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The Story Behind The RYT Method: More Than a Skincare Set

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Your skin is the largest organ in the human body and the only one you show to the world. For that reason, choosing skincare products isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. The right skincare set can transform your overall health and bring out your skin’s natural radiance.

That’s why we’ve fallen in love with The RYT Method, developed by pharmacist Dr. Brittney Dayne. Her thoughtfully formulated products boast natural, vegan ingredients so you can feel good about every aspect of your skincare routine. Plus, it’s designed to be easy and intuitive so that all women can reap the benefits of clear, glowing skin.

We sat down with Dr. Dayne to learn more about how and why she developed this innovative new skincare line. We’ll share her wisdom about caring for sensitive skin and why organic skincare ingredients make a difference.

What makes The RYT Skincare Unique?

Skin issues can arise at any age, but the average woman can often pinpoint her first time worrying about her skin around puberty when blemishes and cystic acne begin to rear their heads. Some of us purchase our very first skincare kit as early as elementary school. We’re programmed to believe that these harsh, chemically-based products are the only solution outside of costly medications and painful spa procedures.

If you grew up with sensitive skin, you might have even given up on those abrasive products and surrendered to your struggles. The harsh ingredients and complicated multi-step process simply weren’t worth it.

The RYT skincare is seeking to change that.

RYT stands for Reveal Your Truth. That’s precisely what Dr. Brittney Dayne set out to do with her line of gentle skincare products. She aims to help women by using only the cleanest, most effective ingredients.

An Emphasis on Natural Beauty

“The skin’s natural radiance is what matters most,” Dr. Dayne explained, with an emphasis on natural. She hopes to shift opinions, promoting the value of skin health over pure aesthetics. With so many women relying on acidic drugstore products, she worried many individuals wouldn’t know how to recognize healthy skin.

The difference between The RYT Skincare and other brands begins with that mindset. Rather than focusing on self-perception, Dr. Dayne hopes to teach women about taking pride in their health. That’s why incorporating natural skincare ingredients is her priority.

Our favorite ingredient cannot be found in the products themselves. Instead, you’ll find it on the outer packaging of The RYT Method skincare bundle set. Each product includes a positive affirmation, so your daily skincare routine always begins with motivation, inspiration, and joy.

A Focus on Whole-Body Wellness

These products are, foremost, health and wellness forward. Finding a skincare line that emphasizes inner beauty over aesthetics is rare. Not only will these products improve your overall health, but ideally, they’ll also transform your mindset.

We’ve found that’s the most significant difference between The RYT Skincare and its more beauty-centric competitors. Dr. Dayne holds the belief that mental health is part of physical health, not an afterthought. Your behavior and attitude will change when you feel healthy inside and out. The way others perceive you will shift, too—for the better.

Who knew a facial cleaner could rewire your brain, build self-confidence, and fight patriarchal beauty norms? You’re unlikely to find another skincare set that accomplishes so much.

The Genesis of a Wellness-Forward Skincare Brand

To look at Dr. Dayne, you might assume this confident, self-assured entrepreneur has always been a bastion of positivity. The truth is that she didn’t conceive of The RYT Method until after she began grappling with her own insecurities. The process started as she transitioned into adulthood. She felt blocked, as though she couldn’t evolve as a woman without overcoming her self-doubt.

“I realized that I had been conditioned,” Dr. Dayne explained. “I think a lot of us are, especially in this generation.” She cited social media as one element behind this harmful conditioning.

Upon reflection, we realized she was right. How many of us have re-taken selfies, chosen filters, and curated the way the world views who we are?

Fighting Stigma Through Skincare

Dr. Dayne also became interested in mental health and the associated stigma. She observed that many friends were battling depression and anxiety in silence. Makeup, filters, and other tools made it too easy to hide their challenges behind curated online personas. They were missing out on opportunities to build community and find others with similar struggles.

Ultimately, Dr. Dayne realized she was exhausted by the pressure, and she didn’t think she was the only one. The pharmacist decided she no longer wanted to cover up her truth. Instead, she permitted herself to challenge social norms, embracing the flaws and imperfections that made her unique. She hoped her brazen attitude would inspire others to do the same.

The transformation turned out to be more incredible than she could have expected. She hadn’t realized that her conditioning was holding her back from receiving the support she needed to thrive. It was shocking for her to recognize that it was likely there the whole time.

It was at that moment that she recognized her goal. She wanted to help other women find their support network so they, too, could achieve great things.

Healing Through Authenticity

We asked Dr. Dayne if she could articulate the message behind The RYT Skincare.

“It’s the message of being true to yourself and living authentically,” she explained, exuding confidence. She feels that’s the key to empowerment and, ultimately, healing. That is how RYT began, and it’s the message the brand continues to honor today.

The Inspiration Behind “The Core Four”

Somehow, Dr. Dayne managed to pack that positivity into only four products. They make up the 4 skincare steps in The Ryt Method. She describes this curated set of health-focused products as “the core four.” Each one features a range of natural, vegan skincare ingredients.

