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School Vulnerability Assessment Program Launches to Prevent School Violence

Starting with School Safety in Montana


Flathead County, January 18, 2023: NSVAP (National School Vulnerability Assessment Program) is an organization dedicated to the overall safety of teachers and students. The objective of the NSVAP is to proactively bring safety resources to schools that will empower them to become a safer environment for the students, staff, and administrators.

NSVAP’s services include live school vulnerability assessments with a skilled professional coming from top level law enforcement positions. The live assessment is accompanied by a policy review, complete campus audit, an extensive re-cap report, and staff training. There are four proprietary programs available both online and in person.

Founders, Evelyn Cahalen and Jim Riley met with Montana State Superintended Elsie Arntzen to discuss the needs and concerns of school vulnerability who stated, “This program should be a budget priority for schools.”

“I am aware of the dangers we face as a nation in our schools, and it is my desire that NSVAP can help equip our administrators and staff with the tools to create safer learning environments for all students and teachers,” says Evelyn Cahalen, Retired Police Commissioner. “We have already received much praise and it’s going to be up to Administrators to decide when they are ready to begin this essential program.”

NSVAP has assembled a specialized team with highly trained experts to facilitate these services. The first service that NSVAP is primarily focused on at this time is the School Safety Vulnerability Self-Assessment.

“We are currently in the middle of our annual budget so it’s difficult to find the dollars to do much without board approval or a budget make-over.” according to Jim Riley, School Board Trustee. “By starting with the low-cost Self-Assessment service it’s my hope that administrators will get a jump start and then conduct a full assessment when new annual budgets are established next year.”

NSVAP is based in Flathead County, Montana which will be the first state to receive services. Initial outreach has already been conducted with State Superintendents in Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

About NSVAP:

The National School Vulnerability Assessment Program (NSVAP) is an organization committed to the overall safety of teachers and students. NSVAP’s risk management procedures help schools prepare for and prevent violence. The four key services provided include: school vulnerability self-assessment, full on-site vulnerability assessment, consulting by phone, and day rate consulting. By working with schools to identify vulnerabilities NSVAP puts custom safety and emergency procedures into place.

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