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The Latest SEO Agency Strategies

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In this motion-filled world we are living in, knowing SEO techniques can make or break the game—and the worst part of this is that you might not even be aware of it. There are hacks that used to win you a front-page result in the past years, but these may be obsolete now. Times are indeed changing, and driving organic traffic in 2020 is a crucial move to learn to not hut your website’s rankings. Especially if those “hacks” you used to swear by land your site a Google penalty that is difficult to retract.

Update the User Experience Across Your Entire Site 

No one wants to enter a questionable website that takes forever to load, right? If so, this is bound to lead to a high bounce rate. And even though Google has not legitimately declared it, there is proof that suggests that the sear engine giant does gift sites that have low bounce rates with a higher page ranking.

There are several ways for you to improve the quality of your site, including having shorter paragraphs. Adhering to longer sentences does intimidate not only the system but also your target audience. Moreover, protracted statements are hard to follow on a computer or phone screen. You may execute this alongside the necessity to write top quality content. Excellent writing, after all, is about communicating great ideas that are grounded in compelling delivery.

Build Multiple Backlinks 

One of the SEO Agency strategies that remain relevant and is, therefore, still considered the latest in the building of backlinks. Knowing this one comes as no surprise since backlinks are essential in the SEO world. Any link, however, is not always a good link. Links that are proven effective are those earned through having high-quality content, outreach, and influencer marketing.

The downside to adorning your site with good links is that Google may flag your website for a manual review. The best way to avoid this is to diversify your backlink profile. For every high-quality link you embed, make sure you create another five that are, say, medium quality.

Measuring SEO Performance

To date, SEO agencies still swear by this strategy. Both analytics and reporting are pivotal elements of SEO. These two are central to improving your marketing strategies. Effective reporting means understanding the kind of content that is most appealing to your customer, what part of the website has the most issues, which page is the least or most visited, which on-page SEO changes contributed to the highest rankings, among others. Yes, it is hard to fully comprehend these intricacies without habitually checking and reporting your results. Still, once you get a better grasp on each, you will be able to measure your SEO performance with ease.

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