points, which later converts to cash and other prizes.

The name and advert blurbs of InstaGC suggest that it is the go-to GPT for users that wants rewards as Gift Cards. It sure is. The reward catalogue features gift cards of over 340 stores including giants like Walmart and Amazon. Interestingly, the rewards of InstaGC transcend gift cards. You can also redeem points for sweepstake entries and charitable donation. If you prefer cash, the catalogue also features prepaid cards options, eChecks, PayPal payment, and Direct Bank Deposits.

Apart from the vast options of getting paid, InstaGC makes one of the best GPT sites around because of its floored cash-out amount. The minimum cash-out amount is just a mere 100 points, which is $1.00 (albeit only to some gift cards).

As mentioned earlier, payment speed makes InstaGC one of the best GPT sites. Gift cards payments are instantly issued and received; users with verified PayPal account also gets instant payment, but payment via eChecks and Direct deposits will take up to 3 days.


  • Many ways to earn
  • Very low minimum cashout amount ($1.00)
  • Instant payment with gift cards and verified PayPal


  • UK, Canada, and US users can receive PayPal payment only after redeeming at least $50 in cash and gift cards
  • No compensation when users are disqualified from surveys

7). Points2Shop

Points2Shop owes its life to a couple known in the site as Mahjong and Littlerose. However, it has since become a 100% legal company fully registered in Georgia as Points2Shop LLC. For a GPT site not coming from any of the robust market research companies, Points2Shop does very well, as it boasts of over 10 million members.

Points2Shop was established in 2007; and in its over about 13 years of operation, it has paid out over $12.5 million to its members.

Points2Shop is a little different from every other GPT site. Its approach as a rewards site is to give members “points” which they can use to “shop” in Amazon. It is this unique approach that makes it one of the best GPT sites around.

Founded 2007
Owner Points2Shop LLC
Availability Worldwide; but the site full service is available to only US, Canada, and the UK

Earnings with Points2shop

Like every other GPT site, there are many ways to earn from Points2Shop. There are the paid surveys, where you can earn $0.20 and $2.00 for each one completed. There are lots of offers; which include extra surveys, signing up on other sites, downloading apps, and more. You’ll also find games to earn something.

Also, Points2Shop also has one of the best referral programs in the business. You’ll get $0.50 when your referrals verify their email, and when they complete their first offer. In addition to that, you can build a lot of passive income from the referral package because you can earn not only form your direct referrals but also from their referrals, and also from the referrals of this latter group (that is, you earn up to the third level). You earn 15% from your direct referrals; if this group brings in other members, you earn 3% of what these members earn; and if those members bring in other persons, you earn 2% of what those persons earn. Points2Shop also run a contest where the top 10 earners are rewarded; winners are paid on a sliding scale, with the 1st placed member earning $15, and the tenth-placed members earning $1.00.

Getting Paid with Points2shop

Points2Shop is mainly about rewarding members with points which they can use for shopping. However, it also uses a cash system. That is, some activities pay with points while others pay with cash. Points2Shop differs from other rewards site in that its points can be used to shop directly from Amazon. That is, you don’t have to convert points to cash. However, it also uses a cash system, which means that some earning activities pay with cash.

Unfortunately, the main service of paying with points for shopping is available to only users from the US, Canada, and the UK. This means that if other worldwide users are to earn from Points2Shop, they’ll have to look out for activities that pay with cash.

Thus, when requesting payment from Points2Shop, members can request a cash payment via PayPal. But in addition to such cash payment, users in the US, Canada, and the UK can redirect to Amazon and use their earned points to shop directly from there.

Points2Shop does relatively well in terms of payment speed. Cash payments are received within 48 hours; while items purchased from Amazon are received within 5 – 7 days. More so, most of the Amazon purchases come with free shipping; US users also get free tracking.


  • Many ways to earn
  • Earned points can be used to shop directly from Amazon
  • Payment speed is relatively fast for cash payouts


  • The “points for shopping” reward thrust of Poinys2Shop is only available to users in US, Canada and the UK


Even if you somehow chance on the website, has a name that tells you everything about it. It is a site where you’ll get paid. has been providing online market research and surveys since 2005, giving it 15 solid years in the industry. It is owned by Sight Media Inc. Get-Paid advertises in its website that over $250,000 has been claimed.

