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There Are No Good Dogs

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We have people come visit our kennels and take kennel tours every week. A lot of them drive up and see all the dogs running around on different playgrounds that covers over 3 acres. They have a lot of freedom here at our kennels to run wild and free. The visitors are usually taken back when we tell all the huskies to go to bed and every husky here falls in line and marches off the playgrounds into the kennel hallways and each one going into its personal kennel. Yea we do have a video that showed this in a more comical way that has over 3 million views on Facebook.

Your A Lucky Dog owner

We are told how lucky we are to have such good dogs. Sorry but luck has nothing to do with it. This is a product of hard work and consistent training. The more people understand this the more people getting a puppy will have “good” dogs too someday. A puppy is ready to mold into what you want it to be. It doesn’t come naturally a “good” dog. They get into everything and will be defiant at times. It’s up to you as a dog owner to turn that puppy into that great dog everyone will be talking about in the future. They are here at Bama Huskies, but a short time and we do everything we can during this time to expose them to different things. But it’s a long process and must be done by the new owner too. From 8 to 20 weeks they are very impressionable and need to be exposed to all kinds of things and situations. You must seek out new experiences for your puppy, so they grow up to be a confident dog. Examples are car rides, going to parks and meeting new dogs, and trips to the pet store.

Good Puppies Are Tired Puppies

Every puppy comes full of energy. It’s amazing just how much energy some puppies have. They need plenty of exercise daily. I would get them out of the house 2 times a day minimum for 20 to 30 minutes. This should be longer as they get older. Exercise will be the reason your dog is a calm, happy and confident. Not to mention that everyone seeing you come with your dog will be happy to see you instead of running way.

Good Dogs Trust You

Every dog understands and feels your emotions. They know when your mad, happy, or sad. These guys depend on you for everything. To them you are their world and they grow up loving you unconditionally. Therefore, it always saddens me to get a call from people that owns a husky and wants us to take it in because of this or that excuse. Seeing a dog lose its home is hard for me to imagine and at the same time understand. Where is people’s commitment today? A dog can never arrive at its full protentional if its owner is not committed to it. Going from home to home is not going to help with the trust factor. Young dogs can quickly overcome this in a short amount of time. Dogs understand fairness and you can develop a great relationship with your dog by being calm and fair while training it. Humans are the only animals in the world that will follow an unstable leader. You constantly screaming at your dog will have them view you as unstable. They will never follow you and only fear you. A dog that fears you will never be trained by you.

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It’s a Lifetime Process Becoming a Good Dog

Getting a puppy and training it for a while then excluding it afterwards is not how you have a good dog. I do not ever exclude our dogs from the backyard BBQ or other events going on at our home. We pick different dogs to go to the pet store or Lowes at times. Yes, you must leave them at home sometimes, but you should never leave them home every time. Your dog should be as important to you as your family or friends are to you. What most people tend to see in a good dog is not luck.  What they are seeing is hard work, devotion to training with consistency, and good leadership. This is for a lifetime. I say this not to discourage you from getting a dog but to show you just how easy it can really be. It’s a simple process over a long period of time. There are no good dogs just good dog owners.

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