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The 5 Best Collagen Supplement Health Benefits

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Collagen is a fibrous protein produced by your body. It’s actually the most abundant protein in your body and among all animals!

Collagen abounds in skin, muscles, bones, joints, cartilage, digestive system, organs, hair, tendons, nails, veins, arteries, teeth, and more. It’s like a matrix that forms structure and holds everything together like glue, with just the right amount of elasticity. Hence its name that derives from “kolla,” which is Greek for glue.

But collagen production slows from your mid-20s to 30s on and then things start to sag and wrinkles form, which is why there’s such a focus in the wellness community on finding the best collagen supplement to help slow down these aging effects. Especially as the scales tip and your collagen gets depleted faster than your body can make it.

Too much sun, bad diet, pollution, genetics, and other factors also can lower collagen levels. The good news though is that collagen supplements can help boost levels so you enjoy all the healthy benefits of getting enough collagen.

1. Collagen Is Great for Your Skin

Collagen makes up about 75 to 80 percent of your skin! It keeps it hydrated and taut so it has elasticity.

When your collagen stores get depleted, skin starts getting dry, saggy, wrinkled, and dull. Collagen supplements have been shown in studies to restore collagen and even boost collagen production, making skin healthier again by keeping it hydrated, adding back elasticity, and even reducing wrinkles.

2. Collagen Is Great for Your Joints

Collagen makes cartilage, tendons, and ligaments strong and healthy. It’s the glue that keeps them hydrated, strong, and elastic, and they keep your joints encapsulated, protected, and moving right on course.

Cartilage is like a little spongy tissue that sits between the bones in your joints and acts as a shock absorber. It also helps create the space and mechanism that keeps bones the right distance apart so they move smoothly.

When collagen is depleted, cartilage gets dry and brittle. Bones don’t move as smoothly and there’s not the right amount of shock absorption so you can experience discomfort and pain. You can also develop joint disorders like osteoarthritis.

3. Collagen Is Great for Your Gut and Liver

Your liver detoxes your body from toxins every day. Collagen has glycine in it which helps the liver do its detox job. As an added perk, glycine can help you feel calm and relaxed, so it also promotes sleep!

On another digestion front, collagen makes up your gut walls and helps keep them healthy and elastic so they can do their absorption job efficiently. So when you take your probiotics, collagen’s on your side to help you absorb those beneficial bacteria and give you that healthy boost!

4. Collagen Is Great for Your Bones

Collagen makes up a big part of your bones — about 50 per cent! It helps keep them strong and flexible without breaking (read: elasticity at its best!). It’s used to build your bones in the first place, which means it helps them repair.

Also, your bone cells are constantly replacing themselves so you need collagen to do this job.

Collagen supplements can help keep bones from getting weak and brittle if there is collagen depletion in your body and it can build them back up to be strong and flexible again.

5. Collagen Is Great for Your Heart

Collagen contains proline. Proline can help keep cholesterol from sticking to your arteries. Plus, it makes up, builds, and helps maintain healthy arterial walls.

Find the Best Collagen Supplement for You

Now that you know how important collagen is to your health, it’s time to find the best collagen supplement for you.

Start by taking a look at our carefully selected collagen offerings. Each product we carry is carefully chosen by a holistic nutritionist to bring you the best products out there to nourish you so that you thrive at your full potential.

Find the one that sounds best and give it a go! Then take note of how you start to feel and look more and more healthy from the inside out!


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