Founded 2005
Owner Sight Media Inc
Availability Worldwide countries


Earning Get-paid rewards members with “coins” for completing activities in the site. Members earn coins by completing offers and tasks. These will include simple things as signing up to a website, downloading a software, collecting information from a page, and more. Points can also be earned from completing surveys, watching videos and making referrals.

The referral Program of Get-Paid deserves special mention. It is a 2-tier program where users get 30% of their direct referrals’ earnings and 10% of their indirect referrals’ earnings. That is, not only will you earn from the activities of your recruits; you’ll also earn from the activities of your recruits’ recruits. In our opinion, this 2-tier referral bonus of Get-Paid is one reason why it is one of the best GPT sites around.

Get-Paid also runs different contests and Sweepstakes where players can win points. The contests simply reward very active members. In these contests, the highest earners of a specified activity (survey, task, etc) are rewarded with “coins”. The sweepstake is simply a raffle draw, where the lucky winner(s) sweeps home the prize.

Getting Paid with Get-paid

However, coins are just the currency in use in this GPT site. You want to make money not some virtual coins. knows this, and it allows “coins” to be later redeemed for cash and other prizes. In the payment catalogue of, you’ll find a variety of gifts that you can choose from as your payment. Alternatively, you can redeem your “coins” for cash; cashing out directly to your PayPal account or bitcoin account. We like GPT sites that accept bitcoin given their popularity in online transactions. Cash-out takes 24 – 72 hours, while physical products take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

Another thing that puts in this list of best GPT sites is its minimum cash-out amount, which is only $1.00. Thus, you won’t stay too long in the site trying to build large earnings before you can withdraw.


  • Many ways to earn
  • A great referral bonus where you can earn 30% of what your direct referrals earn, and 10% of what your indirect referrals earn
  • Low minimum cash-out amount of $1.00
  • Accepts bitcoin


  • Since payment can take up to 3 days, it is not super-fast

7). Swagbucks

Swag may mean different things, but bucks can mean only one thing – money. So whatever you read swag to mean, add money; and this GPT comes out advertising as a place where you can make that “swag” money. Interestingly, making this swag-money is as simple as simple can get. As Swagbucks advertises, it “gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online”.

Swagbucks is the world biggest GPT site, as it boasts of over 40 million users. Its owner (Prodege LLC) is one of the world best market research company, so it’s not surprising that it is arguably the best GPT site. Swagbucks has been around since 2008; and in that time, it has paid out over $383 million to its members.

Founded 2008
Owner Prodege LLC
Availability US, Canada, Australia, UK, and some other European countries


Earning with Swagbucks

Swagbucks give a lot of earning opportunities. You’ll find that it actually pays for the things you already do online every other day, such as browsing the web, checking your mail, watching online videos, connecting with people via social media, and so on.

If you’re ready to earn with Swagbucks, create an account and log in. First, Swagbucks welcomes new members with a $10 bonus. However, you’ll have to meet some conditions before you’ll be credited with the welcome bonus.

For earning opportunities; you’ll find paid surveys; you’ll find daily polls, which are quick surveys available every day; you’ll find the interesting playlist that you can watch; in the shopping section, you’ll find hundreds of online stores you can shop at and get cash-backs; you’ll find fun games which you can play and earn, and you’ll find opportunities to test products and services. There’s also the Swagbutton, which is a search engine; use this for your web searches instead of your regular search engines and you’ll earn.

There’s also a relatively strong referral bonus.  You get 10% of the eligible earnings of your referrals, and you’ll get some other bonus points if your referrals earnings reach a particular amount. Swagbucks also run the regular sweepstakes, where lucky winners get a massive amount of points.

Getting Paid Swagbucks

For all the earning activities above, Swagbucks gives “SB Points”. As always SB Points can later be converted to cash and other prizes. You can redeem SB Points and get gift cards, PayPal, or donate to charity. You’ll find gift cards of all the big retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, etc.

Swagbucks also has a low minimum cash-out amount. With only $5 in SB points, you’ll be able to redeem a host of gift cards. However, while the payment threshold is great, payment speed is not very great. PayPal payment takes up to 10 business days; and if you want physical gift cards, it’ll equally take up to 10 business days for them to be delivered to your address.


