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Revvo Technologies Pilots Smart Tire Platform with DC Water Fleet

DC Water is piloting Revvo’s smart tire platform in a variety of fleet vehicles. Revvo’s industry-leading tire technology and data analytics product suite is targeted to help DC Water’s fleet team improve fleet safety metrics and increase the efficiency of fleet tire operations.


San Mateo, CA and Washington, DC, March 29, 2022 – Revvo Technologies, a Silicon Valley based advanced smart tire technology and predictive data analytics company, today announced that it has deployed its leading-edge tire technology solution with the DC Water in Washington, DC

The pilot deployment with DC Water is focused on improving operational efficiency, safety, and costs associated with tire-related downtime, in addition to the integration of real-time tire data into Chevin Fleetwave, DC Water’s fleet management information system. Operating a diverse fleet in a dense urban area has many challenges, one of which is ensuring tires are inspected and safe for use during emergency events such as water main breaks. Tire conditions are often poorly documented in pre and post trip inspections and missed issues can lead to downtime or costly road calls during service.

“We are excited about being able to see our tire condition in real-time, in particular when it comes to vehicles out in the field, this will allow us to get ahead of issues before they become a major event and expense,” said Tim Fitzgerald, Fleet Director for DC Water.

Revvo has developed technology that captures data from every rotation of every tire to determine the remaining life of each tire, discover causes of significant wear, and alert fleet management of actions to prolong each tire’s life. Revvo’s smart tire platform automatically identifies the tires on vehicles in need of service, repair, or replacement, thus reducing both technician time and vehicle downtime. Fleet operators are also provided with real-time alerts whenever a tire on a vehicle in-service is experiencing an issue. This gives drivers the chance to move the vehicle to safety, avoiding danger and risk.

During the deployment, Revvo’s Head of Customer Success was on-site during the deployment, a vehicle was towed in for a very low air pressure tire, a tow bill of approximately $300 – an avoidable expense. “At Revvo, one of our top goals is always to promote safety. We are grateful to deploy our Smart and Connected tire platform with DC Water to ensure the safety and compliance of their vehicles, in addition to helping eliminate unnecessary expenses,” says Facundo Tassara, Head of Customer Success of Revvo Technologies.

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About Revvo: Revvo is a real-time remote tire management solution that provides visibility into the status and condition of a vehicle’s tires by making them smart and connected. This allows operators and drivers to increase vehicle uptime, optimize operational efficiency and improve safety.

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