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The Ultimate Soccer Mom Success Guide: How to Be the Best in 10 Steps

So your child is into soccer? Now the pressure is on.

You want to show your child and their team as much support as you can as a soccer mom. Being the best soccer mom you can be is all about patience, persistence, and good planning.

This article will outline 10 steps to soccer mom glory.

  1. Buy a Calendar

Children’s soccer is an intense thing to schedule. There are games, practices, and socials to consider. You want to start a calendar so you can mark down what lies ahead of you this season.

This way you won’t schedule any dental appointments during a tournament, or forget when it’s your turn to bring snacks.

  1. Practice at Home

If you want your child to succeed at soccer, you can’t just let them be lazy at home. You should be running drills with your child on off days as well.

Fun ideas for soccer practice will include high energy games to keep your child interested. Invite neighborhood kids so your child has new people to play with.

  1. Bring Nutritious Snacks

It is typical that soccer parents switch off who brings snacks every week.

When it’s your turn, make sure to pack snacks that have nutritious value. Junk food might taste good to the kids, but it will make them sluggish on the field.

Bring foods that have a mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Granola bars, oranges, bananas, and fresh-made muffins are good options.

  1. Keep Your Kid Hydrated

Hydration is key for optimal athletic performance. Keep your child hydrated by making sure the drink at least 8 hours of water per day. This number should be even higher when it’s hot outside or on game days.

Water should be your child’s number one beverage. They should avoid caffeine and sugary drinks as these can actually make them more thirsty.

One Gatorade after a game to replace electrolytes is acceptable.

  1. Teach them Sportsmanship

Your child can’t possibly win every game. When they lose they will be looking to you for a reaction. It’s important to teach them that winning isn’t everything.

Lead by example by being a gracious loser. Shake the hands of the parents on the winning team. Remind your child that winning a soccer game isn’t everything. Winning a soccer game isn’t as important as making quality friends and playing with integrity.

  1. Celebrate Either Way

Sure, it’s fun to visit a nice restaurant after a win, but it’s equally important to celebrate losses sometimes. Your child might need a pick me up even more after they lose a soccer game.

Taking them to get ice cream after reminds them that life goes on after setbacks.

  1. Stay Active

It’s going to be difficult to be a soccer mom if you’re huffing and puffing walking out onto the field.

In order to be the best mom you can be, you need to get in shape yourself. Join a gym and start working on developing cardiovascular strength and muscles. Build a foundation for yourself by doing cardio three times a week and strength training two times a week.

If you are new to exercise and want to be able to run across the soccer field with your kid, try a running program like Couch Potato to 5k. During Couch Potato to 5k, you slowly progress from short running intervals to being able to run a full thirty minutes.

Running is one of the most important skills a soccer mom can have.

  1. Bond With the Other Parents

Being a soccer mom is a social activity.

Much of your time is going to be spent on the sidelines watching your kids play.

This is the perfect time to build relationships with the other moms on the field. Getting to know the other moms will build bridges for your child to have more social interactions.

Once you trust the other parents, your child can have sleepovers and spend more time with other kids on the team.

Plus you being social teaches your child appropriate social cues. Remember they’re always watching your behavior, so keep any resentment to yourself and off the soccer field.

  1. Bring Balance To Your Child’s Life

Remember that soccer is just one element of your child’s life. They also have school, friends, and hobbies to juggle.

Don’t let them become so obsessed with soccer that they neglect their academics. Teach them about priorities early by not letting them practice until their homework is done.

Place soccer lower on their totem pole then homework, friends, and family.

  1. Set Early BedTimes

Soccer is an extremely physically exhausting sport.

Your child needs to be getting extra rest to make up for all the running their doing.

Encourage this by setting early bedtimes for your child. Set the time early enough so they’re getting 9-12 hours of sleep each night.

The amount of sleep your child needs will depend on their age as well.

You Now Know How To Be the Best Soccer Mom

Being a great soccer mom isn’t too much different from being a great mom in general.

It’s all about patience and listening to your child. If they feel too sick to play one day, listen to their needs. Allow them to take soccer at their own pace.

Remember to set an example for your child by being fit, active, social, and full of good sportsmanship. The soccer field could be the place they pick up valuable life lessons for other aspects of their life.

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