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The Importance of Outsourcing Your Office Cleaning

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The Importance of Outsourcing Your Office Cleaning

Running a business takes a ton of planning, dedication, perseverance, and labor. All of this output leaves you with very little time for cleaning. Still, maintaining a germ-free, healthy environment is essential to the well-being of your staff. Since leaving the cleaning on the back burner is never recommended, the best option is to outsource this backbreaking task to a professional commercial cleaning crew.

Hiring a cleaning crew can be an excellent way to protect your staff from lingering germs, improve efficiency, and take your mind off less critical duties. But the advantages don’t end there! If you’re on the fence about outsourcing your cleaning, continue reading below to explain why it is an essential addition to your business model.

Outsourcing Cleaning Will Improve Efficiency

Employees love reaping the benefits of any new initiative put in place in the workplace. When you outsource cleaning, alleviating this daunting task from your staff’s workday, positive changes will ensue. They will have more time to spend on duties in their role and more energy to execute them flawlessly.

Further, when employees are tasked with duties that don’t align with their skillset, they tend to feel undervalued, reducing overall morale and commitment. Relieving them from cleaning will promote a happier and more dedicated work environment, ultimately improving the efficiency level of your office.

Say Goodbye To Unnecessary Liabilities

No one likes to be on the hook for liabilities, so why put yourself in that situation? When you outsource cleaning, your employees will no longer be at risk of health and safety hazards, reducing the chances they will become injured on the job.

Professional cleaning companies such as General Facility Care LLC include liability coverage and insurance in cleaning services. In addition, they apply proper and safe cleaning techniques to ensure that the workplace remains safe for your employees and clients. Considering the high liability risk associated with having your office staff conduct all the cleaning, it can quickly put into perspective why outsourcing cleaning is so important.

Saves Your Valuable Time and Energy

The success of your office is contingent on how much time and energy you put into its operations. Suppose you allocate 5% of your time to cleaning; that small amount can cost you productivity. As a result, your bottom line can become significantly impacted. Considering all the time and effort you put into running your business, allowing cleaning to get in the way of productivity is simply not worth it. Instead, outsourcing the cleaning lets you focus on what matters most while strategizing ways to inflate your revenues.

Provides You With A Thoroughly Cleaned Environment

Janitors are trained in the art of cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, a particular technique and specialized solutions are required to master cleaning. When you work with a professional, they will be well-equipped with the necessary janitorial acumen, equipment, and commercial-grade solutions to guarantee squeaky-clean results. Not only do they have an understanding of effective cleaning practices, but they will also cover all areas of cleaning, including:


  • Collecting the trash and recycling
  • Sanitize and clean sinks, toilets, urinals, stalls, and all surface areas
  • Dust and clean mirrors, fans, and light fixtures
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop all office bathroom flooring


While cleaning these areas may seem trivial and inconsequential, don’t be so quick to discount its value! Many studies indicate that a cleaner workplace leads to more satisfied and productive staff. Even more, it helps office managers to be perceived in a professional light by clients. There’s no debating that providing your employees and clients with a thoroughly cleaned environment will pay dividends in the long run.


A Radical Reduction in Absenteeism

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that if you and your office staff are not trained cleaners, chances are you won’t get the best cleaning outcomes. Surface areas will be cleaned, but deep floor scrubbing and hard-to-reach disinfecting will be neglected. Consequently, you will do business with clients in an unkempt, bacteria-ridden environment. Even worse, absenteeism will become problematic as your staff will be prone to airborne illnesses.

Employers like yourself are the first in line to feel the effect on their employees’ health—and they can play an essential part in helping their staff improve their well-being. It is as easy as investing in a professional cleaning service. Embracing the cleaning challenges and demonstrating a commitment to supporting a healthy work environment is critical to reducing turnover and showing employees they matter.

Ongoing Cleaning Service For Your Convenience

Cleaning is not one of those annoying things that should only be dealt with occasionally. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. When you run an office environment with employees and clients coming in and out daily, cleaning must be a part of your daily maintenance routine.

When you outsource the cleaning to a janitorial company, you can access the service whenever you need it: daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. Depending on the package you purchase, you can even enjoy the benefits of regular carpet and window cleaning – two commonly neglected areas.

We know that all businesses have highs and lows; some are seasonal, while others have one dip or rise yearly. When you hit the busy season, you will thank yourself for working with a cleaning company because they will keep your chaotic workspace in clean order. Resultingly, stress levels will be reduced, and employees’ concentration levels won’t be impacted.

To Conclude

After reading this article, we’re confident you’re convinced of the importance of outsourcing your office cleaning services. Running a busy office is hard enough, don’t overdo it by taking on duties you are not qualified to do or enjoy doing! A more practical and cost-effective approach is to leave it to professionals trained using a mop, vacuum, and fresh-smelling cleaning solutions.

General Facility Care LLC offers comprehensive office cleaning solutions with a variety of packages to choose from. We’re in business to help you make the most of your business, so you can thrive at doing what you love. If you would like to learn more about our services, we would love to hear from you. Connect with our team by calling (813) 280-5300.

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