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The Real Reasons Everyone Holidays In The West Country

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When you think about the most luxurious places in Britain, parts of central London, the big tourist cities, and the national parks all come to mind. But, for many people, the biggest attraction is the West Country – a unique part of the UK that has an interesting history and culture. 


This region is one of the most ancient parts of Britain and still retains its own identity that allows you to recognize where you are. The only large city in the region is Bristol, but once you head down to Cornwall, the population soon thins out and it becomes very rural indeed. 


Here are some of the real reasons everyone holidays in the West Country. Check them out below: 


The Beautiful Gardens


If you head to Cornwall, you’ll notice something interesting – the vegetation starts to change. The differences are subtle, but they’re there. That’s because Cornwall is just far enough south and west to receive tropical weather fronts coming off the Atlantic.


Cornwall is famous for the Lost Gardens of Heligan and other destinations where you can find plants growing that wouldn’t usually survive on mainland Britain. If you’re a UK native, you’ll discover the existence of these species is quite shocking. Who would have thought that palm trees could thrive in England?


Stunning Villages And Harbours


The West Country is also home to some stunning villages and harbours. Many locations developed slowly over the centuries, taking on a character of their own. Harbours, for instance, date back to the 11th century when merchants would receive cargoes from the continent to distribution throughout the local area on horseback. 


The harbour at Charlestown is one of the most impressive in the region, and a great venue for lovers of the TV series Poldark. If you’re staying in self catering lodges in North Cornwall, you’ll also want to pay a visit to St Ives – a beautiful seaside town that hosts a Tate Gallery. 


Open-Air Theatres


Imagine being able to watch a play atop cliffs overlooking an ancient cove. Well, in Cornwall, you can. If you head to the Minack theatre, you can watch professional actors performing King Lear while watching the sunset in the background over the Atlantic Ocean. 


You Don’t Have To Go Through An Airport


The West Country is right on our doorstep in the UK, but many people never visit it during their lives. That’s a tragedy. The region offers so much to enjoy and some of the best beaches anywhere in the country. Not having to get on a plane at Gatwick or Manchester is a massive boon. You just hop in the car or get on the train, and away you go. 




Are you a bit of a foodie? If so, you’ll love some of the local delicacies on offer in the west country. The most famous is the Cornish pasty – ground spiced meat wrapped in pastry. You can also get local clotted cream or some of the county’s renowned ice cream which is more buttery than the regular variety. 


The Surfing


The coast of southwest Britain is one of the best places in the world to catch some surf. Storms out in the Atlantic inject their energy into the water, leading to massive waves that increase in size as they travel from the centre of the ocean. 


If you decide to travel to the area, you’ll want to check out Polzeath in north Cornwall. It has surfing hire, instructors and plenty of big waves for you to enjoy. If you’re not quite ready for surfing, you can also do paddle boarding, which feels similar but makes it easier to balance. 


Incredible Beaches


Cornwall probably has the best beaches in the UK. Many of them are wide and sandy, stretching out for miles from the edge of the land. What’s more, the waters are stunning turquoise – very different from those of the North Sea, allowing you to feel like you’re on a beach holiday overseas somewhere. 


The jewel in the west country’s crown is probably Sennen Cove close to Land’s end. The beach here is enormous, wide, white sand and stretches on for miles. You can park at the top and then make your way down via the numerous paths that snake their way down from the clifftop. Once you hit the beach, it makes a great spot for sunbathing or for a coastal walk. 


Here’s the bottom line: don’t overlook the West Country. It is one of the most spectacular places in Britain and offers an enchanting atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

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