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Arctic Chill Wipes Out Cherry Blossom Season, Boston Landscape Designer Reveals

Boston’s cherry blossoms are conspicuously absent this year. Local landscape designer links the disappearance to an Arctic blast experienced in February. Certain varieties like Kwanza and weeping cherries, which set their buds around that time, endured -20°F temperatures, disrupting their bloom cycle. The stark contrast between last year’s and current conditions is captured in recently released images.


BOSTON, MA, August 2, 2023 – A landscape design expert from Christie Dustman & Company (CD & Co) Boston is shedding light on the noticeable absence of cherry blossoms this year, attributing the lack of blossoms to a severe Arctic blast experienced earlier in the year.

Christie Dustman & Company’s team has collectively spent decades studying and caring for Boston’s natural and cultivated landscapes. They first noticed the concerning lack of vibrant cherry blossoms earlier this spring, a hallmark that Boston residents and visitors eagerly anticipate each year.

Where are all the cherry blossoms, you might ask? This year, Mother Nature threw a curveball. Boston’s flora and fauna are resilient, but the severe Arctic temperatures we experienced in early February seem to have had a significant impact on our beloved cherry blossoms.

Some cherry varieties, including Kwanza and weeping cherries, set their buds around the same time Boston experienced the extreme sub-zero temperatures. This unfortunate timing disrupted the usual blooming cycle of these cherished trees.

The Arctic blast essentially froze the buds during a crucial phase of their development. As a result, many of the cherry trees were unable to bloom this season, leaving us with a noticeably different landscape compared to previous years.


Cherry blossoms are known to have a sensitive blooming process, heavily influenced by weather conditions. Typically, bud formation begins in late winter or early spring. During the early winter dormancy phase, a protective outer layer insulates the buds from the cold. However, in the spring when extreme cold hits before the buds have fully matured, the protective layer may not be enough to prevent damage, leading to bud mortality.

This science aligns with CD & Co’s observations. They released a series of images on their Instagram, showcasing a stark contrast between Boston’s cherry blossoms on this day last year compared to this spring’s conditions, clearly demonstrating the Arctic blast’s impact.

CD & Co also notes that climate change could potentially lead to more extreme weather patterns and events that could disrupt the natural bloom cycles of various plants and trees. Our environment is delicate and interconnected. A shift in one element, such as an extreme temperature drop, can ripple through the ecosystem and impact a wide range of species.

While Boston’s landscape may have lacked the expected cherry blossoms this spring, CD & Co are hopeful for the future. Nature is resilient. Despite the setback this year, with proper care and favorable weather conditions, we’ll see our city’s cherry trees bounce back and provide the beautiful blooms we know and love in coming years. 

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