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Think Mushrooms truly believes in the power of mushrooms and the incredible benefits they can bring to the lives of Canadians. They are at the forefront of the shrooms wave and want to take you on this journey with them. 


Toronto, ON, 22 January 2023 – is proud to announce the launch of their new nationwide psilocybin microdosing service, bringing Canadians access to the high-quality psychedelic mushroom products they need for the treatment of mental health conditions and more. is a Canadian company that believes in the powerful effects of magic mushrooms and their potential to benefit Canadians’ mental health. As the leader in shroom wave consumer products, they are taking their customers on a journey through access to high-quality psilocybin microdoses and other psychedelic mushroom products at an affordable cost.

To defeat paradigms and misinformation, they offer discreetly sealed packages to ensure customer privacy with each purchase, as well as offering a satisfaction guarantee and reshipment options if the product is lost by Canada Post.

Created and operated by experts, this company provides its customers with safe and reliable ordering and delivery services so they can experience all the cognitive benefits that psilocybin microdosing has to offer without any of the legal or lifestyle implications associated with psychedelics.

According to researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “Microdosing works by stimulating neurogenesis (the growth of new nerve cells) and has been linked to improved performance on tasks measuring creativity, focus, working memory and decision making. This not only has potential implications for how we treat certain mental illnesses but also for how we can optimize our everyday lives.”

Using ThinkMushrooms’ easy-to-navigate website, customers can shop for different types of psilocybin microdoses, including capsules, gummies, extracts, and more – all at competitive prices with discounts available depending on the quantity purchased. All purchases come with detailed instructions on how to safely use them, including information about stored product life expectancy and dosage guidelines. The company also provides helpful resources such as articles about shrooming experiences with others who have used their products before – giving customers an opportunity to learn more about potential benefits before making their decision.

“Our goal is simple: provide Canadians with access to high-quality psilocybin microdoses in a discreet and secure way,” said the CEO. “We want our customers to know that we are committed to their privacy and satisfaction if they’re looking to Buy mushrooms online.”

If you are looking for relief from depression or seeking better mental clarity, ThinkMushrooms can give you information on Blue Meanies Mushrooms Potency or the distinct qualities of Great White Monster Mushrooms. ThinkMushrooms makes it easy for Canadians to get access to quality microdose options no matter where they live. With fast shipping times throughout Canada quickly becoming one of the go-to destinations for those seeking alternative treatments – there’s no better place than Think Mushrooms for the top selection of psychedelic mushrooms microdoses!

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