  • Many ways to earn
  • Extra referral bonuses
  • Low minimum cash-out amount ($5.00)


  • Not available world-wide
  • Payment, which takes 10 business days, by many standards is not fast

10). Grabpoints

Grabpoints makes it clear in name that it is a rewards site where members can grab some points. Knowing that such points can later be converted to cash makes “grabbing points” a very exciting proposition.

The form GrabPoints is today can be traced to 2014. That year it was merged with Zoombuck to make for a more robust rewards site. Zoombucks has since re-launched to be a sister site of Grabpoints, but Grabpoints continues as that robust rewards site that was formed by that merger in 2014. It boats of millions of users worldwide and has been featured by industry-leading media houses like Forbes.

Founded 2014
Owner Grab Points Limited
Availability Worldwide countries


Earning with Grabpoints

As its name already let out, GrabPoints pays its members with points. One thing that puts GrabPoints in this list as one of the best GPT sites in the market is that it features “guides” which it pays you to view. You may not know how to proceed after joining a GPT site. However, that should not be a problem with GrabPoints because there is a “how to earn points quickly” guide. Interestingly, you earn simply for reading the guide.

GrabPoints starts rewarding members from the very beginning. There’s a welcome bonus for everyone that joins that is worth $0.50. After this, there are many other ways to earn in GrabPoints. The principal way is taking paid surveys. Disqualification from surveys is one problem that plagues the industry.

Mercifully, GrabPoints rewards players with token points when they are disqualified from surveys and do not complete it. Given that many GPT sites leaves you dry when disqualified from surveys; this is one thing that makes GrabPoints one if the best GPT sites around. Members also earn from completing offers in the different Offerwalls featured, watching featured videos and referrals.

There’s also a referral program that rewards members with 25 – 250 points if they bring in others; with the number of points earned per referral depending on the country the referrals resides in. In our opinion, this is not a great referral program because you can bring in a lot of members yet get a very small bonus because of where your referrals are resident.

Another thing that makes GrabPoints one of the best GPT sites is that its payouts is higher than almost every other GPT site. Know that GPT sites host surveys and offers from different providers such as SaySo Research, Opinion Research, YourSurveys, etc. Interestingly, you’ll find that a particular offer from these providers will pay more if completed in GrabPoints that if completed in any of the other GPT sites where it is hosted. Thus, you’ll find that GrabPoints advertises as having the “best payouts in the world”. s

Getting Paid with Grabpoints

You’ll find a lot of options when for redeeming your points. There are many gift cards to satisfy you no matter your interests. You’ll find gift cards for the major retailers, entertainment houses, game studios and more. You can also redeem points via PayPal payments or American Express prepaid cards. There is also the option of getting paid via Bitcoin.

In terms of minimum cash-out amount, there are many $3.00 Amazon gift cards that can be redeemed. Thus, GrabPoints has one of the lowest minimum cash-out amounts. In terms of payouts, GrabPoints also does well. All payments are processed within 48 hours. Since payments are electronic and are issued immediately after processing, you’ll be getting your payment in about 48 hours. This is relatively fast by every standard.


  • You’ll get token points if disqualified from any survey
  • Very low minimum cash-out amount (of $3.00)
  • Pays using bitcoins
  • Payouts are relatively fast


  • A weak referral bonus

GPT Sites Tips:

You must understand that the only way to earn big with GPT sites is to join as many websites as possible and complete surveys and offers every day.

Step: Join as many GPT sites as possible. Make sure to use a different email address. You can create free email accounts using Gmail, Yahoo etc.

Step 2: Download Roboform software at It is a software that helps to fill forms. You can use it to fill as many surveys as possible with just a click of a button.

Step 3: Join only GPT sites that pay cash. Although other sites are okay if you really want extra cash to offset your debts and pay your bills then you must need cash, not gifts.

Step 4: Always clear your browser cookies before you complete any offer on another GPT site. This will help you get credit for completing offers.

Step 5: login every day to complete surveys and offers. You must understand that nothing comes easy in life when it comes to making money both online and offline. So putting more effort by completing surveys and offers every day will help you achieve your objectives.

Step 6: use referral programs. This is one of the best ways people make money on GPT sites. In fact I have seen some making up to $500 per month with a referral program.


The above are the best paying GPT sites that provide all your need to start making money online through this system. Although there are other GPT sites available online, they are not anything close to these top 10 GPT sites.

Wish you good luck!

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