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The Benefits of Decorating Your Office With Acrylic Furniture

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Your professional office space provides an opportunity for employees to be productive and sends a message to future clients about your brand. Does your office furniture and decor reflect who you are?

If you’re looking for furnishings that can be personalized to fit the style and messaging of your business, consider custom acrylic furniture.

Muniz is a leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality acrylic/lucite furnishings that can be purchased as a standard or customized design. Read our guide for inspiration on how acrylic furniture can give you the unique look you’re striving for in your office space.

Office Furniture Styles

One of the main benefits of acrylic furniture is its easy-to-care-for sleek design. Muniz offers many style options to create a unique theme for your office.

Minimalist Clean

If you prefer a clean and spacious working environment, then a minimalist style is for you. This style focuses on creating an open space free of clutter and distractions.

Muniz designs three chairs that have clear backs and clean, straight lines. Each style comes with padded seating available in multiple colors. Check out the Ashley, Michelle, and Sofia chairs for a minimalist style.

Pair any of these chairs with a desk that has straight lines and a clear finish. We recommend this style for a minimalist, clean appearance.

Classic Hollywood Glamour

If your business is all about dramatic beauty, the classic Hollywood glamour style is a perfect choice. The Tiffany, Hollywood, or Princess acrylic chair provides all the glamour your clients and staff expect from a workspace that values classic feminine glamour.

Choose from a variety of beautiful console tables that double as statement desks. We really like the Lynda console table for classic Hollywood glamour style.

Understated Elegance

For a refined look, consider acrylic furniture that is elegant yet steers clear of bold messaging. This style focuses on graceful shapes that offer timeless elegance.

The Monaco acrylic chair has a beautiful shape with just a touch of shimmer for sheer elegance. This sculptural chair is very sturdy despite its beautiful hand-crafted design.

Functioning Retro

An office buzzing with constant movement in a fun atmosphere is an excellent fit for retro designs. Consider bolder colors in your decor that inspire productivity and creative thought.

The acrylic game chair by Muniz features a super cool retro design on wheels. The stylish clear frame includes a supportive backrest and thick seating for busy professionals.

Executive Comfort

As a leader, your office furniture needs to be a comfortable statement piece that reflects stylish command. Typical of executive style is a high back cushioned chair.

The Mona chair offers high back support with button details. Make this a personalized chair with a multitude of color choices for the upholstery.

Pair this chair with a strong statement desk. The Palermo acrylic console table is a great desk for hosting private meetings in the executive office.

Custom Acrylic Furniture Designs

In addition to our standard designs, Muniz offers custom-made acrylic furnishings. Whether it is an idea you want to discuss or drawings that you can offer, Muniz will create high-quality acrylic furniture to your specifications.

Our upholstery options include fabrics we often use or the option of sending us your own fabrics to be used in the custom design.

We offer standard or custom work. All Muniz furniture is hand-sanded and hand-polished with the greatest attention to flawless detail.

Complete the Look With Acrylic Office Decor

Office decoration can tie an interior style together and create a flow throughout work areas and meeting rooms. In this section, we offer some tips for how to use acrylic accent pieces in your office decor.

Showcase Your Brand Colors

Acrylic sculpture pieces make a sophisticated statement throughout the office space when tastefully showcased. Choose artistic pieces in your brand colors.

Envision sculptures that reflect the style of your business spaced along a gallery hall that welcomes clients.

Step up the style of a waiting area with beautiful Muniz acrylic benches paired with custom accent lamps. Potential clients may relax in stylish comfort as you set the tone of your business.

Your Best Products on A Pedestal

A business that offers products has an opportunity to show off its best by incorporating them into the office decor. Muniz creates unique pedestals that are perfect for presenting products artistically.

Exhibit your products in a manner reminiscent of museum displays in a gallery area adjacent to meeting rooms. Potential clients are given a sneak peek of your best work before discussions begin.

Employee Appreciation Display

The office is the hub of your business. Encourage positive work culture by displaying awards created by Muniz for your employees.

Create a display case or shelving area at the entrance of your main office work area for all employees to view. Offer monthly awards for performance that employees can later place on their desks or take home at the end of the month. Include company awards in the display case that are permanently showcased and encourage pride among your staff.

Shop Muniz for the Best Acrylic Furniture

All Muniz products are American-made and have been for over 65 years. We take pride in offering stylish designs for professionals that reflect their brand and messaging.

We offer standard pieces to fit any interior design and celebrate every opportunity to create custom works of art.

If you’re ready to explore how quality acrylic furniture can create a clean and stylish office space for your staff and potential clients, contact Muniz to discuss your design ideas.

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