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Teds WoodWorking Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing

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Spend more time building a wood project, and less time fretting on Woodworking.

If you were searching for an answer to whether you should purchase Teds WoodWorking Plans or not, then you’re in the right place.

In case you only need to know our answer to the above question, scroll to the ‘Conclusion’ section or else read this detailed review on what exactly is TedsWoodWorking, what does it offer, and what makes it class apart from its competitors?

First things first, Who is Ted?

Ted Mcgrath is a Certified Master Woodworker. He has mastered his passion for Woodworking and became an educator, trainer, and author in teaching the right skills of Woodworking to the cohort.

With Ted’s Woodworking, he has assembled the world’s most comprehensive collection of woodworking plans you might ever encounter. The collection offers hands-on access to 16000 woodworking projects with diverse ‘done-for-you’ plans, accompanied by step-by-step blueprints and other required resources.

This database of woodworking projects is meant to assist you in building professional and stunning woodworking projects easily, quickly, and in a hassle-free manner.

Keep reading to learn what the product offerings are in detail.

Features that set Teds WoodWorking Class Apart from its Competitors

Every product has its unique selling propositions (USPs), which decides the value of the product for the money. Let’s now explore the top five premium features of TedsWoodworking.

Step By Step Instruction

Your woodworking task will be a seamless process with this step by step guide. You will receive detailed planning and directions on each woodworking project, eliminating any hassle or confusion around it.

A to Z instructions in the plans will enable you to be super fast, efficient, and perform the project with ease and fun.

Ted explains the woodworking guidance to be a simple ‘hold-you-by-the-hand’ instruction. These elaborate and detailed steps in the projects will help you complete the project promptly.

With proper instructions drafted in easy to understand language, you would feel it’s similar to having a MASTER woodworker besides you, guiding you through the entire project.

Comprehensive List of Material Lists

You might be worried about the type, size, and the number of materials or components that you might need for each project. Ted’s Woodworking makes it easy for you by providing a comprehensive list of all the materials required to realize each project.

You’ll get all the exact dimensions, quantity, along with necessary comments for every project. With these lists available, you’ll never waste cash on the wrong wood or material.

Following all the details in the lists will help you save time and eliminate any possible waste – ultimately saving a lot of money.

Illustrative Schematics with Symbols

The instructions provided in the kit for every project aren’t just textual but also representational.

Diagrammatic representation of how the components must be joined, bent, and attached makes it a thorough and clean process to build the wood project. The files are thoughtfully designed to deliver a better understanding of the project and effortless execution of the woodworking plan.

For a few complicated designs and plans, you’ll not just be served with CAD files and explanatory instruction manuals, but also with interactive videos.

Understand The Project From Multiple Views

While you perform complex woodworking projects such as building up a Gazebo, Small homes, Furniture, or Garage Places, you are bound to visualize and analyze the plan in different views. Right!

Teds WoodWorking helps you with it in the best way possible. You’ll find a detailed visual of the top views, side views, and even sectional views for intricate projects.

The projects’ treasury will offer you all the twisted details of every corner, every angle, and every joint of the project plan.

If you’re into Woodworking, you might be aware that every project isn’t as simple as a collapsible dog ramp or kitchen step stool. Many woodworking plans are complex to perform, and hence you might need multiple views from all angles of the components to complete it to perfection.

Suitable for both: Beginners & Pros

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in Woodworking, with 16000 woodworking plans, Ted offers you a collection of extensive wood plans from beginner to advanced complexity.

Ted’s collection of woodworking plans comprehensively covers all the levels of skill and competence. With such a master library of procedures available at your disposal, you do not need to be a master woodworker or own expensive machinery to leverage the plans.

All plans in the collection are thoughtfully designed and crafted in a manner that includes amateur and professional woodworkers.

More Information About Ted’s Woodworking Order

Included with the 16000 plans, you, as a user, can enjoy the benefit of getting lifetime access to all new projects that Ted and his team release in the future.

Ted and his team conduct workshop classes monthly and even take custom requests for some unique projects. By purchasing the order, you will be eligible to get lifetime access to a membership area where you can download any of the latest worked plans by the team.


Furthermore, when you order the product, you will also be eligible for claiming four exclusive bonuses with your order, which comprises of the following:

DWG/CAD Plan Viewer

Most of the files in the collection will be DWG files, and if you’re to make the most of them, you need a CAD Plan Viewer. With this cross-platform CAD software, you can view, edit, modify, or customize any number of woodworking plans.

Premium Videos

Learn with expert woodworkers, while they create and assemble woodworking plans. With 150+ premium woodworking videos, this bonus offers video tutorials on a wide array of woodworking topics. The videos are recorded in high quality and are full of detailed video instructions to enhance your woodworking skills on complex projects.

Guide to begin a Woodworking Business

Are you planning to begin your own woodworking business? Well, if you’re! Then this guide from Ted and his skillful team are undoubtedly going to help you big time.

Ted and his team drafted a book titled “How to Start A Woodworking Business” for their cohorts in the woodworking industry. The book is a comprehensive step-by-step detailed guide on how you can turn your passion for working with woods into profits.

Tips & Tricks for Woodworking

Ted has spent years around his passion for Woodworking. Likewise, he has accomplished and built hundreds and hundreds of woodworking models and products. He has drafted 200 pages of what he calls a ‘Complete Woodworking Guides’ with all his experiences. The comprehensive guide includes all the hacks, tips, and tricks, along with detailed diagrams, drawings, and photos.

Note: According to the website, these bonuses are a special time-limited bonus. So you better order it soon or confirm the bonuses before ordering with their customer service.


If you’re to build a career in Woodworking, master the already talent you have, or begin it as a hobby, Ted’s Woodworking is undoubtedly going to help you.

With such an extensive package consisting of informational, visual, video, and textual woodworking plans, you can for sure make your life easier. The detailed approach of creating wood masterpieces will help you channelize all your efforts into creating something original and fabulous.

Ted’s Woodworking is going to ensure that all your projects are done right to utmost precision.

If you try Ted’s Woodworking, please share with us your projects and creations!  And if you’ve any other questions, shoot it in the comments section, we would love to help you with an answer!

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