Family Dentistry

Visiting a family dentist regularly for a checkup and professional teeth cleaning can help you and your family maintain good oral health. Furthermore, finding a family dentist that you love can motivate you to make it a habit to visit the dentist regularly for checkups.

Brushing and flossing alone might not offer you the best oral hygiene. Making an appointment with our qualified family dentist can help you maintain proper dental hygiene in Lake County, IL. Thus, you will be able to identify early signs of teeth or gum diseases, saving your family from experiencing oral health problems later in life.

Importance of Seeking Family Dentistry Services

At Greenwood Dental Care, we ensure your entire family receives great oral care. We put you first, and that is what makes your experience different. We offer consultations on the best treatments for you and your family. Above all, we understand that your family has unique needs that we can meet.

During your first visit, we will ask you about your health background and information. This interview helps us understand the reason for your visit and also gives us a baseline history to aid us in developing the best dental plan for your individual needs.

The Dental Examination

Your first visit to Greenwood Dental Care consists of a comprehensive oral exam. This may also involve a series of full-mouth X-rays to examine your entire mouth and underlying jaw structure. Our team checks for cavities, plaque, and tooth decay as well as any indications of gum disease or damage. After your thorough examination, Dr. Kurziak or Dr. Dyme will sit down with you to discuss the results of the exam and plan any necessary repairs or treatments.

Thorough Dental Cleaning

The second part of your check-up involves a professional dental cleaning. Our dental hygienists take care to make our dental cleanings in Lake County as comfortable as possible. Even the most hygiene-dedicated patients who brush and floss regularly will never achieve the same results as those of a cleaning from one of our trained dental hygienists. For the best dental health and cavity prevention, it is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned on a routine basis.

What To Expect from Family Dentistry Services

All great family dentistry services will prioritize these five things:

  • Personalized relationship: Our family dentistry offers individualized treatment, and you get diagnosed per your unique needs
  • Quality comprehensive dentistry: Our family dentistry services are complete, and we not only take care of your teeth but also ensure you enjoy the experience
  • Patient education: We educate you on the different ways to take care of your teeth for yourself and your family.
  • Comfortable environment: Our dental health care occurs in a serene family setting. This environment ensures that you and your family receive the best oral care available.
  • Modern technology: We utilize the most advanced dental equipment and practice the latest techniques so our patients receive the best treatment possible.

How Greenwood Dental Care Can Help

If you are searching for a family dentistry in Lake County, IL, our practice offers the best in family dental care. Additionally, you may consider other services from us, such as:

At Greenwood Dental Care in Lake County, we make sure that you and your family get the best services for your health care needs. We are committed to providing comprehensive services that meet the highest standards of quality. Do not let oral health problems bother you again, learn more about our family dentistry services today by calling 855.528.3961.

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