Dr. Dayne acknowledges that the journey toward health, confidence, and community might mean starting from rock bottom.

For someone struggling with their mental health or who has a busy schedule, a ten or twelve-step skincare routine might be inaccessible. In fact, she discovered that many women chose to forego a skincare routine entirely. They believed it was too much for them to handle. Likewise, she didn’t want women new to skincare to feel overwhelmed or discouraged.

In response, she created a simple, intuitive routine that anyone could follow. That meant each product needed a comprehensive formula to nourish and nurture the skin. That’s how the 4 step skincare routine was born.

Specific Ingredients Matter

At the time, Dr. Dayne already had a background in pharmacy. She also chose to attend Aesthetic School to obtain a well-rounded understanding of skin and its unique needs.

It is rare for an aesthetician to have such a comprehensive understanding of chemistry. Dr. Dayne became fascinated by the ingredients in standard skincare products.

The more she learned, the more committed she became to change. She felt most products were lacking in specificity. She also hoped to see more vegan ingredients in skincare.

The result was a hardworking suite of four comprehensive products accessible to anyone: a cleanser, toner, serum, and hydrator.
Women seeking to bring their routine to the next level also love the other RYT products. Favorites include the RYT lip smoothie and powder exfoliant.

The Role of Science-Backed Ingredients in The RYT Skincare

Every ingredient you introduce to your body, from the food you eat to the cosmetics you wear, changes your internal ecosystem. The skin is an organ, just like your liver or your pancreas. Thus, the ingredients in your skincare have as much impact on your overall health as your alcohol or sugar consumption.

Therefore, Dr. Dayne formulated every product in “the core four” with health in mind. This succeeded in making it a product appropriate for all ages and skin types. She believes that when the skin is healthy, there’s less need for concern-specific products.

We asked her what unique health-boosting ingredients users could expect to find in the RYT collection. We were surprised by the enthusiasm and passion with which she exclaimed, “Apple stem cells!”

You’ll find the all-natural, vegan ingredient in The RYT Method’s illuminating moisturizer and hydrator. It’s derived from a Swiss apple, which evolved to protect itself from the elements.

As a consequence, the apple gained natural anti-aging properties. While most apples turn brown or become wrinkled after slicing, these Swiss apples do not. These adaptations became part of the fruit’s DNA. Their specialized stem cells provide the same antioxidant benefits for the skin, providing a near-constant protection you can feel.
Quality, science-backed ingredients are what set The RYT Method apart from competing skincare sets.

How to Embrace Your Everyday Skincare Routine

Dr. Dayne hopes her intuitive skincare products will create an easy entry point for reluctant individuals. She’s found that intimidation, including pressure from social media influencers, makes quality skincare seem like an inaccessible luxury. The effusive pharmacist is hopeful that The RYT Skincare is already doing the work to reverse that perception.

Her advice is to start small with a single, good-for-you routine. If all you can do is wash your face in the morning, commit to that step. She advises that you take a full sixty seconds to massage the skin and use that time to practice mindfulness.

“Realize that you are a priority,” Dr. Dayne encouraged. “And realize that, in this moment, you are putting yourself first by taking care of yourself.”

With that said, she wants consumers to be aware that she intentionally made each step in this routine as simple as possible. For example, The RYT Method toner includes a built-in spray mechanism. You don’t need any specialized beauty tools or materials to use it. It’s as accessible for kids going through puberty as it is for adults on a bad anxiety day.

From there, you can build up to including all 4 skincare steps in your daily routine. In fact, Dr. Dayne was sure to explain that some individuals only need three out of the four steps. The system’s customizable nature is just one more element that makes whole-body wellness accessible to everyone.

While four steps are more than sufficient to achieve healthy skin, Dr. Dayne also recognized that many women get excited once they realize how simple high-quality skincare can be. That’s when they begin to explore the optional products in The RYT collection, like the lip smoothie.

Ultimately, discovering your natural glow is all about taking things one step at a time.

What’s Next for Dr. Dayne and The RYT Skincare?

Dr. Dayne isn’t finished with her quest to bring wellness to the masses. She revealed to us that she’s beginning to expand her brand beyond skincare. Her new lifestyle brand, The RYT Lifestyle, emphasizes whole-body wellness through diet and fitness.

As it turns out, The RYT Lifestyle can benefit the skin, too. The program’s individualized workout and diet plans include foods with skin-boosting benefits. Dr. Dayne hopes it will be an entry point into making other lifestyle improvements. It utilizes the same holistic approach to making small, incremental changes on the path to wellness.

The RYT Method: The Skincare Kit for Everyone

Whether you’re unhappy with your skincare regimen or looking to start a new one, check out The RYT method. Its simplicity and focus on health make it an ideal solution for all women, regardless of age or skin type.

In essence, this revolutionary skincare set makes it possible to embrace who you are and really shine.

Are you ready to begin your journey toward overall health and wellness? Visit The RYT Method online store and take a closer look at “the core four.” You’ll discover the difference that a human-focused, pharmacist-crafted skincare line can make.

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