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Rhinoplasty Surgery & What Makes a Pretty Nose?

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59% of Americans surveyed said there was some part of their body they didn’t like. Whether they feel dissatisfaction with their skin, teeth, breast size, or nose, in today’s world, they can change it.

When you look in the mirror, do you wish you could change something? Do you want a different look for your nose?

Significant advances in rhinoplasty surgery can not only change the appearance of your nose but can do it with fewer recovery challenges now, too.

Maybe you know you don’t like your nose but aren’t sure how it should be changed. What makes a pretty nose look the way it does?

Read on to learn more about the features of a well-shaped nose and how rhinoplasty surgery can help give you a perfect nose.

What Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that changes the shape and structure of the once. You might opt to have nose surgery because you don’t like the way your nose works on your face.

You might also opt to have rhinoplasty surgery to change your nose for breathing reasons. In the nose, both breathing and the nose’s shape are connected.

So, some people will opt for rhinoplasty for appearance reasons, including following an injury. Others will opt for this surgical procedure to help improve their breathing.

What Makes a Pretty Nose?

You might opt for rhinoplasty or a nose job to achieve the pretty perfect nose. What makes the appearance of one nose more appealing than another?

The key to a pretty and appealing nose is the balance, symmetry, and overall shape of the different parts of the nose.

Since your nose is generally in the center of your face and part of the focal point of your face, the best noses help to balance the other features of the face. The nose also works to create symmetry between other facial features.

Changes With Rhinoplasty Surgery

Since rhinoplasty focuses specifically on the nose and each patient has unique needs, rhinoplasty is an entirely custom surgery. The surgeon will work with you to evaluate your goals with surgery and design a customized surgical procedure.

Some patients feel their noses are too big, too wide, and too flat. A flat nose can feel out of proportion with the rest of the face. Noses that feel too wide can detract from other facial features.

Rhinoplasty surgery can narrow the nose shape and even trim down the overall size, so it’s more in proportion with the rest of the face.

Some people are born with a nose that has a prominent hump or nose-bridge bump. This can be reshaped to trim the size of the nose down.

Some patients come in with a bulbous nose tip or pointy nose tip. The tip of the nose is one place rhinoplasty can work to change the overall appearance of the nose and facial features.

What Can Rhinoplasty Do for Your Nose?

A plastic surgeon will take photos and do measurements and talk with you about your goals for nose surgery.

Let’s take a closer look at the parts of the nose and how they might be adjusted in rhinoplasty surgery.

Nose Width

When considering nose width, the surgeon will likely look at your nose bridge. The nose bridge runs between the eyebrows to the tip of the nose.

Most surgeons will look at the upper bridge and the middle bridge. Both can be narrowed to create a better balance for the nose.

Dorsal Hump

Many patients who seek rhinoplasty have a more prominent or bumpy dorsal hump. This part of the nose runs across the top of the bridge of the nose.

Often a patient will want the rhinoplasty to remove the bump in the dorsal hump and make it, so the nose is smooth without a bump.


Most patients seek rhinoplasty to address issues with the bridge of their noses. Yet, the nostrils can play an important role in the overall appearance and balance of the nose.

A nostril may have asymmetrical-sized openings. It may be necessary for the plastic surgeon to reposition, reshape, widen, or narrow the nostrils to balance them and create symmetry.

Nostrils can also be too wide or too narrow and can be adjusted to meet your aesthetic goals.

Shape of Nose Tip

Another common place for rhinoplasty to address is the tip of the nose. It can be reshaped to adjust or fix issues with the shape.

Rhinoplasty Surgery, Open Vs. Closed

Many patients have heard horror stories about the impact of rhinoplasty and the tough recovery associated with it.

Now there are surgical options that significantly reduce the impact of rhinoplasty on your life.

Dr. Deuber uses open surgical procedures, which allows him to have good control and direct visualization of tip structure.

The type of rhinoplasty used by Dr. Deuber doesn’t use internal splints or packing. Following rhinoplasty surgery, an external splint is placed, and the patient can have stitches removed in five days. This significantly eases the difficulty of recovery.

The patient should see an immediate difference with the external splint. Recovery should involve only feeling stuffy for a few days and a mild headache.

This is a vast improvement from closed rhinoplasty surgeries that have an internal splint and require longer recovery with more pain.

Rhinoplasty Surgery for You

If you’re considering plastic surgery to change the appearance of your nose, it’s nice to know that your nose surgeon can create a custom plan for your rhinoplasty surgery. You can get just the nose you want for a new look with minimal recovery.

If you’re interested in learning more about how rhinoplasty can work for you, we can help. Contact us to learn more about rhinoplasty for your nose.

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