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The Different Types of Perth Security Solutions and Services

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If your business hosts events, regularly engage with the public or hold assets or products of high value then a lack of security leaves you exposed. Businesses in Australia face billions of dollars in theft every year. This loss erodes profits and without question impacts the survivability of many businesses. The most effective way to minimise this loss is by engaging with security services. So, what are the Perth security solutions available to businesses in this region?

For those who haven’t given it much thought, there are probably more Perth security solutions available than you would think. Here are some of the common types of security services available so that you can start thinking about what your business needs.

Security Personnel

Security personnel also referred to as security guards are the people who are on site, or visit the site and perform a variety of different tasks. Depending on their expertise, training and background security guards can perform duties such as protecting people, assets or property, conducting patrols, performing ongoing assessments and upholding security protocols that have been implemented.

When considering what security guards to employ it is important to consider that they are not all the same and will not provide the same level of service. Some security personnel have specialist skills such as providing an armed response, tactical negotiating, and risk management.

Your preference should be towards a security provider that has experience in your industry and if your guards are likely to be customer facing then customer service skills should also be desirable.

Event Security

One of Perth’s most common types of security services is event security. Hiring security is a must for almost all events big or small. Professional security providers can support your event in the following ways:

  • Crowd Control
  • Avoid people gate-crashing or gaining unauthorised access
  • Support event proceedings
  • Protect guests
  • Protect equipment and assets
  • Prevent and deal with crimes or accidence
  • Provide a point of authority

Event security can support events no matter the industry. This includes festivals, sporting events, community events, meetings and conferences. They can also be used exclusively when you require crowd management and control.

Corporate Risk Management

Security services are not just for the management of risks when they arise or occur but also for their prevention. Every business should have a comprehensive risk management plan to protect its operations and support its business success.

Businesses face a variety of different risks, including both internal and external threats. Threats can include:

  • Theft
  • Cyber Security Breaches
  • Intrusion
  • Unethical business practices
  • Workplace violence

No matter the size of your organisation, you are not immune to cyber threats. Cyber threats can disrupt operations and cause expensive consequences, not only financial but also to reputation. There are several recent high-profile cases that can come to mind. Once this damage is done it is extremely difficult to under, which is why it is essential to take preventative measures and demonstrate that your company cares about its security. If your business becomes the victim of a cyber breach the first question people will ask is what did you do to prevent it?

Security services assess the risks and vulnerabilities facing your business and works with you to develop a risk management plan. This plan includes actionable risk mitigation steps to take such as employing Perth security personnel, cyber security protocols and video surveillance.

Counter Surveillance

If your business operates in a sensitive industry, then it is possible that you may be under surveillance. No matter why you may believe your business may be under surveillance, security services in Perth can help. The services that can be provided include:

  • Security Protocols
  • Vulnerability audits
  • Counter Surveillance

When your security provider completes a vulnerability audit, they will give you recommendations for your business to adopt to keep it safe. These audits should be completed on a regular basis to keep your business safe in what is an ever-changing environment.

Your security protocols should also be regularly reviewed and updated through either risk assessments or in-depth interviews.

Bug Sweeping Services

One type of surveillance performed against a business is the use of bugs. Bugs can be either physical or software. A software bug is an application that monitors your digital activity and reports it back to a malicious 3rd party. Along with physical bugs, they can be near impossible to find without the right knowledge and resources.

Security services provide bug-sweeping services to check all areas of your business. They will ensure that all sensitive areas, telephones and computers are secure. They can offer these security services regularly and know how to deal with any devices found appropriately.

Perth Security Solutions for Your Company

No matter the industry that your business operates in there are security risks that you face. Therefore almost every business should engage a security solution provider to minimise and better manage these risks. If you are not sure exactly what type of security services your company needs, the Perth Security Solutions provider can assess this for you.

Advanced Protection Plus are a provider of all the Perth security solutions that your business could need. Our leadership team comes from a range of security backgrounds to ensure we can provide the best solutions for your business. Book a consultation with us today to learn more.

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