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The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

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Are you looking after your AC unit?

As summer starts and the temperatures rise, you’ll rely on your AC more to stay comfortable. But for it to work at its best, your AC unit needs to be in top condition. The best way to do this is with regular AC maintenance checks.

Boosts Your AC Unit’s Performance

Without regular checkups, your AC unit won’t run as well as it could. If there is inconsistent cooling in your home, it’s a sign you need some maintenance. One room might feel like an over, while the other feels like a walk-in freezer.

Wear and tear happen, and dust will build up inside your ducts. As this happens, it reduces your unit’s cooling efficiency. As this gets worse over time, your home will be less comfortable to be inside. To get the best performance when you need it, call in an HVAC service at least twice a year.

Extends Your Unit’s Lifespan

AC maintenance in Dubai costs money sure, but having to buy a new unit will cost you a lot more. It should be your goal to make sure your AC unit lasts as long as you can before you need to replace it.

You can expect most AC units to last between 12-20 years. The range is so wide due, for the most part, to maintenance. If your system has years of dirt and dust built up it’s got to work harder.

This puts more strain on your system’s parts, leading to harder wear and tear. After all, your unit will need to run longer and harder to get the same amount of cooling. It all adds up in the end.

If any parts break down or get too worn out, it puts the whole unit in danger. Routine AC maintenance won’t make the unit last forever, but it’ll help it last longer. Central AC maintenance is vital.

It helps spot any small issues before they have a chance to become larger ones. In most cases, AC maintenance is often less expensive than an AC repair when things go wrong.

Boosts Energy-Efficiency

Are you starting to notice that your energy bills are climbing like the temperatures? There could be a relationship between routine AC maintenance and your soaring bills. Without regular tune-ups, each year the efficiency of your unit will decrease.

Even the smallest reduction in efficiency can push up your energy bills. On the hottest days, you likely run your AC unit on constant. For each hour it’s even 5% less efficient, you’re going to pay more for that. In some cases, the savings a tune-up could make you could pay for the tune-ups themselves.

Keeps Your Warranty Valid

When you have an AC unit installed, it’ll come with a manufacturer warranty. A lot of people don’t know this though, so it’s important to check with your installer.

The details vary between systems and manufacturers, but most cover essential AC parts. This protects you from a malfunction or faulty part that could brick the system.

This might seem too good to be true, right? Well, there is a catch. Most warranties have requirements for getting an annual check-up by an HVAC professional. If you don’t do this, even by skipping a year, you could void this free warranty coverage.

Manufacture’s only want to cover units they know are well-cared for. They’re there to cover faulty parts, not fix homeowner error or negligence. It’s up to you to look after your unit once you’ve bought it.

You should do everything you can to keep your warranty coverage valid. Your warranty could be the difference between saving or spending thousands.

Keeps You Comfortable

While the financial benefits are important, so is your comfort. After all, it’s the entire reason your AC unit exists in the first place, and why you use it.

Without regular maintenance though, issues with your AC unit are more likely to arise. Issues like:

  • inconsistent cooling
  • slow cooling
  • short-cycling (turning on and off when it can’t maintain temperatures)
  • excess noise

For most of us living in hot climates, you can’t put money on the comfort AC brings. Especially when the nights get hot and dry, and you want to get a good night’s sleep.

With average summer temperatures in Dubai reaching as high as 113 °F your AC unit is vital for comfort. You must make sure it’s working at its best, so it can be there when you need it most.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Dust built up in your ducts doesn’t only affect your bottom line. It can harm indoor air quality too. Over time dirt, pollutants and dust will clog up your air filters. It’s important that you clean your AC air filters regularly.

They can also build up in your ducts so ducted AC maintenance is vital for indoor air quality. Most experts now agree that air quality inside our homes is often worse than the air outside.

Part of this is a time issue, we all spend far more time inside than we do outdoors. This means problems with indoor air quality tend to crop up more often. If you have dust allergies or sensitivities, your home can feel uncomfortable to live in.

Regular AC maintenance can help raise your indoor air quality. They can make sure airflow is adequate, check your filters are working, and give your ducts a good clean.

When is the Best Time For AC Maintenance?

At the least, you’ll need to schedule regular AC maintenance once a year, in about March. But you may want to consider bi-annual checkups, especially for older units.

By getting your checkups out of season, you’ll make sure your unit is in working order before the real heat kicks in. If there are any issues, you’ll have plenty of time to get them fixed.

It’ll be easier to book an expert as they won’t be in high demand yet. This could save you time, discomfort, and money. After all, it’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute for anything.

If you’re looking to book your AC unit for maintenance contact us today. At Cool and Cool Air Condition System LLC we’ve got the knowledge and experience for all your AC needs.

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