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The Many Benefits of Installing a Home Security System

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The most common situation where people buy home security systems is after a home in their neighborhood has been burglarized. This is a logical reaction to the realization that there are currently threats in your neighborhood, but you should be proactive in your home’s security long before someone else in the area becomes a victim. You never know when you might be the victim who prompts the idea of a home security system in others.

Many people believe they don’t need a security system or they put it off for years without thinking much about it. However, getting a security system for your home is much more beneficial than you realize, and it’s always better to be prepared.

Keep Your Family and Valuables Safe

The main reason anyone gets a home security system is to protect their family from harm and their valuables from being stolen. Losing your money and possessions can be incredibly impacting, but while items can possibly be replaced, your loved ones can’t. If there is something that is within your power and means to obtain to protect their feeling of safety and their livelihood, it’s best to do it.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Most home security systems come with many more features than some alarms and cameras. Carbon monoxide detectors are also a common addition. Since carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless, colorless, and highly dangerous in large concentrations. It’s nearly impossible to detect when there’s a buildup of it in your home without a carbon monoxide detector. Your home security system can alert you when there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home, allowing you and your loved ones to exit safely.

Added Fire Safety

Many home security systems also come with fire safety measures that detect smoke and high levels of heat. Not only will the system alert you to early signs of a fire, allowing you and your family to escape the house quickly, but many systems also include the capability to contact the local fire department in order to get the blaze under control as soon as possible.

Immediate Medical Attention

In addition to being able to immediately alert the police and fire department, many home security systems also offer immediate response from medical professionals. This feature is very helpful in homes that have small children, elderly or sick individuals, but it could be a lifesaver in times where you might be home alone and suffer from an injury or sudden illness.

Help Reduce Crime in Your Neighborhood

Criminals almost always target houses that they see as vulnerable, and they love staying in neighborhoods where many of the houses have inadequate security. Even having a few signs in your yard or window that indicate you have a security system when you really don’t can be a deterrent to prospective criminals. Actually seeing signs of an existing security system, such as cameras or sensors, is incredibly effective at making criminals run off.

It’s simply not worth the risk, in their eyes, to even try to break into houses that have security systems. Not only does having and displaying your security system help deter criminals from your house, but it might help your neighborhood as a whole.

Studies show that areas with even a few houses that have security systems are less likely to be targeted by burglars. Additionally, seeing someone in the neighborhood installing a security system frequently leads others to buying and installing their own systems, which increases neighborhood security even more.

Remotely Monitor Your Home

Modern home security systems implement a lot of smart technology. Utilizing an app on your phone or tablet, you can control the lights, locks, check the cameras and much more from wherever you are. You can keep an eye on pets, children, sick or elderly individuals while you’re at work, and you can see any potential intruders hanging around your home. You can even turn on the lights at night to make it appear as if someone is home in order to further deter criminals.

Save on Homeowner’s Insurance

Some insurance companies will offer you a discount if you install a home security system. When you have something put in place to better protect your home from damage, theft and intruders, your insurance company deems your home to be a very minimal risk. Lower risk homes mean less money they have to pay, which means better rates for you.

Lower Energy Costs

With security systems that offer some home automation, you can easily save hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bills. When you check up on your home remotely, you can turn off lights and stop the heating and cooling systems from turning on when you’re not home. You can even put them on a timer to have the system kick on right before you come home. The house will be at a more comfortable temperature when you arrive and the wasted energy will be minimal.

Peace of Mind

Arguably the best benefit to getting a home security system is the feeling of security and the peace of mind you and your family will gain. While the system can’t prevent everything, you can all sleep soundly knowing that many threats to your home and safety will be kept at bay as much as possible. Should anything happen, you will all be kept as safe as possible by being alerted to the threat and having the authorities called immediately.

A home security system is certainly an investment that pays for itself very quickly. Even if a burglar never approaches your house, you can’t put a price on protecting your home and family. Additionally, you never know what potential threats you have eliminated simply because you installed a security system in the first place. Today’s security systems are very cost-effective and easy to install. For the sake of your family, pets and valuables, consider installing one in your home.

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