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Sprinkler System Booster Pumps

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Why Sprinkler system booster pumps

Why do you need a water booster pump? While household water pressure and flow rates are usually more than enough to have manual sprinklers, the fact is that you are using one sprinkler at a time and moving it across your lawn to get the proper coverage.


If you are want to improve the coverage of your lawn and reduce the amount of time you spend watering, an inground sprinkler system is likely a good option. As you research these, you will no doubt see advertisements for systems that you can install yourself and supposedly can run off your household water supply. Not very likely.

If your yard is big enough that you have to manually move sprinklers around to get full coverage, then it is also likely too big for a sprinkler system that runs off your household water flow and water pressure.

In addition to simply not being strong enough to run multiple sprinkler heads, the “normal” household water flow is not consistent. This leaves you vulnerable to gaps in coverage that aren’t evident when you set up the system.

To ensure enough pressure and flow for the sprinkler system, as well as consistency for uniform coverage, booster pumps are an essential component any your irrigation plan.


Determining booster pump specifications

Bigger is definitely NOT always better. It is very important to have the correct pump for your system and your household water supply. While an underpowered pump might be frustrating and not provide the coverage you want, an over-powered pump can cause extreme damage to not just your sprinkler system but to your household plumbing. We’re not talking about small leaks, we are talking about pipe damage that will be very expensive to fix. In the extreme, we are talking about bursts that can cause extensive water damage.


Take the time to understand the system needs of your system, knowing the required pressure and flow rates for the sprinkler heads and lines.


Determine your household water pressure and flow rate

The purpose of booster pumps is to boost your household flow and pressure to meet the needs of the sprinkler system. So, to answer the question about what pump is best, you first need to know how much of a boost is required…the difference between your current water pressure/flow and the system requirements.



Measure the Household Water Flow and Pressure

When looking for ways to measure the water flow and pressure in your home, you will find a lot of poor information. “Fill a bucket” and see how long it takes is not a good method, but nonetheless a popular one. For various reasons, this is not accurate nor a good way to know what your household water can sustain (a minute to fill a bucket doesn’t put the same strain on your system as hours of irrigation.)


A good place to learn how to correctly get the flow is at You can use a pressure gauge from the local hardware store. Just be sure all other water usage is shut off and the gauge is connected to a spigot close to where the sprinkler system inputs will be located.


Selecting the booster pump

Once you know the household number and the system requirements, you can select the correct pump. We call it a booster pump, but in reality, the name comes from the application of a pump, not necessarily the design of the pump. In other words, there are certain pumps that are well suited to boost your water pressure and flow rates, but they can (and are) also be used for other applications. They may also be noted as irrigation sprinkler pumps.


We have many pumps that can fill the need, but our favorite Booter Pumps come from AMT. These pumps are long-lasting, durable, and come in a range of specifications to ensure they fit your requirements. Remember, you are not looking for the biggest pump, but the pump that meets your needs.

Once you have installed a sprinkler system, you want to be sure it last and operates efficiently. Here are tips on the part and maintenance of a sprinkler system.

If you are unsure which pump is best, or need help confirming your calculations, please contact us at 1-800-786-7249. We want to be sure you have exactly what you need.

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