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Staying Positive After Effects of Drug Abuse

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Being addicted to anything is very expensive, regardless of what it is. Some people start with cigarettes, for instance, and before they know it, they’re smoking marijuana. There is no doubt that ‘innocent’ cigarettes are a gateway drug.

Pretty soon, regular smokers are in a program for marijuana abuse, trying to find the strength and the money to stay drug-free. With alcohol, it’s no different. It’s a slow and steady addiction.

The truth is there are many people, even young kids and teenagers, who use booze to relax and cope. Some young people just start with drinking on the weekends to blow off steam, but then it becomes during the week as well.

With booze, things can get embarrassing

Friendships, or lack of them, can cause serious anxiety if you’re feeling pressure to look cool and it isn’t working. Booze may make you happier for a while, but on the flip side, it also easier for things to get out of control.

Being tipsy might give you confidence for a while but that confidence can end up with you doing things that can be embarrassing, especially when there’s a ‘friend’ close by with a camera ready to record all the action.

Maybe you’re stepping back into everyday life after spending months or years in a rehab center and you want to work at staying positive and once again take life by the horns with confidence.

Physical activity

A hugely important part of drug addiction recovery is to become involved in physical activities simply because the exercise releases endorphins, making you feel good. Also, exercise improves alertness as it increases blood flow to the brain. There’s nothing better to refresh you mentally so you’re prepared for the challenges ahead.

Positive ongoing programs

You’re not being a hero by making a go of it on your own. At the Real Deal, sober living in Dallas is all about participating in counseling to continue with your healing and recovery.

You can either choose a live-in program or attend outpatient programs – whatever suits your needs best, just so that you can continue to live life well. A strong community of like-minded people focused on recovered forms the basis for recovery.

Group meetings

Making changes in life is difficult and many people believe they must go it alone. Yes, there is work that has to be done by you but it doesn’t mean you can’t seek the help of support group meetings.

You need the support of those who have endured a similar experience to yours. You encourage each other and learn about awesome techniques that can help you stay sober so that you can achieve your personal goals.

Seek out sober-minded friends

Parties and hanging out with your regular crowd should be put on hold for now – better still, indefinitely. They may have been your drinking buddies back then and they can’t wait to offer you a drink so you can once again become ‘funny’ and silly with them.

They could care less that you’ve been in rehab – they just want to relive the ‘good times’ again. No amount of sentimentality can be worth going back to being an addict.

Find new interests

Your top interest may have been drinking or getting high and then coping with headaches, nausea and vomiting and shakiness. Your addiction has no doubt left a vacuum in your life but it’s time to find new interests and to join the club of life.

Get together with sober-minded friends and family and have fun. Meet somewhere to ride bikes or take up horse-riding out in the country. You have nothing to lose but your old lifestyle!

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