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Selling Jewelry? Here’s Why We’re the Best Diamond Buyers Near Chicago

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If you’re looking for some diamond buyers near Chicago, look no further. Learn why Chicago Diamond Buyer is the place to go with your jewelry!

The global diamond industry’s expected to hit $123.83 billion in the coming decade. The ever-rising numbers continue to show this historic rock’s still timeless as ever.


Beyond the glitz and glam, every diamond has a story. Many things make jewelry special, but the mystery of how your diamond reached you is what makes it most precious.


Still, there comes a day where you must part with your stones and need to know their value. Going to diamond buyers near Chicago makes it easy to let go of your fine jewelry.


Finding closure with your jewels should be as kind as when you got them. Here’s how diamond buyers can soften the blow of saying goodbye.

Selling Jewelry

Diamond Buyers near Chicago - Chicago Diamond Buyer

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Diamonds date back to 4th century BC, upon their first discovery in India. Soon after, they showed up all over the world. They’re mined in 25 countries today.


Having a once-mined diamond fall into your midst is a marvel in itself. It’s easy to tell when something feels valuable because of its material and price. Considering how that jewelry got to you makes it’s that much more important.


The following steps occur in the making of fine jewelry.

  • Mining
  • Cutting, polishing, and buffing
  • Molding and casting
  • Mounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Buying
  • Giving
  • Receiving

By the time you receive a piece of fine jewelry, it’s had lifetimes before you.


Still, there’s a reason for the phrase you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone. In this case, that’s a good thing! Selling jewelry’s the time to learn about your diamonds.


Having a buyer buy diamonds from you can enhance your relationship to them in a new way.

Diamond Buyers Near Chicago

Chicago’s home to 9.4 million people, among which 51.43% are female. Though diamonds aren’t only owned by women, there’s a reason for the phrase diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 


Still, life throws curveballs. Here are common reasons to sell your jewelry.

  • You’re getting divorced
  • You’ve inherited jewelry and need to know its value
  • You’re selling your engagement ring
  • You need to know where to sell jewelry
  • You have no connection to your jewelry

Priorities change and diamonds are too valuable to keep in a box unworn. Fine jewelry resembles emotional moments and memories and it’s important to release them.


Diamond buyers in Chicago walk you through that process to get you the closure you need.

Evaluation Process

Upon finding your trustworthy diamond buyer, you’ll get an evaluation. This entails the following:

  • Looking at the proper documentation if available
    • Certified diamonds help determine their value
  • Examining the jewelry
  • Determining its value based on what the market values
  • Getting a price for your stones
  • Exchanging payment once in agreement

Certifications and documents like GIA provide thorough diamond reports. They prove the integrity of the stone and come with precise descriptions. Documents help the gemologist compare the original stone’s condition with its current one.


If your stone’s not mounted, diamond buyers also buy loose diamonds. Whatever the form of your current jewelry, our gemologists can help you.


It’s possible that you have no backstory for the jewelry you hold. Working with a geologist can help you learn its value based on the 4C’s:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat

Getting jewelry and selling jewelry are opposite ends of the spectrum but they balance each other out. The details may not have meant much to you at first, but selling jewelry can help you appreciate it more.


Selling jewelry allows you to learn about your diamond in a new way—perhaps for the first time.

Fine Jewelry Considerations

It’s important to understand the process of buying diamonds to accept the value you get for them. Once the gemologist examines the jewelry for the 4C’s, they’ll consider the following:

  • Brand
  • Type of stones
  • Type of metal
  • Condition
  • Estate value, or the likelihood it’ll sell again
  • Style
  • Certification

You may get surprised by diamond evaluations if it’s your first time selling jewelry. You might be thinking if it cost this much, why is it’s value this much? 


All pricing depends on the above factors. Knowing what to expect when selling jewelry makes it easier to enjoy the process as a way to learn more about your stones and get a fair price for them!


Selling your jewelry also clarifies the meanings of worth and value. Certainly, fine jewelry’s sentimental, but that won’t translate monetarily. In the same vein, maybe you have no interest in a piece of jewelry at all, and it ends up being super valuable!


Diamond Buyers Know Best

Diamond Buyer near Chicago - Chicago Diamond Buyer

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Diamonds are no time to take chances. If not for diamond buyers, your other options for selling jewelry include pawn shops, auction sites, and auction houses. Diamond buyers are smart resources to prevent you from undervaluing your stones.


There’s no reason not to use a gemologist’s expertise to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. If it’s a piece you’ve owned and loved for years or something you know could sell well, don’t sell yourself short with shortcuts!

It’s easy to get pushed around online when you don’t know better. Chicago Diamond Buyer’s here to help you do your research. The worst thing would be undervaluing something that’s been so valuable to you.


Money’s an energetic exchange. It’s important to feel reciprocated for housing something unique over time.


All jewelry captures an unrepeatable moment in time. A sweet goodbye means making sure you’re compensated in a way that feels good to you.

Say Bye to Your Diamonds With Chicago Diamond Buyer

Saying goodbye to your diamonds can be as emotional or practical as you need it to be. Chicago Diamond Buyer understands the importance of stones from their first day with you to their last one. Selling jewelry signifies a greater transition and we’re here to make it an easy one.


Using diamond buyers near Chicago means relying on your local experts to show you the way. 15 years in the business has made us the #1 jewelry buyer around.


Book an appointment with our gemologists today to see for yourself why that’s the case!

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